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Honda Mobilio – A Bad Product February 28, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Cars , trackback

With great enthusiasm we opted for a Honda Mobilio and that was despite having an Ertiga which was doing very well. Mobilio was launched well, marketed very well and looked like a couple of generations ahead of Ertiga in terms of looks and features. October 14, just within the first month of launch, we had our Mobilio. When it came it drove well, gave a good feel and looked nice, but within first three months we were sure that this was definitely not better than an Ertiga. Mobilio may have scored on marketing buildup,  but as a car it was “cheap” and significantly poorly built.

We felt cheated, this is not what was expected of a Honda product, our experience with Honda Accord was excellent and we were expecting a similar or a better experience, of course not that luxurious though. Within 3 months vehicle started rattling, engine would started performing better after 10,000 KM claim didn’t prove to be right. The engine proved to be an extremely under-powered for the  body it was mated with, and soon it started hurting us. Between us two friends, we have 9 cars and we do buy our cars after deep discussions and analysis. We do travel/interchange at times. As of now we have a Toyota Camry which we are happy with, a Honda Accord which proved to be a great buy, two Nano cars, both doing good, no regrets, one Ertiga, worth every Rupee invested, one Alto and one i10, perfect. Apart from these we have an Eco by Maruti Suzuki which doubles up as a metro shuttle. Except for Mobilio ,we have not regretted any decision since  1998. All cars which were bought proved to be good buys.

There is nothing much which Honda can do about Mobilio except pulling it out from range of cars sold by it. This doesn’t deserve a Honda badge, or maybe they can give it to Nissan to market under Datsun brand. At that expectation point, this car would be good.  What should they do with existing customers? How should they apologize to them for rolling out a brain damaged product? Best course is  to extend warranty by two years and make it all parts inclusive. I have never heard of clutch plates going at 30K before Mobilio, and other repairs which don’t get covered. This would at least keep people engaged and not start bashing Honda, day in and day out.

Honda, please wake up, all those who bought Mobilio are feeling let down and it would be right for you guys to fix, quickly.



1. mukeshthareja - March 3, 2016

I also regret after buying honda mobilio. I have visited 6times in a year for AC lekage problem and still it is not solved. My work has suffered a lot. I have been given a defective vehicle which i think honda should replace. Only benifit of its diesel average thats it nothing else. They are attending me as its covered in warranty but after that i have to pay. No one is thinking this. I might sell it this time if its not repaired well.