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Trump is happening, but is it good for the US? May 13, 2016

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Donald Trump is happening and he is going to be there on billboards. Hate, resist, desist, crib whatever, he has a real chance of putting his legs on the desk  at Oval room and pushing his line of thought to every “intellectuals” and “suave” US citizen.

I have been asking my self, would that be good for America? What does he mean when he says America First? Does that mean he wishes to ensure that the US minds its own monkey business? Does it mean that the US under Trump is going to be a “sales man” keen to impress others to ensure that its wares sell the most? Looks like. It is also very likely that Trump may significantly dilute whatever he is making everyone hear, this can be very strategic, this bad man image. Of course he is not saying anything which is said in millions of households in the US.

Trump is unlikely to do good for beggars on the streets of Chicago and New York, he is unlikely to do good for Muslims, he is unlikely to good for Mexicans, Indians, Chinese – so whom is he likely to benefit? White Americans and maybe Black Americans, and if he does that would it be good for America? Yes, that is a loaded question and yes, it is a nobrainer, it will be good for America.


More to come…

India Must Learn To Accept Its Women Folk As Equal Partners May 9, 2016

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This update is from an Indian who hates his country when fellow countrymen allow their sick minds to leave permanent scars on people they have nothing to do with and bother about –
You, yes you
Disgrace to the nation
Example of societal failure,
Listen, if you don’t like girls wearing short skirts and moving around with boys, too bad. What they are doing, with whom they are going and what they are wearing is none of your business. The hands which dragged a young girl from her hair are the filthiest and weakest human hands, the men who did this are narcissists with no dream or destination in mind. They should be put behind bars for good 7 years or more and have it drilled in their heads that when you misbehave with a girl, you demonstrate your sick mentality, that as per you all women including your very own – mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter are not equal to you because of their gender. You, useless, powerless, valueless, dysfunctional piece of human life, i pray you die hundred deaths and each death is ghastly, crippling and incomplete.
I am sorry, this country is not learning how its women folk have same life as men.

Is Zomato Broken? May 9, 2016

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Is Zomato Broken? Yes, I think so and here are a few reasons why I believe that has happened. But first, am I qualified to write this post?

I am a Zomato Level 10 – Super foodie reviewer who has contributed over a million page views by his reviews and photographs to Zomato. I am an expert in Janakpuri, New Delhi and San Jose, California and nearly an expert in five other geographic divisions. I have done 117 reviews and shared 264 photos at the time of writing this post.

I am also an internet evangelist having initiated and contributed to dozens of moderately successful and seriously profitable internet projects.

Reason for me doing this post is a news item in Mint about HSBC halving Zomato’s valuation to $500 Million. I agree with HSBC but also believe that HSBC probably missed quite a few prompters, I am not sure whether real value of Zomato is even $100 Million today. There are huge data disparities between Zomato’s data available on various independent platforms, which is definitely an indicator that the data is not reliable and there is something seriously broken somewhere.

Here I go:

Pain and Poem May 8, 2016

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When it pains
I write.
Many have done this before me
Many would do this after me
Only a few are remembered for what they wrote
Only a few will be remembered for what they write.
Morning writings don’t reflect sunshine
Evening writings don’t reflect sunset
Pain is the constant
Pain comes and pen writes
Pain goes and pen stops.
Soul uses the pen
Hand is just an instrument
Words are formed by soul
Hand is commanded by soul
When and how I don’t know.
I do go back to read what I wrote
I do wonder why anyone should read me
Why should they waste their time
After all,
Everyone has pain
Everyone has soul
Everyone has expression.
Pain written is just words
What life it has?
Why believe tears on paper?
They are just tears
They don’t belong to anyone.
Has anyone ever escaped from pain?
Will anyone ever escape from pain?
Why bother, if it is not only you
Even if it is only you
Why bother?
Yes, there is reason to bother
Writing releases pain
Writing connects souls of pained
It soothes
It heals
What lips can’t say
Soul says
Soul becomes lighter
Soul flies
Soul finds another reason to fly
Soul finds yet another reason to cry
Yet another reason to be in pain
Yet another reason for soul to write….

When I am in pain

I write

Defining Compare Infobase May 8, 2016

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Team Compare Infobase

Defining Compare Infobase – It is all about you

How do you define an organization which you are so much part of? Maybe by just writing what the organization stands for – here is a partial list of what CIL stands for.

More to come…

Do Good Now India May 8, 2016

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Come on, this is the time to do good, this is the time to Make in India, this is the time to Make India and by this time, I mean now. Let us Make India happen now. To make India happen now, all of us have to participate in doing good in our circle of influence. Thinking that the government can make India happen is foolhardy, we have to start making India happen in any which small way. We have to step out and Do Good on our own, we all await our chance and our chance is now.

We are you, the only difference probably is that at this juncture of our life we have some bandwidth available to put our ideas to action. And we have bandwidth to shift your idea and contribute to action.

