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IMO – MS Dhoni endorsing Life Insurance, really? June 27, 2016

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Exide Life

After shortchanging people on property, next comes Life Insurance

“Lamba saath, bharose ki baat” – Exide Life Insurance full page advertisement had me thinking, is MS Dhoni really serious about doing this? Hasn’t this man lost all moral rights to endorse again, leave apart endorse a product like Life Insurance. Life insurance is a matter of trust, and the way Dhoni corroborated with Amrapali Group and the group swindled hundreds of thousands of people doesn’t bode well with me. The minute I saw his photograph, I could see him selling for Amrapali knowing very well that they were not honoring their commitment.

I don’t agree that Dhoni resigned from Amrapali because of Amrapali not honoring their commitments, he resigned as the shell company which was to route multi crore rupees to  Dhoni became defunct. The company has Mahi as its middle name and Dhoni’s wife as a 25% shareholder. Amrapali Mahi Developers Private Limited doesn’t do anything and issued cheques worth Rs 75 Crores or so – Failed Venture behind Mahi’s leaving Amrapali

It is not just a case of endorsement, Amrapali and MS Dhoni had joint business interests, it will be interesting to know on number of properties different investment companies of MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni own. This is not cricket, this game is betraying trust of common people. Not done.

It doesn’t sound like “Lamba Saath”, it sounds like “Lamba Haath”

A rap on the knuckles for AAP in Delhi, BJP humiliated May 17, 2016

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I didn’t like Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet, indicating victory. It is a defeat by all yardsticks,  AAP’s attempt to paint defeat as victory is not going to help them drill deep to what all is going wrong within their framework.

13 MCD seats and AAP gets just 5, AAP must start working double quick. They are losing their base and they couldn’t activate their cadre to come out and vote. For AAP anything below 10 is losing ground on their home-turf and with 5 one can safely say they have lost 50% ground since they came to power.  Yes, if elections are held in Delhi AAP would manage to comeback, barely. This kind of drop indicates lot of failures on lot many fronts.

BJP is left wondering what wrong did it do now. Congress has a reason to say, we will come back. For BJP it is writing on the wall, BJP was confident that they will get almost all. Like AAP BJP has been hurt, more so than Congress which drew a zero in state elections just over an year ago. Congress got 4 with another going to a Congress rebel candidate, who may join Congress.
At the end of the day “Ye Dilli Hai, Sab Jaanti Hai” – This is the city of Delhi, it knows everything.

India Must Learn To Accept Its Women Folk As Equal Partners May 9, 2016

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This update is from an Indian who hates his country when fellow countrymen allow their sick minds to leave permanent scars on people they have nothing to do with and bother about –
You, yes you
Disgrace to the nation
Example of societal failure,
Listen, if you don’t like girls wearing short skirts and moving around with boys, too bad. What they are doing, with whom they are going and what they are wearing is none of your business. The hands which dragged a young girl from her hair are the filthiest and weakest human hands, the men who did this are narcissists with no dream or destination in mind. They should be put behind bars for good 7 years or more and have it drilled in their heads that when you misbehave with a girl, you demonstrate your sick mentality, that as per you all women including your very own – mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter are not equal to you because of their gender. You, useless, powerless, valueless, dysfunctional piece of human life, i pray you die hundred deaths and each death is ghastly, crippling and incomplete.
I am sorry, this country is not learning how its women folk have same life as men.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Sons of the God April 5, 2016

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Living on earth is stressful, one has to cope up with someone like Baba Ramdev who goes ahead and instigates violence by his random uttering. Baba Ramdev does not speak because he has some value to add, he speaks because he wishes to stay in limelight, that’s it. Otherwise, why else would someone go ahead and say that those who don’t say Bharat Mata ki Jai, should be beheaded, yes, seriously, beheaded. He is not the only God Man or may I say media-branded God Man to talk like this.

I am sure without political patronage, it would have been impossible. Baba Ramdev is extremely politically savvy, he does speak silly and get away under the garb of doing larger good to the nation. I would love to see him get arrested for instigating violence and encouraging people to take tough stands and resort to violence for their purported stand’s protection.

I fail to understand, how can anyone get away with saying “We respect this country’s law and Constitution, otherwise if anybody disrespects Bharat Mata, we have the capability of beheading not one but thousands and lakhs”, is this country becoming selectively tolerant? Is this country becoming vindictive? At times, I wonder aloud, is this the Bharat Varsha with its continuity and flow from Ramayana? The statement is even more damaging as it has been made at an event organized by the parent organization of ruling party. Not one person out here said, hold on Mr. Baba, you can’t be saying this from any platform, leave aside our platform.

What saddens me is that all those who went all over the world stalking Aamir Khan for his comment, which surely is not malignant by any yardstick, have nothing to say for Baba Ramdev. Shri Anupam Kher is not taking out any march and the nation moves on.

