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Rabbi Shergill and My Love For Music February 28, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Music, Punjabi, Punjabis , add a comment

Not all Punjabis of my age group love Punjabi music first, when we were growing up, Punjabi music was not considered very hep. Very few of us took time out to understand and play Punjabi songs over and above fashionable English songs. Somehow my love for Punjabi songs resulted in my missing out on English music altogether. I do regret it, but for sure I enjoy my love for Punjabi music and over a period of time the evolved vocab.

Among contemporary Punjabi singers, Rabbi Shergill moves me the most. His music touches my soul and shakes me to think. His own renderings, Bulleshah sung by him and Shiv sung by him are my favorite. The original songs have a flavor and then the MTV unplugged has original remixes done by/ consent of Rabbi.  Like all of my generation our first Punjabi songs were of Aasa Singh Mastana, Mohamed Rafi, Parkash Kaur and Surinder Kaur. Brought up on Indian side of Punjab we almost lost out on contemporary and folk Punjabi developing in Pakistan’s side of Punjab.

Youtube and internet has united Music of Punjab once again, singers like Rabbi Shergill from this side of Punjab and Arif Lohar from Pakistan side of Punjab have removed boundaries completely. Original version of Rabbi’s Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun is my personal favorite and it is closely followed by Arif Lohar’s Jugni. Tere Bin Menu Sonya is another favorite.   What I like best about about rabbi is effortless singing. When he is singing, you don;t feel that he is playing any drama of any sort, his soul, his body and his words all work in sync and music happens.  I am sure he is not fading away quickly, he would be around for a long time and thanks to YouTube he would continue showing up alongside those who make Punjabi music happening.