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Job Openings at Compare Infobase and MapXL August 27, 2010

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I have never used my blog to work for me, almost never, but this time it must. Compare Infobase Limited has few openings in New Delhi office & in its wholly owned subsidiary MapXL Inc.

  1. Project Managers (3) BCA/ BE + MBA (IT/Marketing) with  at least 2 years of independent website management experience – (Salary Range Rs. 700,000/- to Rs 1,000,000/- P.A) for CIL
  2. SM Technology Specialists (2) BE/ BTech Computer Sciences/ IT with independent team lead experience in handheld/ mobile devices and FB/ Twitter applications PHP/ J2ME/ J2EE (Salary Range Rs. 600,000/- to Rs 1,000,000/- P.A) for CIL
  3. Site Optimization Specialists (6) BCA/ BE + MBA (IT/Marketing) with at least 2 years of experience in managing sites with more than 10 million PVs per month. (Salary Range Rs. 8,000,000/- to Rs 1,200,000/- P.A) for CIL
  4. Content Writers US Economy (1), World economy (1), World Politics (1), Geography (1), Travel (2), Technology/ Gadgets (2)  16 to 40 hours a week (Compensation $ 10/- to $ 40/- per hour, initial contract for 6 months) for MapXL MapXL team would offer the compensation on the basis of experience and qualifications.
  5. Senior PHP programmer – Minimum 3 years experience  (Compensation $ 65,000/- to $ 90,000/- (Payroll) PA, initial contract for 12 months)

You may send your resume to (nivedita at infobase dot in) and you may send me a DM at (twitter dot com slash simarp)

All vacancies are current and are on the basis of first right candidate gets the job. this blogpost is to supplement openings displayed at Compare Infobase site on Naukri.com

Twenty Most Useful Indian Sites November 5, 2009

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Total of 30 parameters and close to about 200 hours of my personal involvement has resulted in one list:

Here is “The Authoritative List of India’s Twenty Most Useful Websites”

The list with one parameter and Useful Ranking is being made public with this post. The complete study/report can be shared with anyone at a nominal cost of  $25,000.00.  Number of sites studied for this report are over 2000.

Your comments and specific questions would be welcome.


  1. Mapsofindia.com which made to this list is owned by Compare Infobase Limited
  2. IndiaMart.com & ClickIndia.com are founded/co-founded by Dinesh Agarwal, I know Dinesh
  3. MakeMyTrip.com founder is Deep Kalra who chairs NASSCOM SIG on Internet of which I am also a member
  4. I have considered only those websites which are Indian in origin and deed
  5. We had a tie between BigAdda and Ibibo – we included Ibibo
Website Google PR Google PR Rank Useful Rank
Rediff.com 7 3 1
IRCTC.co.in 8 1 2
Indiatimes.com 7 3 3
BSNL.in 8 1 4
Naukri.com 7 3 5
Cricinfo.com 7 3 6
BharatStudent.com 7 3 7
NDTV.com 7 3 8
MapsofIndia.com 7 3 9
IndiaMart.com 6 10 10
HDFCbank.com 6 10 11
BookMyShow.com 6 10 12
Magicbricks.com 6 10 13
Sulekha.com 5 15 14
ibibo.com 5 15 15
Shaadi.com 5 15 16
Clickindia.com 5 15 17
ICICIdirect.com 5 15 18
Makemytrip.com 5 15 19
Redbus.in 6 10 20

Do post a comment, it is important to us:

Is Your Website Alive? January 13, 2009

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What kind of website do you have? Your choices are: Alive and Kicking, Alive and Living, Alive and Sleeping, Alive but in Coma, Dead.

Alive and Kicking: Alive and Kicking are those websites which get updated every minute 60×60, 24×7.

Alive and Living: Websites which get updated at least once every hour.

Alive and Sleeping: Oh! They are updated once a day.

Alive but in Coma: If a site is updated once a week, but every week

Dead: Yes, if your site doesn’t get new content for a week, it is dead.

