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Donald Trump Is For Real – Why Trump Can’t Be Trumped February 29, 2016

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March 16/ 2016:

Good Morning! Anxious trumpeters understand that Trump has trumped them despite his trumpery conversational approach and accept that he has earned his trumpeting rights.
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Feb 28, 2016

On July 24, 2015, I told myself, “Be ready for some fun.” I had seen two US elections closely – 2008 & 2012 – and both times they were Republicans vs. Democrats.   This time I predicted and told myself that this is different, it is Trump vs. Republican vs. Democrats and look at what has happened in 6-7 months after that. Trump has almost trumped all Republicans and now we all know that we may be heading for Trump vs. Democrats. Some may say that the way Hillary has operated it is going to be Hillary vs. Trump, but Hillary is a Democrat. Trump, at best, can be called an opportunist Republican. Fundamentally, he is Trump and not a Republican. The best we can say is, Trump is fighting on a Republican ticket. That’s about it.

If I look back to what has made this happen, there is Trump’s single trait which has consistently stood by him: he always calls a Spade a Spade even if he is seen as a monkey or an idiot in the process. Psephologists conclude invariably a few days later, he can get away with this; and they conclude the same every time.

When he wrote off Latino and Muslim votes very early in his run for nomination, it looked like that he is a non-serious candidate. The way he brought in polarization is a masterstroke. People who feel that the borders with Mexico and intake of new Muslim immigrants hurt the US dream, pushed his campaign to seriousness and eventually made him a front-runner. He takes criticism on his side but does not go back often to regret it.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson have tried hard, but with the kind of fences which Donald Trump creates around him they just don’t have the guts and strengths to break them. By December 2015, he had already pushed Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina out of the race. Though Jeb Bush still felt that he had a chance, for all practical purposes he was written off.

From January, Trump started addressing a different audience altogether. He started taking nations to task. His comment, “We have great power over China but we don’t know how to use it”, made people seriously think that this guy believes in “Let us make America Great Again.” All through these 6-7 months, he has been an A class entertainer, who can put any stand-up comedy artist to shame, and he demonstrated to the world that entertainment can be married to determination seamlessly.

In India, we have Rajnikant jokes. Rajnikant is the Superman of Supermen who can say and do just about anything in the world and get away with it. By end Jan, I was convinced that the US has discovered their Rajnikant.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Trump knows clearly and says articulately that Indians have taken US jobs. There is no lie in it, but it has never been politically correct to say this. What would be needed of Mr. Trump if he becomes POTUS is to understand why US jobs went to India and fundamentally show courage to revamp the US education system from the ground up. That I am not sure whether he has it in him or not.

I was thinking what can derail Trump at this stage? Almost nothing. A massive sex scandal may do some damage but I think his campaign has gained enough momentum to withstand that.

All through these 7-8 months, Donald Trump has been aggressive and has not played any games. However, he hasn’t spared those who tried to play games with him either. Macy’s stock price, after they openly went against Donald Trump, has effectively fallen by almost 30%, which is definitely not in line with other retail stocks.

Folklore describes instances in mythology when determination has moved mountains. Looking at Trump and his determination, maybe that is not mythology after all.

More interesting days lie ahead.


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