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Twitter and the Software Giants March 11, 2009

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A quick post:

What is the similarity between Microsoft, IBM and Apple? They all have Twitter accounts with followers but none of them are active.
I am sure with Google going strong with its Twitter account IBM, Microsoft and Apple would all have to think on those line. Google’s followers have gone beyond 100,000 and that also when there have been very few updates only 39 in 14 days.

Matt Cutts was using Twitter very effectively for announcements, counter comments and discussions, with now Google officialy running no wonder the account should reach one million followers in net couple of months. That would Twitter Google’s most powerful aid for interacting with Google community. Currently Google is acquiring 6 new followers every minute (on daily running average basis). This number can easily go up to about 10 per minute by today evening, and should be close to about 20 by end next Monday. At this speed Google would need 24×7 set up to proactively manage their Google account on Twitter.

I expect not only Microsoft, IBM and Apple would quickly respond to this development, I expect all corporates worth their salt and their bail-out dollars would see wisdom in being here. They would not like “You are not on Twitter? Are You?

Google, Twitter and Future of Search March 10, 2009

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Search engine world is full with its fair share of migraine inducing challenges, one of these challenges is prioritizing the shortlisted results. All search engines have worked on complex mathematical models to overcome this challenge, Google came to dominate the search engine world on the basis of one of its mathematical models which is commonly known as PageRank. The complexity of today’s search indexing and retrieval has compelled Google to look beyond the PageRank, Increasingly one can find results in Google’s top listings which are mint fresh and have no history on the net.

In the past Blogs brought in a tough challenge to Google’s retrieval capabilities and Google handled them very well. The success of microblogging website Twitter, where most of the micro-blogs embed a nano-blog is the new challenger to Google’s highly complex and hugely successful mathematical models. Twitter is changing the game and raising more complex questions, the question I am battling with is Should Google “Power” the Search for Twitter or should Twitter “Power” the Research for new additions and indexing for Google. The tough question is both the scenarios look very likely and bring in their benefits and both the scenarios have larger than ever conflicting complex equations which need to be resolved.

Many researchers and search engine specialists attribute Google’s success to its PageRank and anchor text weights in its master search algorithm, while it is true – the importance of other significant weights within Google cannot be undermined too, and it is these other parameters which would hold the key as Google moves into what may be called the Twitter era.

Search.twitter.com is exciting but it is not on the same page as Google Search to be considered as a challenge to Google Search. They are currently as apart as a shoe is from a spacecraft – you can wear a shoe in a spacecraft but you can’t compare the two. However search.twitter.com does give Twitter a much needed toehold  into search space and also makes Google consider Twitter a bit more seriously than few random tweets around. Google is a very evolved search engine, it is almost human, it has its own mind and it resolves queries intuitively. For Google it is the other parameters and filters and independent projects like Google Latitude which may give it as edge and save the day.

A closer look at the two and what they stand for:

Google has always been good in proximity search. Twitter thrives in proximity.

Google has mastered the art and science of crawling, indexing and rating blogs. Twitter is the art and science of microblogging.

Google holds just about every content physically with itself in encrypted compressed form in its repository. Twitter treats almost all content as, use by minutes and hours – highly perishable.

Google crawls. Twitter receives.

Google understands the Internet. Twitter is creating the new Internet.

Google has conquered many operational challenges including the challenge of scalability. Twitter has tough time handling challenges and managing scalability.

Google has fueled its growth by creating and acquiring. Twitter is making its APIs do the trick for it.

Google largely works on what has happened. Twitter is more about what is happening right now.

Google is more like a monologue – Google telling you. Twitter is a public speaking platform where everyone speaks and everyone listens.

Google’s core competence is to collect, index, query and present. Twitter’s core competence is to offer an evolving platform to communicate and share.

What if, if tomorrow Google starts asking – What are you doing now and here? What if, if Google puts a Twitter bar with a tiny logo of Twitter and starts asking – What are you doing? What if, if Twitter acquires Ask.com or someone else and puts a second prompt – What are you looking for? What if, if Twitter goes ahead acquires a crawler and starts indexing pages which don’t belong to it? What if, if Twitter just replaces its own search with Google search?

All the scenarios are likely, the scenario of Google powering search for Twitter and embedding Twitter’s real time feed into Google search results looks the most winning scenario for all stake holders. Google wins, Twitter, Google regular surfer wins and and Googles committed tweeps win.

Google is rolling, Twitter is rolling, together they can rock and rock for atleast a decade.

Still writing…

Shahrukh Khan on Twitter January 31, 2009

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Billu Barber Kay Liya Saala Kuch Bhi Kareyga. In English – For Billu Barber this nut would do anything (This was my first impression when I was told Shahrukh Khan got going on Twitter.)

Shahrukh Khan, King Khan is on Twitter now, Billu Barber has to succeed, King Khan has to be seen as King Khan. Ghajini eclipsed Rab Nain Bana Di Jori so Billu Barber must do one better on Ghajini and Slumdog – so if it means Shahrukh has to be on Twitter to get that NRI and Indian geeks, he must. When I saw him on Twitter (Thanks Ajit), I tweeted him back that he he should rather be on http://DilKholKeBol.com. I am sure it would work better on DKKB for him and for Billu Barber.

Coming back to it, I think it is good for Shahrukh Khan to be on Twitter and good for Twitter to have Shahrukh on Twitter. Works well both ways. There is some excitement and Indian spice, Bollywood is happening and being on Twitter Shahrukh has window for much wider exposure to the happening and geeks generation. For Twitter I am sure Shahrukh being there may bring in many more regulars.
So good news for Twitter, Good news for Shahrukh and good news for all Indians who tweet, one more reason to tweet and tweet a lot.

For those who don’t know Mr. Khan – Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest film stars for Indians all over the world.

Twitter and Brand Building January 15, 2009

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Just attended a session on Twitter and Brand Building. Some quick takeaways:

  1. Define and document who do you want to be seen as
  2. Define and document “who all” (you desire) see you around
  3. Be simple and upfront
  4. Let your tweets add value
  5. Never Spam
  6. Never pile on
  7. Remember you are in a cloud – be proactive, but don’t be pushy
  8. No bursts of tweets –  regular, routine, habit forming approach is better. You’ve belong to the community and not be a guest.
  9. Communication is important. If you are communicating, you are listening and talking, you are reacting and agreeing, reacting and disagreeing. In short participation is important
  10. Have a precise profile

More to come…