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Punjabi Dishes Which No Restaurant Gets Right February 28, 2016

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My non-Punjabi friends believe that we’ve grown up on a diet of Butter Chicken and Daal Makhni. Breakfast with butter chicken, lunch with butter chicken and dinner with butter chicken. When I tell them that I have never had butter chicken for breakfast in my life and would never have to, they are surprised. They think I am lying when I tell them that these two dishes are not part of my childhood memory, I don’t recall them made in my mother’s kitchen.

As a family we seldom ate out, eating out or getting food from outside were alien concepts.  Despite Butter Chicken being served at all places and Daal Makhni being served as religion of Punjabis, they are no where near my favorite dishes, I consider them much hyped and low on flavors and health. From restaurant to restaurant I look for following dishes Punjabi dishes and am disappointed.

Here are a few Punjabi Dishes which almost no restaurant gets right, anywhere in the world.

  1.  Aaloo Da Prantha
  2. Paneer Di Bhurji
  3. Keema Kaleji
  4. Murga/Kukar Tari Wala (Chicken Curry)
  5. Chaapan (Mutton Chops)
  6. Meat Tari Wala (Mutton Curry)
  7. Vaingan Da Bharta
  8. Suke Aaloo Payaz Karela
  9. Sheera
  10. Methi Aaloo
  11. Taazi Machhi Tari Waali (Fresh water  fish in curry)
  12. Kadi Chawal
  13. Gajrela
  14. Chaulaan Di Kheer
  15. Kaagzi Badaam Da Shorba (Kashmiri Almond Soup)
  16. Mangwalia Chaul (Tomato Rice)
  17. Chitte Choley
  18. Aande Tari Waale (Anda Curry/ Egg Curry)
  19. Kaleji Gurdakappora
  20. Mutteran Wale Chual
  21. Singhara Choolia
  22. Bhain Aaloo



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