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Trump is happening, but is it good for the US? May 13, 2016

Posted by simarp in : USA , trackback

Donald Trump is happening and he is going to be there on billboards. Hate, resist, desist, crib whatever, he has a real chance of putting his legs on the desk  at Oval room and pushing his line of thought to every “intellectuals” and “suave” US citizen.

I have been asking my self, would that be good for America? What does he mean when he says America First? Does that mean he wishes to ensure that the US minds its own monkey business? Does it mean that the US under Trump is going to be a “sales man” keen to impress others to ensure that its wares sell the most? Looks like. It is also very likely that Trump may significantly dilute whatever he is making everyone hear, this can be very strategic, this bad man image. Of course he is not saying anything which is said in millions of households in the US.

Trump is unlikely to do good for beggars on the streets of Chicago and New York, he is unlikely to do good for Muslims, he is unlikely to good for Mexicans, Indians, Chinese – so whom is he likely to benefit? White Americans and maybe Black Americans, and if he does that would it be good for America? Yes, that is a loaded question and yes, it is a nobrainer, it will be good for America.


More to come…


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