A group of professionals from software industry and from rural development have decided to explore the possibility of setting up an Information Technology platform to help the people affected by drought through this project. This is a direct action platform -

Some of the names associated with this initiative is:

  1. Arun Jain : An IT professional who is a leader in Financial Sector in India
  2. Yogesh Andlay : An IIT professional with interest in social sector
  3. Ajay Kumar : An engineer involved in Rural Development and Agriculture
  4. Project supported by Compare Infobase Limited

This project is shared at http://DoGoodNow.in

Friendship and Smiles – Sibling Friends May 8, 2016

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Yaarian - Smiles

Smiles come from within

We are brothers from another mother, in other words Sibling Friends. We have been friends for so long that most people we meet and interact with were born after we became friends. Yaarian, is the right word in Punjabi to define this bond. We are there when needed most or least and in between the two events.

These smiles are all about tons of years lived together, making life happen. As the luck would have it, Kapil’s son is away from home, studies in Holland, Yogesh’s daughter is away from home and studies in Germany and my daughter is away from home and studies in the US. Yogesh and Kapil have one kid with them too. Best part is all our kids rock together, some day we will make a band and all eleven of us would perform together.

Best part about these moments is sitting with legs crossed on the couch and slowly sipping that one pint of beer which refuses to finish ;). You get most comfort when you have least inhibitions and that is what childhood friendships deliver, day in and day out.

When we smile together, blessings from Buddha can’t be far behind.


Mother’s Day 2016 May 8, 2016

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G K Saberwal

Mom is forever

This photograph is only a few months younger than me. I am the one whom mother dear is feeding and Veer is the one who is looking towards the camera. I don’t remember these old sofas of Kartar Cottage,  but I have some faint recall that it was a big hall, last time I went to Kartar Cottage was when I was all of 6 years old. This post is not Kartar Cottage but this about Mom dear and the connect is style. Mom was stylish for her times, my memories are of her always adorning immaculately pleated saris, two gold bangles, one kara and one “Swiss Made” watch, of course she wore spects as an accessory, as can be seen in this picture.  Memories do fade and many have… here are a few which define me.

More to come…


Random Posts on the Art of Giving and Sharing May 8, 2016

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Cut and paste from my debate with Sharad on FB on this subject.

Sharad: Power is something which is most difficult thing to give up, be it money power, physical power, power of position or power one has acquired in any other form. We pretend not to use that but we never give up and lend up using the same whenever we feel or gets scared that someone else is taking away that power from us even though that may not be the situation.

Simar: I disagree with you, I think it is not about power, but it is about “Art of Giving” – if you are into giving, you would “give” everything purposefully and in a process oriented manner. If you are not into “giving” you’ve a “possession” mindset and fundamentally flawed DNA, you won’t be able to just do it, you would’ve to work very hard to achieve the same. There is a lot which has been written in our scriptures about “Giving”, whether it is power or it is money, or it is knowledge. There are imperfections and shortcomings. Raja Dashrat had when he went ahead and gave three boons and boom it was when one of his wife Kaitki wanted the same to be honored. Moral, never “Give” without thinking what it can be. We all know about Dronacharya and his fee for giving, that is yet another example of “mis-giving”. Every day around us we see hundreds of such failed attempts at giving. Giving doesn’t work, if it doesn’t come from within. I believe all parents should initiate their kids and keep encouraging them to learn and earn to Give. Thank you smile emoticon

Sharad: Sir you are trying to correlate the two things which are not even remotely connected. You may disagree with me but your disagreement should not be supported by something which doesn’t hold good in that context. As far as giving is also concerned, first of all we should come out of that notion that we give anything to anyone as we never give but God get us to give to the person his due share. Further there is one more saying that even your right hand shouldn’t be aware of what your left hand is sharing not giving. Thirdly there is no art of giving but there should be an art of sharing as giving in itself is a wrong word which reflects some sort of proud feeling. Anything which we do with a feeling of proud can’t be a right reflection. Further Raja Dashrat, Dhronacharya, Pitamaha Bhishm were all narrow minded people who always cared for themselves and their close one ignoring the welfare of other people at large. So they have not given anything to the society. There is no failed attempt of giving. You are just sharing what is due to them. How they are utilizing the same it’s their prerogative, thought or karma. I believe that all Parents should coined the word sharing in the minds of their kids and encourage them to share as giving word itself makes you feel proud or superior or more capable of the person you are giving.

Simar: I am not trying to correlate anything, they are related. My disagreement has concrete facts built in. To me there is no Mr. God sitting up there, God is in the deed and it is in your deeds. it is not Mr. god who tells us what to do, it is our soul with its leanings and learning which guides us in how we conduct our life. Sharing happens when you give, you have to give to share, without your giving how can you share, come on Sharad. LoL. Yes, Art of Sharing is a good thought too and yes Art of Sharing is about keeping some of it with you. Art of giving is keeping nothing of that with you. You have one slice of bread, you break it in two, you share. You have a 100 Rupee note, you ‘give” in toto you give. There is a fine line on how many slices of bread does one have and how many Rs 100 notes one has, but giving and sharing work in tandem. I don’t think talking about mythology, Dashrat did not give anything – I think he did, he did give his three wives to be impregnated by Vishnu for the larger good of the world, because, it was vishnu’s human avatar which could have only killed Ravana and other Rakshas. So he did give. Dhronacharya did give knowledge and Bhishm Pitamha did give his life to celibacy and soul to “kidnapping” Gandhari to be married to his nephew. So they all gave. I agree Sharing is important to be taught, I am glad we were brought up on that thought and we have tried to bring Mishti on that too.

