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Friendship and Smiles – Sibling Friends May 8, 2016

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Yaarian - Smiles

Smiles come from within

We are brothers from another mother, in other words Sibling Friends. We have been friends for so long that most people we meet and interact with were born after we became friends. Yaarian, is the right word in Punjabi to define this bond. We are there when needed most or least and in between the two events.

These smiles are all about tons of years lived together, making life happen. As the luck would have it, Kapil’s son is away from home, studies in Holland, Yogesh’s daughter is away from home and studies in Germany and my daughter is away from home and studies in the US. Yogesh and Kapil have one kid with them too. Best part is all our kids rock together, some day we will make a band and all eleven of us would perform together.

Best part about these moments is sitting with legs crossed on the couch and slowly sipping that one pint of beer which refuses to finish ;). You get most comfort when you have least inhibitions and that is what childhood friendships deliver, day in and day out.

When we smile together, blessings from Buddha can’t be far behind.