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Linkedin Unplugged June 13, 2016

Posted by simarp in : portals, websites , trackback

I am shocked, I didn’t see this coming. Didn’t expect this to happen.  My first reaction – LinkedIn is unplugged and all is gonna be over. Of course my second reaction was – do we see an opportunity in this. Microsoft has a tradition of buying internet properties and ruining them.  Here is a quick recall of adventures and aborted ventures of Microsoft -

Linkedin was going brilliantly, now Microsoft comes along and disrupts the party, not in a sense of market disruption but in pure play of money muscle. The same team would continue and so on, we have heard this before and it never works that way. I am not sure whether Linkedin sees an exodus or not, but I can see Facebook quickly gearing and chipping slices from Linkedin pie.

At the price paid by Microsoft, Linkedin stock is up by almost 50% and predictably Microsoft stock has taken a beating, it is down by 4% but it may slide a bit more, eroding a few billion dollars apart from paying a huge premium over prevailing price. This deal coming in light of Linkedin’s big time security disaster is even more intriguing. As on date, Linkedin is fairly small business in respect to its business potential, it was doing well in terms of growth. It had bought Lynda.com recently and it was hailed as a smart move. Linkedin was making good calls and more and more people were joining in. Future of all this is now open to speculation.

Linkedin can be a good play for Microsoft but Microsoft’s track record being what it is, it could be a big struggle. Linkedin has a lot happening at their labs, would being bought over by Microsoft still allow that to happen is a multi billion dollar question.

Linkedin.com is just a shade shy of Bing.com in terms of traffic, at its position it starts its journey as the fourth biggest property in Microsoft kitty. it is fourth after Live, MSN and Bing, unless I am missing something.

Whether Linkedin continues its growth and keeps solving the problem is something we will have to wait for, one thing is sure, Linkedin is never going to be the same again. It is an end of an era, and it is gonna be painful for many.

Simarprit Singh – yes, I am a Linkedin active user.






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