Sharad: Sir don’t try to bring the discussion to a narrow end. There is no Mr God sitting outside but definitely there is some Mr X sitting somewhere in the form of energy and a reflection of that energy sits inside in the form of soul. You are again trying to deviate from the broader objective of the word sharing. Giving comes when you give something to someone out of your own share but as per me whatever you are giving was not yours at point of time. This was the share of that person which was kept with you in your custody by so called Mr X, which you have now given or shared with that person. In the beginning you have mentioned that there is no God and towards the end you are talking about Lord Vishnu and all those. Sir be clear in your thoughts. It’s good that you are brought up with the thought of sharing and you are upbringing Mishti with the same thought. Again I would mention here that it should be a thought with all of us on continuos basis and not as and when we feel so.

Simar: Sir Ji, I am very clear in my thoughts. I am sure there is no Mr. god and no Mr. X. And as for reference to Lord Vishnu, please read the word mythology before sharing the thought. It was in continuation with that these three individuals didn’t give anything, so I was telling you what i thought about it smile emoticon We all get mesmerized by coincidences, yes sometimes they are as mystical as they are magical, but then there is no Mr X or Mr God getting that going. I also love to say, it was ordained while hugging a friend I meet suddenly and am mightily pleased. That is said as a life extender and conversation extender, it is not said in reference to MR God or Mr. X. Accepting presence of Mr God and Mr. X are humbling words, they are like having pain killers, putting responsibility of something gone wrong or right moderates its impact. I agree giving and sharing have to be in your conscious mind always. You must give/ share as and when you identify/encounter a need and it should be part of your “dincharya”/ daily routine, not that – one fine day I will share and give, that is ridiculous.

Random Posts on Islamic Nations and Muslims May 3, 2016

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These are essentially cut and paste from my FB discussions. They may get a shape as proper articles, they may not. Here they are, as of now, the way they were written, almost.


  1. That is indeed very tragic. Staying on course, between 4 to 5 million German’s were killed, majorly at the behest of France, which is now “sister-country” to Germany and anywhere between 2 to 3 million in Japan at the behest of the US which is now a partner in progress with special status. Yes if France and Germany can come together and the US and Japan can come together, what is stopping India and Pakistan. They came together and their economies benefited. India and Pakistan continue buying 10s of billions of dollars of arms from western powers and keep their economy growing and Indo-Pak people impoverished. PPP per-capita income of both India and Pakistan are in the range of USD 5,000 +/- 10%. Pakistan below 5 and India above. If 20we just stop burning our money within 20 years both India and Pakistan would be around USD 30,000 per-capita. Unfortunately good economics is bad politics in the Indian-subcontinent.
  2. Bring in any qualifiers, Rajan, facts would remain facts…. I suggest you read about 1,000 – 1,500 articles on Countries with majority Muslim population, go beyond Indian Subcontinent, focus on North Asian countries, Central African countries and Indonesia smile.
  3. Question? Which country which has more than 50 percent of population has equal religious rights and freedoms for Minorities and Minorities have blossomed.

    Answer: Have you heard of Indonesia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan? I can go on and on……
  4. What are the overall stats? Overall stats are that upwards almost 70% Muslims live in Secular world. If for us, world is only India-Pak-Bangladesh, too bad. World is much beyond Indian subcontinent. Even for the subcontinent 66% of Muslims live in countries which are secular. These are facts, my dear friend.
  5. What are we trying to prove here? Know that the number of Muslim majority countries which don’t have a State religion is more than those which have one. Know that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world – 12-13% of World population and it doesn’t have Islam as an official religion? Know that Bangladesh was born as a Secular country and moved to become an Islamic Country but moved back to calling itself Secular, though it still maintains an official religion. Know that the Bangladeshi fundamentalists don’t differentiate between Hindu Secular and Muslim Secular, they kill both.
  6. Observation: I am not saying that all Muslims are such. Far from it. The issue is the extreme elements seem to dictate the rest of the community n no one can challenge them. Comment: Not true, there are millions who challenge them. For all we know, the way Bangladesh is challenging them, it may once again become a Secular country.How Kamaal Ata Turk handled them was exemplary and I am sure there would be more…. Islam Karimov is doing a great job and so are leaders of so many other countries, look at the way Bashar al Assad has taken it head on.
    I just refreshed my knowledge, Bangladesh did become secular in 2010, but continues having Islam as national religion. There is a debate on to even remove that.

At some stage, this is goona be an article and an interesting map.