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How We Became Friends February 2, 2016

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An FB comment/post kinda stirred me into asking: How does a 30 to 5o year old make a friend? I started going back and tracking a few friendships developed over last 20 years and looking at how we met. Interesting anecdotes started bringing smile to me.

  1. I went as a part of an IT delegation to Pakistan. The team out their literally spread a red carpet for us and one of the persons coordinating and making it all happen, clicked. 11 years have gone, we remain in active contact. Brother of the friend visited India, he was family to us. And I know we are family to them.
  2. I met two  doctors, both were friends of a friend. Common interests were food, writing, poetry and same broader age group. Clicked. How three years have passed one doesn’t know. And yes daughter of one of them sent me an FB friend request recently, which I lovingly accepted.
  3. I met a classmates classmate. Clicked, we became friends, I met the spouse, clicked, so now family friends.
  4. I was flying from Delhi to San Francisco, my fellow passenger was traveling to LA. 20 years younger. Clicked. Kept talking, spent 2-3 hours waiting for our flights. Three years, remained in touch.
  5. 2007, landed in San Francisco, checked in a hotel in Santa Clara. The first person who picked us from hotel to drop us to the venue, clicked. 9 years, i know I have a friend in Santa Clara.
  6. 2006, a person came from Lahore as part of an IT delegation, enjoyed his company. Clicked. 10 years and a two generation friendship firmly in place.
  7. 2008, tweeted about an event, a person not known before came for the event. 2016, 8 years of Hi, Hello, Chai, Coffee and breaking bread together.
  8. 2008, attended a conference in LA, made a friend, clicked. 2016, we are aligned and make each other grow.

In above list I have not included colleagues and business associates working together for a time who became friends. That is a different thing altogether. Colleagues who became friends are many colleagues who became friends after being ex-colleagues are many. :)

I can go on and on… essentially when I make friends, I connect with the person. Age, gender, education, profession, religion, region, sexual preferences, political preferences, marital status and financial status doesn’t count. If that matters, I am sure they would never be friends. So, if any of my friend opts for gender change or converts to another religion or moves to another country or becomes “poor” or “rich” it is not going to bother me on that account. It may bother me on rationality or need but never on packaging.

Make friends with people, not packaging.   And smiles would cover millions of miles.