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Definitions Simplified – II April 8, 2016

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  1. Impressions – Fake but sincere attempts to project what you neither are nor desire to be
  2. Warning – Disclaimer to reduce insurance premium or payout
  3. Prize – Consolation for making organizer get bang for his buck
  4. Excuse – Declaration of putting other to inconvenience at his/her own expense
  5. Lucky – Useless person in existence because of  God’s carelessness
  6. Wrong – What doesn’t work for me, but works for others
  7. Explorer – One disgusted with regular life and now looking for solace
  8. Difference – What you know is right but won’t still accept
  9. Giveaway – What you don’t need and what you won’t need
  10. Self-esteem – Something which is perishable even before it exists
  11. Best efforts – Statement made to demonstrate acts which were to be done but haven’t been done
  12. A true friend/ My best friend – Go to man when nothing works or all has been messed up
  13. Gesture – An act of goodwill done now, to be redeemed in very near or near future
  14. Modern Art – What can’t be defined by someone who can’t draw a straight line
  15. Nature – You are reminded of, or resort to when there is a catastrophic calamity
  16. Soul – Part of you which you abuse everyday but trust can withstand a diamond cutter
  17. Limit – Slighting others while remaining a holy cow
  18. Off the cuff – Comments intended to do damage which can be condoned at leisure
  19. Faking – Some things only those you are envious of are capable of doing
  20. Amateur – Boasts skill but injects a rider/ disclaimer to disown


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