This is indeed sad, becoming sadder still.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Lesser Mortals of This Earth April 4, 2016

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Good Morning!
Here are my two cents on Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
For me it has always been Bharat Mata Ki Jai, no challenge whatsoever.
With little understanding I possess about Gurbani, which I try hard to follow and understand, earth is a notch above her peers Air and Water – Quote “Pawan Guru, Paani Pita, Maata Dhart Mahat…” unquote. Air is the teacher, it connects, Water is the father, it flows and quenches thirst and Earth is the supreme Mother, yes Supreme Mother and not just mother.  So, if I am an Indian and India is also called Bharat, it is pretty simple, isn’t it? Of course I am not expected to create or respect a deity holding flag of India. Visual and materialistic reverence is an individualistic call, to each their own.
For me Bharat Mata Ki Jai is like Jai Hind or Hail India or India is great, it is my country and it is my respect.  All those Muslims as well as Hindus who are trying to give a religious twist to Bharat Mata ki Jai are doing a great disservice to our nation. It is a non issue which has been fueled for political gains by both sides.
We have a long way to go, we must evolve slogans which are more inclusive like “May no one die due to malnutrition” or “May the corrupt be hanged in public” hmm… yes, I am sure those on both sides of this divide include corrupt and indifferent, let us make some slogans to wake them up to India’s priorities other than sloganeering and increasing decibel levels.
Long live India and may no child die of hunger and no farmer take his life due to to governmental indifference.

Budget 2016 – BJP/NDA Present First Socialist Budget February 29, 2016

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Unless there are zillions of fine lines in the budget document, this budget is the best which Congress, UPA and other Socialists would have put together in a non-election year. In an election year, they would have definitely gone overboard with Socialistic zeal. It looks like last year’s drubbing and a flat year has left BJP thinking. Sensex remained flat, Rupee depreciated, lots of money was not spent, the promise of Achche Din never happened, and on top of it the tag of ‘Suit Boot Ki Sarkar’ got very closely linked to the way the government functioned. This budget aims at moving away from Suit Boot Ki Sarkar to Kissan aur Gareeb Ki Sarkar. This budget has a clear pro-poor and pro-farmer stance to it, which is very good news for India. Making cars and cigarettes expensive is always good. The benefit which car companies and cigarette companies give to the country is diminished by several times because of the burden it puts on Infrastructure and Health Care.

This budget signals acceptance that hype and dreams require a base which India still does not have. I am not sure whether this budget would contain inflation. My first reaction was that it would actually fuel inflation. Most economists’ early comments say that this is going to reduce inflation and help middle class, I doubt.

It is high time that government looked at Public Sector banks and gave them support,  this budget tries to do that to a considerable extent. For this to work,  it would be important to ensure that the NPAs do not start piling up again for which government must seriously run after entrepreneurs who have defaulted in hundreds of crores but still live lavish life and own assets under dubious companies and names. Government must also penalize and arrest those MDs of Public Sector Banks under whose regime NPAs grew maximum.

Those in opposition, who are claiming this budget to be pro-rich, probably feel that they have nothing else to say.  I don’t see how this budget is pro-rich as it has no such symptoms and it doesn’t apparently favor them any way. It essentially makes everything they love more expensive, whether it is dividend income or eating out in restaurants or buying luxury cars or traveling.

Government’s proposal of taxing black money by 45% and converting it into white is not very attractive because Black money generators, in any case, @35% could have managed to have it white. However, if the government aggressively chases black money then this could be a good proposal.

This budget, if executed properly, would help Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, UP, Orissa and Rajasthan most and farmers of Punjab, AP & Haryana to a great extent, too.

Two things which surely need some explanation from FM are, why the tribal sub-clans budget has been reduced by half despite planning commission’s stipulation  and why do we not find  any visible nuggets about reducing current account deficit.

Getting every poor to a health cover scheme is a good step and also Rs. 30,000 one-time grant to poor Senior Citizens is a step in the right direction. Jan Aushadhi Yojna or in other words Public Pharmacy Stores are like Fair Price shops for medicines. They would work if they are stocked. Though the number of 3,000 stores looks extremely inadequate but this is a good step in revamping and making Public Distribution System an inclusive affair.

An amount of Rs.15,000 crore has been kept for interest subvention for farmers. It looks to me that it is too little and too late. When farmers were committing suicide, just keeping interest for subvention may not make much difference.

Budget 2016 proposals have brought a degree of optimism in me. However, I remain skeptical as I do not see any landmark proposals in education and skill development sectors.

Social Media Strategy and Indian Politics February 28, 2016

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Indian Politics is high on Social Media, BJP is definitely front runner and AAP is a close second. All other parties including Congress have yet to figure out on how to leverage SM for their benefit. The biggest challenge in SM for political parties is to maintain the  three Cs – Current, Credible and Consistent. Almost always they are not able to balance the three Cs, their knee-jerk reactions make Cs move like pendulum, which doesn’t work at all. They can’t get 10 on all three Cs, but a 5-6 on all three would be good enough to create a baseline.

