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Advertsing Brands and Social Media September 18, 2008

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Micahel Lazerow begins with a statement…. Social is here

  1. Brands now have cost effective access to 500 million engaged users
  2. Social sites get less than 1% of the online advertising budgets
  3. Social media advertising is not scalable as on date
  4. Social media advertising is also not very measurable and reliable as of now
  5. Where are the results and how billing is tied to results
  6. Social content is about communication, conversation, CRM, People and not only about advertising, it s a complete marketing suite.
  7. Impressions are like air, which air do you want to breathe and where your air is matters
  8. Buying impressions only in social media is not working and not likely to work
  9. Social Brand Loyalty, interaction with brand is critical and integration of all of the elements
  10. You can;t shout at customers any longer, it has become more about listening
  11. Are you where your user wants you
  12. Million different versions are beamed to million different users… database integration across media is critical, Apps are very important in social media space
  13. Emotion, Engagement, Efficiency, Social Intelligence are the key elements of social media, is your ad catering to it….
  14. Apps are not campaigns, they are not perishable, they have a life a long life
  15. Tie your act together, it is the key to ad apps or engagement ads
  16. Pay on Success model is going to stay on, pay for results
  17. Social media advertising and presence helps in others talking about you
  18. Co-creation of apps is a great concept
  19. FedEx app on Facebook has retained 250,000 active users
  20. Profile targeted advertising can be very successful on social media networks
  21. Laughter maybe the best medicine for a social app
  22. Advertising these apps is very important, self propagation may not be adequate
  23. Coll Apps would have cool success
  24. Some of the measurements are: impressions, installs, time spent, re-visits, recommendations, un-install rate
  25. Make goals and track them
  26. Think big. Start small
  27. Go fast. Iterate
  28. Socialize everything
  29. You have to “Buy Engagement”

This session has been very engaging. Thank you, Michael.

Advertising in Web 2.0 September 18, 2008

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David Kidder is talking about Challenges on Advertising 2.0

  1. Automating of advertsing has to be multistage
  2. Analytic Vs. Creative Challenge
  3. Cost Optimization challenge has moved over to simplicity challenge and time optimization holds the key
  4. Decision making speed is rewarding
  5. Semantics hold the key to success
  6. Execution enabled but strategy focused approach is working
  7. Unified accounting measurements is mission critical

Panel Discussion Max Kalehoff, Jim Barnett, Mike Kelly and Tim Hanlon

  1. Forecasting accurately in digital world is a challenge
  2. Last 10 years have made things complex in advertising space, talking about simplicity is it real….
  3. Fundamentally machines just cant solve problems’, it is the quality of human resource which would continue making the difference, complex marketing needs would require complex marketing solutions and complex advertising solutions… so there is no easy way out Brands is a billion dollar issue and is bound to be complex, machines or no machines
  4. Objective of automation is and should be measurement of every single impression, strategic success rests with computing down to each and every impression released in the digital space.
  5. User experience needs to be measured to add value to any campaign
  6. Automation of cource leads to transparency, what is working and what is not, you can’t bull any longer. Transparency is what is creating to complexity and data overload
  7. Inventory is increasing every minute and new options are emerging simultaneously, which is adding to the complexity, at no point you have clue to the whole offering market has to offer
  8. Performance of fresh inventory available is very unpredictable, transparency is fine but what to do about the performance.
  9. Business models need simplicity too, complex advertising options for media buyers can create its own challenge
  10. Driving leads versus driving revenue, driving global traffic versus driving local traffic and linking them together is also a challenge
  11. Marketers dream is to make automation give a great flexibility, to ease moving around geographies and medias, and mediums
  12. Creativity can’t be automated, but at the same time the audience complexity and commonality pushes creative team to try it harder
  13. Advertisers have a choice and they know it, advertising agencies have a challenge in delivering to their expectations
  14. Interactivity and measurement would also strongly influence success
  15. Personal relationships have always driven advertising industry and automation doesn’t change that.
  16. Relationships are not replaceable but restructuring of relationships is bound to happen, better persons and better processes can be the differentiators
  17. Non premium inventory is growing and piling up, that is something which doesn’t require personal relationships that can be handled by automation very well
  18. Most of the automation are aimed at publishers making more money out of what they think is required, which maynot mean much to advertiser and marketer and the advertising company.
  19. There is a big talent gap which has emerged due to the digital challenge, new products in the market need new marketing approach
  20. Feature obsession may not be helpful, being choosy in mastering features for your own use is important
  21. Lot of inventory which has no buyers goes in for house ads, ad networks are not yet working to expectations, it may take some more time for action to happen.

The session concluded with couple of unexciting questions…