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Anger – This post is for those who consider anger an evil February 28, 2016

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One needs to get angry to live life fully. If you don’t get angry or excessively control your anger, be prepared to live in pain, become a patient of depression, lose trust and faith on people and eventually jump to your death or just kill someone.  If you don’t get angry, get over this bad habit, sooner than later.  If someone takes you for a ride, stabs you in the back, makes fool of someone you love, just let the anger fly, if you allow those who take advantage of you to get away, they would take the whole world for granted.

If they getaway by attacking you once, they will comeback for you again and again till they have something to gain from you. Having done with you they would move to betray others, frustrate them and push them to their end too. Don’t let the deceivers win, it is not their game, it is your life. Anger management is important, manage it, don’t kill your anger,  if you kill it , it will kill you.

Be human, love life, love your anger.

Being angry has nothing to do with being violent or aggressive, it has all to do with your resentment and disagreement recognized and given due consideration.

Some people live on provoking others, seeing them annoyed, celebrating their loss of mental balance, just don’t let that happen to you. When they hit you unfairly, hit them hard, very hard. Everyone doesn’t deserve everything in life, similarly if your gestures of peace, respect and love are continuously seen as signs of your weakness, they are.  Just drop them and let your anger discover its natural path. Drinking your own venom is poisonous too, spit it out. if you don’t know how to do it, learn or just simply think of your death everyday.

Anger is an emotion like any other, accept it and let it live too.



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