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Mother’s Day 2016 May 8, 2016

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G K Saberwal

Mom is forever

This photograph is only a few months younger than me. I am the one whom mother dear is feeding and Veer is the one who is looking towards the camera. I don’t remember these old sofas of Kartar Cottage,  but I have some faint recall that it was a big hall, last time I went to Kartar Cottage was when I was all of 6 years old. This post is not Kartar Cottage but this about Mom dear and the connect is style. Mom was stylish for her times, my memories are of her always adorning immaculately pleated saris, two gold bangles, one kara and one “Swiss Made” watch, of course she wore spects as an accessory, as can be seen in this picture.  Memories do fade and many have… here are a few which define me.

More to come…



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