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Take Me In Your Arms May 1, 2016

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Take me, take me

Take me in your arms

Make my love immortal.

Immortal love

Immortal life

Life needs a meaning

It doesn’t have to be demeaning.

It is not about who I am

It is not about who you are

It is all about what love is

It is all about how we embrace it.

It is not about this life

It is about eternity

It is about the soul

It is about the soul’s immortality

Why do I long for silence

Why I don’t long for voice?

Be that voice

Be that music

Be that music which my ears have been yearning for.

I don’t wish to just see you

I wish you to be within me

I wish you be one with me.

Life questions have always been tough

I just couldn’t be that rough.

This pain was never an asset I wished I owned

I am sad is a sentence I wish I never moaned.

Lessons learned from sorrows are no lessons

Lessons learned from love are lessons of life.

How hard I try

I can’t love my tears

How hard I try

I can’t live without my fears.

Take me, take me

Take me in your arms

Make my love immortal.

Definitions Simplified – II April 8, 2016

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  1. Impressions – Fake but sincere attempts to project what you neither are nor desire to be
  2. Warning – Disclaimer to reduce insurance premium or payout
  3. Prize – Consolation for making organizer get bang for his buck
  4. Excuse – Declaration of putting other to inconvenience at his/her own expense
  5. Lucky – Useless person in existence because of  God’s carelessness
  6. Wrong – What doesn’t work for me, but works for others
  7. Explorer – One disgusted with regular life and now looking for solace
  8. Difference – What you know is right but won’t still accept
  9. Giveaway – What you don’t need and what you won’t need
  10. Self-esteem – Something which is perishable even before it exists
  11. Best efforts – Statement made to demonstrate acts which were to be done but haven’t been done
  12. A true friend/ My best friend – Go to man when nothing works or all has been messed up
  13. Gesture – An act of goodwill done now, to be redeemed in very near or near future
  14. Modern Art – What can’t be defined by someone who can’t draw a straight line
  15. Nature – You are reminded of, or resort to when there is a catastrophic calamity
  16. Soul – Part of you which you abuse everyday but trust can withstand a diamond cutter
  17. Limit – Slighting others while remaining a holy cow
  18. Off the cuff – Comments intended to do damage which can be condoned at leisure
  19. Faking – Some things only those you are envious of are capable of doing
  20. Amateur – Boasts skill but injects a rider/ disclaimer to disown

Defintions Simplified April 6, 2016

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  1. Smile – Gets more out of life of others ;)
  2. Logic – Acceptance of unacceptable
  3. Safety – Map your actions, man
  4. Practical – Run after dog so that dog doesn’t run after you
  5. Equivalents – When logic beats facts unequal become  equivalent
  6. Accident – When at least something gets dented, your pocket, your body, your property, your motor & of course your brain
  7. Sweetness – Best served by those in need or greed or both
  8. Light – Better be light if you wanna be bright, else go fly a kite
  9. Wisdom – Analyzing poop
  10. Loo – When you can’t hold, you go to loo
  11. Free – Get once, pay forever
  12. Prayer – Wishlist not worked for
  13. Question – Effort to corner or game
  14. Translation – Right to change meaning or substance
  15. Experiment – Failures Justified. Never seen anyone eating through his ears or eyes ;)
  16. Pure – When Malice and Lies are perfectly concealed
  17. Upside – When legit is inadequate
  18. Helpless – No desire to call a spade a spade and shoo monkeys off
  19. Fairy-tale -Where tail gets more importance than the brain
  20. Confidential – Failed attempt to confine

You February 17, 2016

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Unfortunately, you are what you are seen and not what you are. That’s OK. Unless you start seeing yourself through the eyes of others and living that life. That is a big time crime done to self and to all around you. If people see you as a devil, you don’t have to become one to prove others right. Similarly if people see you as God you don’t have to become one. What is important is that at each stage you should consciously work to bridge gap between perception and reality. Narrower the gap, better it is, less expectations, less disappointments, more delivery, more achievement and even more acknowledgement.

You are the centerpiece of you and that should always remain, all others can be enablers to what you are but the decision to be is yours. It is you who has to be the front of you and not anyone else. Think hard on what you want to be, live that thought, work hard to be what you stepped out to be. It won’t be exactly the same, but would be closer to the original. There would be shocks and disbelief and that would have to be taken in its stride and steps need to be taken to ensure that they become fewer and far between and eventually are eliminated fundamentally.

Moments immediately after the shock need to be controlled, any immediate reaction and action can be damaging and disastrous more to your loved ones than to you. That is the bottom line and that is where compromise must be accpeted. What is compromise, compromise is telling yourself that this is not right but acceptable. Life is to be lived not on the edge, at least not always, but has to be lived around the bridge between perception and reality.

If you are around, you have a chance of holding on and becoming what you really desire and the bridge gaps, maybe even breaking the bridge psychologically and metaphorically both.

Death February 17, 2016

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Don’t fear death, embrace it when it comes calling. I have been brought up with this belief that, death like day and night, is a certainty and here is no point worrying about something which is bound to happen. Once you do away with fear of death, you start enjoying life in its completeness. You start seeing colors of life hitherto unknown to you and would have remained unseen if fear was still living inside.

Is it possible to win over fear in its totality? I am not sure.   I am sure that one can significantly reduce influence of fear in ones life by accepting that you are a being and you would be a has been the day death comes calling and it is just a matter of time. Once you have started with this axiom in place life is a bed of roses.

With fear over death settled, each day is a life well lived. Smile is the finest wardrobe one can wear and it is the cheapest one, comes at zero cost and never runs out and smile comes naturally, it is the soul which allows lips to be stretched to their fullest. Nobody has seen life after death and nobody can or must stop you before seeing life before death. There is only one way to defeat death, that is to live life.

Live and be prepared to go.