BJP is very strong in being current and consistent in their social media push, they are masters of this craft. However, their strategy is bereft of any credibility. There are several “Egg Accounts” and “Negative Accounts” which are deployed  and the biggest challenge is that BJP’s task force on SM gets abusive at slightest disagreement. Another big challenge is that the special purpose account holders are not trained to do profiling of SM accounts they are targeting, as a result of it burn rate and block rate is very high.  Doing away with Egg Accounts & Negative Accounts would immediately start paying them rich dividends.  On Facebook, BJP must take a very strong positive approach, probably should talk just about achievements and on Instagram share only a few pictures of Modi Ji, but focus on sharing photographs about changes happening at different places and highlighting the same.

AAP’s strategy is more about trigger and trust. Their official or personal accounts are used to trigger a debate and then they trust their supporters to take it forward. So far this strategy has been working well for them. They have what BJP campaign lacks – Credibility. AAP’s game plan lacks in both being current and consistent. They have no framework in place to get BJP’s fake and negative accounts undermined, they just start confronting them. They must make significant noise around them, which they don’t. Not being current and consistent diminishes  the yield which can accrue to them due to credibility they earn. AAP should seriously not try to copy BJP by wasting energy on making #tags against Modi and BJP trend. That erodes their credibility. They should just talk about what they are doing and what they wish to do but can’t do. That would be sufficient to make them happen.

As for Congress, they need to learn what is Social media before they start doing anything worthwhile. Their strategy is so flawed that they piggyback AAP when AAP is doing BJP bashing and piggyback BJP when Congress is being bashed by AAP. They should keep themselves at equidistant from both, which they just can’t. A result of this is, they are losing their individuality and cultural connect with internet users.

More to come…



Gurdwaras Pitch In – Haryana Jaat Agitation February 21, 2016

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As various parts of Haryana remain completely disturbed and all roads blocked, hundreds of thousands of people are stranded on roads. Friends and those who have been stranded but found their way back have said that Gurdwaras are pitching in to the best of their abilities. People have slept overnight in the halls of Gurdwara and impromptu langars have been organized. Ladies, kids and old people have been moved away from the way of harm particularly while their men folk were finding ways to keep their vehicles safe.

This is difficult moment and it is necessary that everybody pitches in. NHI, NH 8 and NH 10 have prominent Gurdwaras and also local Gurdwaras which have made temporary arrangements to help people. I am told all Gurdwaras which have permanent staff are open and it would make sense to find one and walk in for food and night shelter.

Gurdwaras for over 300 years have been doubling as shelter to those in need, Gurdwara litterally means Gate to the Guru or The Gate of the Guru.

Prayers for Peace in Haryana February 21, 2016

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What is happening in Haryana is very painful. Reservations have been a tricky ground and sooner some bold decisions, which are bound to be against vote-politics, are taken better it will be for our nation.

The Jaat Reservation Stir has led to all roads being blocked, Army being airdropped defines seriousness of the situation. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stranded on roads, India’s largest car manufacturing company Maruti Udyog limited has suspended its operations. Delhi has run out of water and schools in Delhi have been shutdown from tomorrow. Shops owned by non-Jats are being burned,  looted and ransacked in a couple of cities of Haryana and of course there are agitators who are enjoying their hookas and selfies on NHI 1 and other highways. In short,  it is total anarchy.

The problem probably has worsened as majority of local police is largely Jaat and it is their brother, father, uncle, cousin, sons who form the core group of agitation. Officers largely non Jaat are helpless. To those in know, this is not completely unexpected, when the decision was taken to appoint a Punjabi as the CM, many had expressed their reservations and doubted acceptance by Jaats. Sad that chickens have come home to roost.

it is difficult to believe that the agitation is leaderless, I very strongly believe that somewhere deep down INLD & Congress may have collaborated to get it going, otherwise this huge and unparalleled agitation is not possible.

Schools and shops being burned down and administration not able to get its act together is a bad omen. We are creating fresh wounds between non-Jaats, Jaats and maybe even Punjabis. This agitation needs to be handled with kid gloves, any more wrongs and political opportunism would take over.

Prayers for peace in Haryana and prayers for all those, hundreds of thousands, stranded on the roads.


Tricolor for Unity February 19, 2016

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It is our Tricolor from where our National Spirit begins. Tricolor belongs to us, it doesn’t belong to  anyone else, and yes Indian Tricolor stands for unity of our country.  Hoisting Indian Tricolor is demonstrating and becoming a flag bearer for India’s constitution. It is being India.

I fail to understand why all educational institutions in our country and public institutions do not hoist Tricolor. Why just Central Universities? If you are making it mandatory, make it mandatory for all educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities and even private bodies across all education verticals.  Let us aim to cover every Indian; let us ensure that every Indian gets to see an Indian Flag at least once a day.

Politicizing hoisting of Indian Flag is evil. Imposing the idea of flying India flag is not necessary. Making it freely available for all Government institutions, State as well as Central institutions is necessary. Institutions, which voluntarily don’t go for it over a period of a year, should be talked to. Their reservations should be heard and fundamental steps should be taken to address and eliminate those concerns. India belongs to all and so does Indian flag.

A 207-feet mast may not be necessary. It will cost too much money. Moreover, government must look at opportunities for branding Flag Parks. May each campus have one and may Airtel, Reliance and Tatas contest to maintain and support that flag, the mast and the park.

There Cheers to Tricolor!