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India Must Learn To Accept Its Women Folk As Equal Partners May 9, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Blogging, India , trackback
This update is from an Indian who hates his country when fellow countrymen allow their sick minds to leave permanent scars on people they have nothing to do with and bother about –
You, yes you
Disgrace to the nation
Example of societal failure,
Listen, if you don’t like girls wearing short skirts and moving around with boys, too bad. What they are doing, with whom they are going and what they are wearing is none of your business. The hands which dragged a young girl from her hair are the filthiest and weakest human hands, the men who did this are narcissists with no dream or destination in mind. They should be put behind bars for good 7 years or more and have it drilled in their heads that when you misbehave with a girl, you demonstrate your sick mentality, that as per you all women including your very own – mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter are not equal to you because of their gender. You, useless, powerless, valueless, dysfunctional piece of human life, i pray you die hundred deaths and each death is ghastly, crippling and incomplete.
I am sorry, this country is not learning how its women folk have same life as men.


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