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What Will Make Me Buy Our Third Tata Nano October 2, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Cars , trackback
Tata Nano's Big Fan

I love my Tata Nano

Yes, it will be our third. First came in 2010, second in December 2015 and third can come when my current wish list is fulfilled.  2010 one was also top of the range and 2015 is also top trim.

I want Tata Motors to add following bells and whistles to their top end Nano XTA for me to buy my third and yes, take another a lakh and half, maybe even two, but do give me all of this.

  1. ABS
  2. Just 2 front doors, back deck and a tail gate
  3. Better seats, wider the better and better fixed to the floor
  4.  Plush seats, fully motorized
  5. Vanity mirror on both front sunshades
  6. Driver side airbags or both front passenger airbags
  7. Glove box cooling
  8. On the door power window buttons
  9. Boot Opener
  10. Fuel intake regular outlet, opening bonnet is a challenge
  11. 100% Electric like Mahindra E2O would be big fun
  12. LED lights and rim/trim lights
  13. 2DIN audio
  14. Adjustable from inside manual/electrical exterior rear view mirrors
  15. Rear window wiper, washer and defogger
  16. Alloy wheels
  17. Leather seats (as an optional)
  18. Outside temperature indicator
  19. Roof rails
  20. Center armrest of sorts (I know it is very tight but a strong alloy armrest 3″ wide can fit in
  21. Steering controls for audio and dashboard


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