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Cheese and Me April 11, 2016

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Cheese and me

400 Calories on my plate

Am I crazy about cheese? No, definitely not. Just short of it. Yes, I can eat one cracker with 7 types of cheese though, it is not about cracker you know, it is all about cheese. My favorites are cheese variants which leave a long lasting taste in mouth.  Varieties of Blue Cheese, specially a few varieties which have Spanish origin are very good, of course they are pungent but, overpowering? No, they are not. That works best. I just don;t like a cheese which kind of plays with your palette so much that you just can’t identify any flavor after that.

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella  is my next favorite.  I have never been to Italy, but surely I’ve had Fresh Mozzarella made with milk from Italian Water Buffalo. I have also had Fresh Mozzarella made with cow’s milk and they are very different from each other. A decent size ball of Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with side of cherry tomatoes and some twigs of fresh Mint, is heavenly experience. Cutting through fresh cheese gives you so much pleasure and specially when nothing sticks with the side of the knife.

My third favorite is home made style cream cheese. I prefer ones which are not seasoned and canned/ packaged. From start to finish 7 days kind. Better fat content better the cream part of it and more. If the ratio of butter milk to milk while fermenting it is not right or it has been fermented too long this variety of cheese leaves a sour taste in mouth, which doesn’t taste well at all. I have seen that this one is most difficult to make in India in summers when room temperature goes as high as 40 degrees centigrade and beyond.

The plate above is from my Sunday evening dinner, first course of a seven course – all the cheese for the next meal week.



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