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Amazon India is my go-to retailer, and this is why April 10, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Review , trackback

I knew it was happening, I was sure Amazon’s India store was creeping in somewhere inside me and settling down to become a habit. Over last three years, slowly but surely Amazon has become my Go To store for anything and everything which is not needed just now.  Juices, tea, pens, watches, mobile phones and now television, Amazon is pulling out money from my wallet and I am loving it. Why is it happening? What are my internal touch points which Amazon has been able to cover? What are my anxieties which Amazon has put on rest? And hundred other questions come up whenever I place an order at amazon. In next few points I try to put together my reasons for buying from Amazon.

  1. Amazon sells what I buy.
  2. Amazon announces what I wish to hear.
  3. Deals are for real.
  4. UI (User Interface) is mature and bug free.
  5. There is no selling on my face.
  6. There is no reason why I should go and shop around after looking up a product at Amazon.
  7. It has elementary form of AI, which works for me. It reminds me on what I may need to buy now, it helps.
  8. I simultaneously buy from Amazon.in & .com using same control center and credit card.
  9. Fulfilled By Amazon and Prime are really cool things to happen to me.
  10. Tracking is a nonissue.
  11. Returns is a nonissue.
  12. Free shipping saves me money and time both.
  13. There are sufficient confidence builders on each page.
  14. Multiple address management is a boon, so is gifting.
  15. Packaging & breakage issues are less than 5%.
  16. “More Top Tips” for you makes me buy.
  17. My book reading habits are mapped wonderfully. Suggestions I am made are always good and worth considering
  18. Gourmet store is good, allows me to look at quickly procure stuff which is not available at local kityana or Easyday next door.
  19. Points which I earn are redeemed easily.
  20. I go and look-up Deal of the Day when I am buying what I need.
  21. Range and brands of chocolates and cookies is wide.
  22. Search always gets me to the product I need.
  23. SMS alerts are all meaningful.

I am sure i can go on and on, maybe some other day, maybe Amazon or Flipkart would like to pay me to say more, just maybe.

Having said all of that, what would make me buy more?

  1. I am satisfied with delivery systems, but they can improve quite a lot.  I get too many calls associated with delivery, they are an irritant. Delivery teams also arbitrarily add “not available” almost 10% of the time and schedule delivery for next day.
  2. High value items must be packed more securely.
  3. I don’t get to see my summary sheet, if I get to see, it will help. I should be able to see organized reports of my buying.
  4. I need “bill to my office” or invoice my company option.
  5. I need a short URL for my daughter and wife to add things to my cart.

I am going good with Amazon, would love to go more and more. Saves me time, money and anxiety.



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