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Gurdwaras Pitch In – Haryana Jaat Agitation February 21, 2016

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As various parts of Haryana remain completely disturbed and all roads blocked, hundreds of thousands of people are stranded on roads. Friends and those who have been stranded but found their way back have said that Gurdwaras are pitching in to the best of their abilities. People have slept overnight in the halls of Gurdwara and impromptu langars have been organized. Ladies, kids and old people have been moved away from the way of harm particularly while their men folk were finding ways to keep their vehicles safe.

This is difficult moment and it is necessary that everybody pitches in. NHI, NH 8 and NH 10 have prominent Gurdwaras and also local Gurdwaras which have made temporary arrangements to help people. I am told all Gurdwaras which have permanent staff are open and it would make sense to find one and walk in for food and night shelter.

Gurdwaras for over 300 years have been doubling as shelter to those in need, Gurdwara litterally means Gate to the Guru or The Gate of the Guru.


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