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Going Brand Agnostic April 3, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Marketing, Marketing Strategies , trackback

Over last few years I can see my self turning brand agnostic, it is a very gradual process and not a switch-on-switch-off thing with me. I am discovering value and power of purchase over and above value and power of a brand.

If I wish to wear a fine 100% cotton socks does it mean I need to buy a particular brand? No, I just need to know what I need, specify need and find for least price for my exact need. Works. Saves. Makes me feel happy.

There are at least 100 brands I have strong association with and becoming independent of them is a daunting task, most difficult it is to disassociate wit brand Tata. I have always believed that brand Tata stands for value for money mated to good work ethics and business fairness. This is the brand which is most under test. From cars to tea bags, Brand Tata dominates my spending habit. Tata launches Grand as a brand extension for coffee and there I see myself going for it without looking whether I need coffee or not. That is power of the brand, and that is exactly i wish to turn agnostic to.
More to come…


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