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Social Media Strategy and Indian Politics February 28, 2016

Posted by simarp in : India, Social Media , trackback

Indian Politics is high on Social Media, BJP is definitely front runner and AAP is a close second. All other parties including Congress have yet to figure out on how to leverage SM for their benefit. The biggest challenge in SM for political parties is to maintain the  three Cs – Current, Credible and Consistent. Almost always they are not able to balance the three Cs, their knee-jerk reactions make Cs move like pendulum, which doesn’t work at all. They can’t get 10 on all three Cs, but a 5-6 on all three would be good enough to create a baseline.

BJP is very strong in being current and consistent in their social media push, they are masters of this craft. However, their strategy is bereft of any credibility. There are several “Egg Accounts” and “Negative Accounts” which are deployed  and the biggest challenge is that BJP’s task force on SM gets abusive at slightest disagreement. Another big challenge is that the special purpose account holders are not trained to do profiling of SM accounts they are targeting, as a result of it burn rate and block rate is very high.  Doing away with Egg Accounts & Negative Accounts would immediately start paying them rich dividends.  On Facebook, BJP must take a very strong positive approach, probably should talk just about achievements and on Instagram share only a few pictures of Modi Ji, but focus on sharing photographs about changes happening at different places and highlighting the same.

AAP’s strategy is more about trigger and trust. Their official or personal accounts are used to trigger a debate and then they trust their supporters to take it forward. So far this strategy has been working well for them. They have what BJP campaign lacks – Credibility. AAP’s game plan lacks in both being current and consistent. They have no framework in place to get BJP’s fake and negative accounts undermined, they just start confronting them. They must make significant noise around them, which they don’t. Not being current and consistent diminishes  the yield which can accrue to them due to credibility they earn. AAP should seriously not try to copy BJP by wasting energy on making #tags against Modi and BJP trend. That erodes their credibility. They should just talk about what they are doing and what they wish to do but can’t do. That would be sufficient to make them happen.

As for Congress, they need to learn what is Social media before they start doing anything worthwhile. Their strategy is so flawed that they piggyback AAP when AAP is doing BJP bashing and piggyback BJP when Congress is being bashed by AAP. They should keep themselves at equidistant from both, which they just can’t. A result of this is, they are losing their individuality and cultural connect with internet users.

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