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Pain and Poem May 8, 2016

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When it pains
I write.
Many have done this before me
Many would do this after me
Only a few are remembered for what they wrote
Only a few will be remembered for what they write.
Morning writings don’t reflect sunshine
Evening writings don’t reflect sunset
Pain is the constant
Pain comes and pen writes
Pain goes and pen stops.
Soul uses the pen
Hand is just an instrument
Words are formed by soul
Hand is commanded by soul
When and how I don’t know.
I do go back to read what I wrote
I do wonder why anyone should read me
Why should they waste their time
After all,
Everyone has pain
Everyone has soul
Everyone has expression.
Pain written is just words
What life it has?
Why believe tears on paper?
They are just tears
They don’t belong to anyone.
Has anyone ever escaped from pain?
Will anyone ever escape from pain?
Why bother, if it is not only you
Even if it is only you
Why bother?
Yes, there is reason to bother
Writing releases pain
Writing connects souls of pained
It soothes
It heals
What lips can’t say
Soul says
Soul becomes lighter
Soul flies
Soul finds another reason to fly
Soul finds yet another reason to cry
Yet another reason to be in pain
Yet another reason for soul to write….

When I am in pain

I write



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