This is the new definition of websites, this is the new Internet order. UGC, social networking, aggregated, publisher based, syndicated – whatever you call it, to be in business you need to ensure that you are alive and kicking. The fact that you get traffic every minute is no longer sufficient. Do you have something new to offer every minute, this what holds the key to dream millions and billions.

Beauty Tips Hub Races Ahead December 12, 2008

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When I was introduced to this young boy, I instinctively knew we would go a long way together.

The journey has just begun and it is very exciting. When raghav “introduced” me to a site which Compare owned (Yes, I know – I am the founder of Compare Infobase) I was thrilled. It was a great subject, great geography and we had a great name in http://www.beautytipshub.com – we couldn’t have gone wrong and we didn’t. The site did 1600 uniques today – all organic. It is the fastest ramp-up I’ve seen in along time.

Some thoughts on why we have done so well in Beauty Tips Hub:

1. Raghav had done good reserach
2. Beauty is universal
3. We knew our job

More to come…

Diwali Mela and Virtual Rakhi get a new organizer July 4, 2008

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Business synergies are critical. Small business doesn’t make sense for anyone anymore, more so for those who have other assets and businesses to handle.

Compare Infobase now owns over 1600 websites and portals, I remember at the best the names or existence of about 200 of them, as Compare’s business is to develop and sell websites, selling a website is a business transaction. Whenever we sell an Internet site which is known, we are asked don’t you feel bad after selling the site? My answer is we loved developing it and owning it and we love the act of selling it, this is our business. The second part of my answer actually is not palatable to people, “We make effort to sell to a buyer who would do justice to the site”. Most of the people find the answer a guilt cover, which it is not as selling is a pleasure and not a guilt. The new owner group of http://www.diwalimela.com(Diwali Mela) are well established players, they understand sites as much as we do and they desire to pursue e-commerce business. Dinesh Aggarwal is a dear friend and an old business associate, Dinesh is more known for India Mart however he also owns Intermesh Shopping Network which has bought Diwali Mela and its stablemate http://www.virtualrakhi.com  (Virtual Rakhi).

Diwali Mela was born as a concept of holding a global Diwali Mela or an Exhibition on the Internet. We used it like that for few years, but somehow we always felt that our job was not to manage a business of the site, we were comfortable managing and developing the site. With Diwali Mela and Virtual Rakhi (Our site for the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and not a virtual Rakhi Sawant… LoL) sold we exit from one of the business lines which we were reluctant players in.

Diwali Mela and Virtual Rakhi leave behind fond memories and great learning experience, we wish both the sites best of luck and great success with their new owners.

The Face of India – Mapsofindia.com July 2, 2008

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Thank you Rajiv. You made my day. It felt very good to be associated with a site which is seen as “the Face of India”. I thank your school going daughter Nona for bringing it to your notice, and I thank you for bringing it up with me.

I would like to take this opportunity to write “The Story of Maps of India”, why we made it and why it is loved..

It all started in April of 1996 when I was searching for a Map of India on Yahoo! of course Google was not a known word then. There were quite a few Indian Maps available on the internet but not one I would have liked to use. Each one of them had a truncated Kashmir depending on cartographers free will. Some maps had no North East of India, and most had no Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands.

That’s not what we were taught India looks like. It was full Kashmir a defined North East and the islands, all had to be there. It remained a thought. When I started Compare Infobase and we started working on our first website IndiaProfile.com the thought got translated to a web presence. We created a section in IndiaProfile.com called Maps of India. India had the correct face on the Internet. I was happy. But the page won’t show on Yahoo!

Why Sun rises from the east?

Why the date line is where it is?

Why England is in the center of the world?

Why Dollar is the currency of many countries?

Why English despite so few “English Men & English Women” is the most widely spoken language? Why? Why?

Many questions, one answer?

Dominance. Britishers dominated the world during those centuries and they made everyone see, believe, follow and accept what was right for them or as per them.

