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A rap on the knuckles for AAP in Delhi, BJP humiliated May 17, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Elections, India , trackback

I didn’t like Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet, indicating victory. It is a defeat by all yardsticks,  AAP’s attempt to paint defeat as victory is not going to help them drill deep to what all is going wrong within their framework.

13 MCD seats and AAP gets just 5, AAP must start working double quick. They are losing their base and they couldn’t activate their cadre to come out and vote. For AAP anything below 10 is losing ground on their home-turf and with 5 one can safely say they have lost 50% ground since they came to power.  Yes, if elections are held in Delhi AAP would manage to comeback, barely. This kind of drop indicates lot of failures on lot many fronts.

BJP is left wondering what wrong did it do now. Congress has a reason to say, we will come back. For BJP it is writing on the wall, BJP was confident that they will get almost all. Like AAP BJP has been hurt, more so than Congress which drew a zero in state elections just over an year ago. Congress got 4 with another going to a Congress rebel candidate, who may join Congress.
At the end of the day “Ye Dilli Hai, Sab Jaanti Hai” – This is the city of Delhi, it knows everything.


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