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Anger – This post is for those who consider anger an evil February 28, 2016

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One needs to get angry to live life fully. If you don’t get angry or excessively control your anger, be prepared to live in pain, become a patient of depression, lose trust and faith on people and eventually jump to your death or just kill someone.  If you don’t get angry, get over this bad habit, sooner than later.  If someone takes you for a ride, stabs you in the back, makes fool of someone you love, just let the anger fly, if you allow those who take advantage of you to get away, they would take the whole world for granted.

If they getaway by attacking you once, they will comeback for you again and again till they have something to gain from you. Having done with you they would move to betray others, frustrate them and push them to their end too. Don’t let the deceivers win, it is not their game, it is your life. Anger management is important, manage it, don’t kill your anger,  if you kill it , it will kill you.

Be human, love life, love your anger.

Being angry has nothing to do with being violent or aggressive, it has all to do with your resentment and disagreement recognized and given due consideration.

Some people live on provoking others, seeing them annoyed, celebrating their loss of mental balance, just don’t let that happen to you. When they hit you unfairly, hit them hard, very hard. Everyone doesn’t deserve everything in life, similarly if your gestures of peace, respect and love are continuously seen as signs of your weakness, they are.  Just drop them and let your anger discover its natural path. Drinking your own venom is poisonous too, spit it out. if you don’t know how to do it, learn or just simply think of your death everyday.

Anger is an emotion like any other, accept it and let it live too.


Temper Tales February 12, 2016

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Temper is important only as long as it manages its tail and doesn’t become a tale in itself. My this post is all about Tempers which flew high and for years, there are a few tales to be told.

Story 1. Year 1992. Work place. A programmer kept on messing up with a critical routine and finally rolled out a patched up routine and the beta run failed. I lost my shirt, he was standing, I was sitting and firing him left, right and center. Suddenly a colleague shouted “STOP IT”, he was standing in a pool of his own urine. That was my first course correction on holding my temper by its tail. Also left pulling up colleagues so hard, opted for letting them go.

Story 2. Year 1995. Road Rage. A red color Maruti 800, being driven extremely rash, hit me twice in less than a minute. I lost it but not completely. I overtook him, made him stop and went to talk to him, the guy was mighty aggressive and became abusive, specially cursing me for being a Sikh and how little intelligence was expected of me anyway. At that stage, I lost it completely. I was out of car, he was in the driver’s seat. I caught hold of his head from his hairs and brought his neck in-line with the window pane and started pressing hard. My co-passenger shouted, leave him, he will die, I realized, woke up, left him. Also left road rage forever.

Story 3. Year  2011. LA Airport. I was standing in a queue at LA Airport for reissue  of boarding card, the man ahead of me suddenly turned, spilling my coffee over his just issued boarding card and screamed at me. He screamed harder, shouted all bizarre nothings, racial abuses and all. I lost it completely. I raised my hand for a full blown slap, and suddenly someone out of blue, held my hand and I heard “Cool down, he is not worth missing your flight for”. This stranger paid for my coffee, sat with me, till I was back to being myself. Have started keeping a two feet distance while in a queue in the US and tell myself, beating down someone is not an option.

Temper is important but only as long as you can control it by its tail. The minute the tail is out of control, game is over. Live the game, hold on to the tail.


Why People Commit Suicide? January 19, 2016

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Why People Commit Suicide? This is a question which crosses my mind often. It keeps on running all around me when any news of a suicide grabs media’s attention and lives around me for a couple of days. These days two suicides are big time tragedies being talked about in integrated media – TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, Apps, Websites and instant media like WhatsApp and debated across Social media platforms with almost everyone taking a pole position. One is of a Uttar Pradesh girl who committed suicide in UP over blackmailing post gang-rape and the second news is about the Dalit (SC/ST/OBC?) doctorate scholar committing suicide. Unfortunately both tragedies have taken political hue. Political parties, those in power and those in opposition are trying their best to use it to their advantage.

Disclosure: I am not a Doctor, I am not a psychologist and I am also not a student of psychology or an anti-suicide activist. What I am sharing here is what is known as “loud thinking” or using my blog as a sounding board. I am also writing with my being an Indian, a Punjabi, a Sikh and a 50+ global traveler with hundreds of flights and millions of miles of exposure.

Here are some random thoughts.

  1. People who fail to identify that they have challenges of mental health, and if they do identify, they live in denial of there consequences are more susceptible. Acceptance and treatment works wonders and works magically and quickly.
  2. People who have very few true friends, or they may have true friends but don’t trust them to the core find themselves internally broken with no Plan B. So end of the story becomes their plan B. Trust friends, be fair and it is never too late to make great friends, life is best lived when friends are by your side. If it is a friend who is a reason, changing the friend, works.
  3. If one gets into building a web of lies and feels too weak to be confronted and pay for the same, pressing escape to exit looks easier, which it definitely is not. Confessions and counseling are twin tracks and they are the way to rebuilding, prospering and moving on.
  4. People at times feel that their purpose would be better met by their “sacrifice”, really? Battles are won by winning, battles can’t be won by losing and that also losing life.
  5. A lack of achievement also pushes people to consider taking their life, but how can taking something be an achievement? It is always a myth that you are giving your life to a cause. Reality is that one has to live ones life for a cause, it will be experiential and incremental. If there is no cause to live, you haven’t started living yet, so get up and discover and adopt a cause.
  6. Health? Point of no return? No way, science is moving at a a faster pace and at multiple locations simultaneously. Medical solutions are almost always around the corner and if in a peculiar case they are not, see how you can bring them to this world quickly.  Join those who are working on that and joining means joining just in any way, even identifying them and re-tweeting them is joining.

I will add more as more random thoughts come knocking.