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Christmas Carnivals December 16, 2008

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How do you name a site, Simar?  Why did you name your Valentine site – MyDearValentine.com? Why did you name your Christmas Site Christmas Carnivals and why not Christmas XYZ or XYZ Christmas  http://christmascarnivals.com – Questions like this are put at me very often> My answer – There is a lot to naming a site and I take my job of naming a site seriously.

Let me be in the spirit of Christmas and state the story of naming of Christmas Carnivals and why it is plural and not singular.

Every year since 1941 the downtown New Delhi, referred as Connaught Place plays host to a Christmas Carnival and is all decked up for the Christmas. To us the festival of Diwali is associated with Mela, so Compare went ahead and developed a site DiwaliMela.com and as Christmas had a strong association with Carnival we desired to keep the name Christmas Carnival, however the registrar’s representative did a mistake and booked ChristmasCarnivals.com instead. By the time we realized what had happened, the name was gone.  We did go ahead and block other extension .net but decided to stick with ChristmasCarnivals.com – we worked further to evolve CC as we refer it to, as the single largets place for information about Christmas. There was a big learning to do, and we did go through the whole exercise of understanding Christmas and the festivities around it.

Though the site came up in 1999, it was only in 2007 – did I actually get to see the real Christmas Carnival when I was in the United States around Christmas time. The inputs I gathered were put by the team to great use and we worked on improving CC.

I am proud of the fact that ChristmasCarnivals.com has emerged as the leading Christmas site and about a million souls from all over the world stop at ChristmasCarnivals.com.

So there is a lot  to a name provided you can live to it.

So my 2 cents: Keep the domain name exactly what you want the site to be.

Domain Names – 10 years of flirting around. May 18, 2008

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Yes, I have been flirting around for more than ten years now. My flirtation with Domain Names started in 1998 and took the first lot of domain names – mapsofindia.com, economywatch.com, indiaprofile.com, indianholiday.com were my first few names. Three of them are no longer owned by Compare. In the second lot Indiaedu.com, 123world.com, dgreetings.com, christmascarnivals.com and bestindiansites.com. All except Mapsofindia.com, dgreetings.com and Indiaedu.com are now independtly owned web businessess. 

We kept on developing sites, and selling them, but the first domain name sold as a domain name happened only in 2008. We sold cardshub.com as a domain only. With over 4000 domain names owned it started looking that flirtation would eventually become a business.  Then one day I met Mike, he is an active domainer and an Internet focused Attorney.  Participating at Domain Name Roundtable formally initiated the Domain Business move.

Domains excite me, just 6$ spent wisely can host a Million or a Billion Dollar business. “Taken for Development” now has a companion “Taken for Resale”. A domainer is a domainer only if, he owns single word domains. We own two dictionary word domains now. LoL. I plan to take our collection to 100 eventually. Single word, two words as a phrase and complete sentences, the game works. The gross collection of Domains with Compare should also touch 100,000. With 100,000 you can sell 10 every day. The important thing is acquisition cost, lower the acquisition cost easier the exit works, but higher the acquisition cost, surer the exit also works.

Your domain is also worth what you project it for.  One particular gentleman was very active in Domain Name conference, he owns one generic, industry focused domain name. He thinks it is worth few million dollars, as of now only he thinks. He has made a booklet and goes all around talking about it on how valuable it can be for the buyer, he has approached quite a few potential buyers without any success so far. I thank him for giving an idea of how to go about big ticket Domain Name sale.

more to come…