So, as Sun “rose” from East of the England, it bacame Sun rises from the East. The biggest Universal lie in the world. It remains a tough challenge till date to explain that the Sun never rises and the Sun never sets, it only appears and disappears from those directions.

Dominance. Dominance. Dominance.  Quality dominance. Universal domainance. Consistent dominance. Omnipresent dominance.  Taking a leaf out of the World History, Indiaprofile created a folder http://www.Indiapofile.com/Maps and titled it Maps of India. The folder which started with 5 maps became a website in less than three months as http://www.mapsofindia.com and had 50 maps to begin with. With the correct map on the net every one started logging on to Maps of India. The maps were: Quality Maps; in multiple subjects; they were always present in terms of zero downtime, you could get them when you wanted them. Number 50 became 250 and 250 became 500 and 500 became 1000 all in less than one year.

The Face of India was born. Mapsofindia.com was established as the site which displayed the face of India, the correct face of India. The quest continued. Mapsofindia.com became the place to get The Map of India, any time every time.

Usha Vidyasagar who currently heads the Maps of India project within Compare Infobase and Ajay Saxena our ex-colleague played a significant role. Usha with her Masters in Business Economics background started marrying data to maps. Demographic, Economic, Industrial, Political the list just won’t stop. I remember in one of those meetings in our second floor 125 sq. ft. office, I showed Usha my Readers Digest  -The Great World Atlas, I also shared with Usha an India Atlas bought by my father in 1948. The dream Mapsofindia.com should have Maps of such high quality with data of such high credibility. Ajay was Masters in Geography, he became the corner stone for quality and consistency of Maps. Ajay led the cartographic initiative, Usha the Atlas initiative and your’s truly kept on coming up with “we need”.

Mapsofindia.com started growing. It grew steadily initially and slowly started picking up speed. Number of users which were 7 the first day the site went live, went up to 1,000 a day by the time site completed one year. At 100,000 users a day for a thematic mapping site, I am pleased. The steady climb of Mapsofindia.com would ensure that the site starts hitting a million users a day  in next five years. For a thematic mapping site on a specific geography it is a great aspirational figure. Mapsofindia.com remains the best mapping site on India despite numerous challenges to its dominance. Interestingly the next three  most popular mapping sites on India are all stable mates of Mapsofindia.com; http://www.maps-india.com (Maps India) focuses on maps for travel and travel information; http://www.indiamapstore.com (India Map Store) is an estore for focuses on sale of printed maps and travel books; http://www.Mapsofworld.com (Maps of World) now a legend in its own right has a detailed India section which is growing steadily.

Much More to come…

MyStyleJob Asscoiates E-Mail Spam July 2, 2008

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I am screaming blue murder again. In last one hour I have recieved 6 emails from this company. I am of course taking it seriously. I plan to sue them and have told that no one in our company should deal with them. All those who also feel thatthey need to be pulled up, let’s join hands.

“Dear Madam/Sir


This mail is from MyStyleJob Associates   {Placement Consultants}


MyStyleJob Associates is a premier Placement Consultant. By virtue of vast experience of partners in a very short span of time carved a niche for itself in its field of operation and owing to its commitment to excellence and professionalism has earned a prominent position in India.


We are based in central location of New Delhi and are having our Network of Associates. MyStylejob Associates have developed a comprehensive database of highly qualified applicants for numerous industries. The result of our efforts has created a loyal client base that utilizes our services on a continual basis.




MyStyleJob Associates  mission is to provide diverse Staffing services to software and product development houses thereby achieving client and candidate satisfaction consistently.


We charge one month Full Salary for our services. Service charges must be given in favour of M/s MyStyleJob Associates by cheque. In case the candidate left within three months we will provide free replacement.


We will be glad to assist you for your manpower requirements.


Waiting for your association in anticipation.


