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Open letter to Captain Amarinder Singh June 13, 2016

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Dear Captain Singh,

Please accept my congratulations for your party working hard to make you lose Punjab 2017. With Kamal Nath as your super boss, you also lose your last chance to be, once again, the CM of Punjab.  Remember Kamal Nath? Yes, the man you had accused of acting against Sikhs and was one of your reasons to leave Congress, yes he is your new super boss.

Second thoughts, you have a chance still. Go ahead and read history of the House of Patiala and follow the tradition of sailing with the wind. You have shown great acumen in the past by keeping your Royal Family values of jumping and dumping for your survival, intact. You demonstrated your agility by seamless entries and exits, Congress-to-Akalis-to-Congress, you have always had you game, set and match all perfectly curated. Congratulations again.

It is time for you to act like your “esteemed / traitor” ancestor, Maharaja Karam Singh. A quick recap for you, Maharaja Karam Singh joined hands with the British after Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s demise and fought against Sikhs and Lahore Darbar in what is popularly known as First Anglo-Sikh War. In my humble opinion, you should do a Karam Singh on Congress, create your own party and sign a treaty with BJP. BJP is anyway looking out for options to get away from SAD, you could be that option for them. Punjab BJP is not too much involved in drugs, they are only accused of corruption and enjoying drug money dolled out to them. Corruption, of course is your forte, aligning with BJP is gonna ensure no lack of funds, enough of drug money around without any stigma of earning it, the only challenge being someone who goes by the name Arun Jaitley. For Arun Jaitley, a grand party hosted in his honor, a Nazrana of sorts at one of your palaces and a public embrace can do the trick, just embarrass yourself a bit and you are home, again. Congratulations!

Your breaking away from Congress, and BJP breaking free from SAD leads to a four corner contest in all constituencies, a perfect recipe to ensure that you would be the next “Singh is King” of Punjab. You may leave 15-20 seats where you either don’t put up candidates against BJP or put up dummy candidates. This would ensure that on rest of the seats, it is your new party, AAP, SAD  and Congress contesting. With you gone, Congress may give a bigger role to Manpreet Badal, giving your party and AAP grab all the anti-Badal attention and all the anti-Badal votes.  Wow feeling, right?

Doing a bit of projection, AAP and you can get 35-40 seats each, rest 40 odd seats would get almost evenly split between SAD, BJP and Congress. You have nailed it. You know horse trading much better than AAP,  and if needed you can split whatever is left of Congress and SAD to your advantage. Fantastico, it is all totaling up right, maths is in your favor.

You are home Captain Amarinder Singh, order your ladoos now, you will need them.


Best regards


Simarprit Singh

Born in Patiala and brought up in Delhi. I always insist that I was not born with Patiala Peg in hand.



A rap on the knuckles for AAP in Delhi, BJP humiliated May 17, 2016

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I didn’t like Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet, indicating victory. It is a defeat by all yardsticks,  AAP’s attempt to paint defeat as victory is not going to help them drill deep to what all is going wrong within their framework.

13 MCD seats and AAP gets just 5, AAP must start working double quick. They are losing their base and they couldn’t activate their cadre to come out and vote. For AAP anything below 10 is losing ground on their home-turf and with 5 one can safely say they have lost 50% ground since they came to power.  Yes, if elections are held in Delhi AAP would manage to comeback, barely. This kind of drop indicates lot of failures on lot many fronts.

BJP is left wondering what wrong did it do now. Congress has a reason to say, we will come back. For BJP it is writing on the wall, BJP was confident that they will get almost all. Like AAP BJP has been hurt, more so than Congress which drew a zero in state elections just over an year ago. Congress got 4 with another going to a Congress rebel candidate, who may join Congress.
At the end of the day “Ye Dilli Hai, Sab Jaanti Hai” – This is the city of Delhi, it knows everything.

Aam Aadmi Party Must Dodge A Scoial Media Disaster in Punjab? January 14, 2016

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It looks like that  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is doing a tactical blunder by giving importance to Arvind Kejriwal over the spirit of AAP. In Punjab and in all other states, what AAP needs to sell is AAP as a concept and not Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal is sold and sold well. He cannot be CM of 10 or 20 states. Overselling Arvind Kejriwal is going to damage AAP, exactly in the same way overselling Narendra Modi damaged BJP in Delhi and Bihar and also to a large extent in Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir. In J&K if BJP would’ve projected a Muslim CM candidate from day one and in Mahasrhtra Devendra Fadnavis, game would have been very different. Even in Delhi had they opted for a local BJP leader, for that matter even Vijay Goel, they would have performed better.

#HopeofPunjabKejriwal is a brain damaged #tag. Instead of this they must consider #AAPDaPunjab. Everyone knows that it is not going to be Kejriwal who is going to run Punjab, sp why project him larger than the party.  If AAP has to replicate BJP’s mistakes on social media, it will get the same result. If they project Sucha Singh Chottepur or Bhagwant Maan, it would create a very strong wave in favor of AAP, both are CM material and well respected in the state. Both have worked very hard since they got elected as MPs. They can even think of some other candidates who could be the face of AAP for Punjab. In the run up to the elections, Arvind Kejriwal must consider leaving post of Delhi CM and Getting Manish Sisodia to run Delhi. This would have a mind blowing Social Media impact and would put him at par with Narendra Modi Ji or even ahead of him in Social Media warfare. AAP must also consider pushing a CMDelhi Twitter account and FB account completely independent of Arvind Kejriwal. That account can later in the day be utilized to position new CM.

Social Media is a 100x Chessboard, if you don’t keep backups, game is over before it has started. The way AAP is currently handling its social media, it looks highly influenced by BJP’s strategy which was initially put in place, that strategy is no longer working for BJP hence has no chance to work for AAP. AAP must develop a strategy around itself, keeping its constraints in mind. AAP needs to be less vulnerable and more encompassing.Congress has tried to counter BJP but has failed misreably, AAP has had tremendous success so far, but it may run out of luck if it runs out of sensibilities.

AAP also needs to project itself as more inclusive, which is a surprise anyway and may not have been a need if SM would have been inclusive as the party claims itself to be.

Congress was amply rewarded for 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom November 29, 2015

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There is a lot of talk today about ‪#‎IndiaIsTolerant‬ & ‪#‎IntoleranceRising‬, two tweets or comments later I am reminded of 1984 and asked, “have you forgotten what Congress did to Sikhs?” The intent of the other person is to play then&now or some crazy game, but he/she touches an open wound and it is blood flowing all over again. I have an answer, once or twice I have managed courage to share it, most often I just say that you can’t even force my dead body to vote for Congress.

Here is my answer.
Yes it pains, what Congress engineered was horrendous and the fact that it has gone unpunished and in the process making a whole community of lions and princesses at times wonder, where the lions are? But the pain doesn’t end there, it just begins, the blood has just started flowing.

The worst for Sikhs and Secular India didn’t end on November 5th, a big hole in secular fabric of India emerged. Elections were announced and Congress mobilized huge rallies to share how “Sikh Guards” killed Indira Gandhi and worked to divide the society on religious grounds. Every evening on Government Controlled Door Darshan television, leader after leader, unabashedly talked about “Crime committed by Sikhs” and how “Sikhs were dully punished”.

Shame for India, they succeeded. Rajiv Gandhi’s “theory” that “when a giant tree falls….” was vindicated. Delhi, where the worst massacres happened, rewarded him with all 7 seats. Yes, rewarded, that is the word, that is the blood, that is the pain, that is the trauma. Haryana gave him all 10. Himachal all 4 and Uttar Pradesh 83 out of 85 seats.

Democracy did win that day, but it was at the cost of secularism, inclusiveness, and legitimacy of anti-Sikh pogrom. There was no rigging, the mood of the nation was that what happened to Sikhs was deserved by them and now we should move on. With 404/533 seats, Congress and Rajiv Gandhi had no reason to think about Sikhs, the “nation” was with them. That is the pain which lingers and even if a day comes when justice prevails, this pain still won’t ebb.

I ask myself, if it was why not then why now? Then who were all those people who gave Congress 404 seats. Who stamped Congress & Rajiv Gandhi’s Pogrom against Sikhs as legit? Blood oozes and pain lingers.