Sincerely Yours




Thanks & Regards
Associate Recruiting – MyStyleJob Team
Email: support@mystylejob.com
Mobile: +919250937579

Desk: 011-45062937″

Future Years – A Case Study May 24, 2008

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When Jim & Karin entrusted us with this project, expectation was that it would be a quick fast one. It was an existing client, we had done thousands of websites, there was no rocket science involved, so it had to be a quickie. Quickie, anything but quickie,  I must admit we had no clue what we were getting into. The project personally to me has been an experience of a lifetime. Here is a random list of questions we encountered as we moved on:

  1. Name of the project, http://www.futureyears.com started as an unnamed project. We went through rounds of discussions and blocked many cover domains before zeroing it down to FutureYears.com. We wanted it to be a young domain name, full of life, serious, candid, different, something which could be evolved. Over and above we wanted something which our target audience could relate too.
  2. What is it, a transit point, a destination site, or both. We decided that it would be a destination site. A reference point, a site which is recommended as much for its structure as for its depth. 
  3. The English which we write is not the English which Americans read, period. This came as a big challenge. American English is a serious business for an organization which is US centric. Doing Future Years has opened Compare to this fact, in one of my briefs to the team, I mentioned, let’s face it we don’t know American English. It was tough telling me team of good, accomplished, highly educated professionals that we need to learn. The team was keen, very keen to learn and quickly implement.

More to come…

Domain Names – 10 years of flirting around. May 18, 2008

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Yes, I have been flirting around for more than ten years now. My flirtation with Domain Names started in 1998 and took the first lot of domain names – mapsofindia.com, economywatch.com, indiaprofile.com, indianholiday.com were my first few names. Three of them are no longer owned by Compare. In the second lot Indiaedu.com, 123world.com, dgreetings.com, christmascarnivals.com and bestindiansites.com. All except Mapsofindia.com, dgreetings.com and Indiaedu.com are now independtly owned web businessess. 

We kept on developing sites, and selling them, but the first domain name sold as a domain name happened only in 2008. We sold cardshub.com as a domain only. With over 4000 domain names owned it started looking that flirtation would eventually become a business.  Then one day I met Mike, he is an active domainer and an Internet focused Attorney.  Participating at Domain Name Roundtable formally initiated the Domain Business move.

Domains excite me, just 6$ spent wisely can host a Million or a Billion Dollar business. “Taken for Development” now has a companion “Taken for Resale”. A domainer is a domainer only if, he owns single word domains. We own two dictionary word domains now. LoL. I plan to take our collection to 100 eventually. Single word, two words as a phrase and complete sentences, the game works. The gross collection of Domains with Compare should also touch 100,000. With 100,000 you can sell 10 every day. The important thing is acquisition cost, lower the acquisition cost easier the exit works, but higher the acquisition cost, surer the exit also works.

Your domain is also worth what you project it for.  One particular gentleman was very active in Domain Name conference, he owns one generic, industry focused domain name. He thinks it is worth few million dollars, as of now only he thinks. He has made a booklet and goes all around talking about it on how valuable it can be for the buyer, he has approached quite a few potential buyers without any success so far. I thank him for giving an idea of how to go about big ticket Domain Name sale.

more to come…

Open Site Assessment Tools May 16, 2008

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Alexa, Quantcast, Compete are the first level popular site assessment tools for the websites. A decade back there was another set of tools which was available,  SiteInspector, WebsiteGarage were the front runners. Many of us were disappointed when MSN shut down SiteInspector, it was a very useful site and fast too (I am talking about late 90s). 

I am told SiteInspector would have a second life soon, and that too as an Indian Owned Business, sounds strange. How do I know it and why do I know it, and why I am mentioning it here?

On Alexa, Alexa recently made dramatic changes to their publicly available data, it suddenly reduced it.  Quantcast decided to do just the opposite, the Geo option recently introduced brings IP base data for most of the sites. Compete also added Velocity feature to bring some spice to the whole thing.

more to come…