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Gurdwaras Pitch In – Haryana Jaat Agitation February 21, 2016

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As various parts of Haryana remain completely disturbed and all roads blocked, hundreds of thousands of people are stranded on roads. Friends and those who have been stranded but found their way back have said that Gurdwaras are pitching in to the best of their abilities. People have slept overnight in the halls of Gurdwara and impromptu langars have been organized. Ladies, kids and old people have been moved away from the way of harm particularly while their men folk were finding ways to keep their vehicles safe.

This is difficult moment and it is necessary that everybody pitches in. NHI, NH 8 and NH 10 have prominent Gurdwaras and also local Gurdwaras which have made temporary arrangements to help people. I am told all Gurdwaras which have permanent staff are open and it would make sense to find one and walk in for food and night shelter.

Gurdwaras for over 300 years have been doubling as shelter to those in need, Gurdwara litterally means Gate to the Guru or The Gate of the Guru.

Prayers for Peace in Haryana February 21, 2016

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What is happening in Haryana is very painful. Reservations have been a tricky ground and sooner some bold decisions, which are bound to be against vote-politics, are taken better it will be for our nation.

The Jaat Reservation Stir has led to all roads being blocked, Army being airdropped defines seriousness of the situation. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stranded on roads, India’s largest car manufacturing company Maruti Udyog limited has suspended its operations. Delhi has run out of water and schools in Delhi have been shutdown from tomorrow. Shops owned by non-Jats are being burned,  looted and ransacked in a couple of cities of Haryana and of course there are agitators who are enjoying their hookas and selfies on NHI 1 and other highways. In short,  it is total anarchy.

The problem probably has worsened as majority of local police is largely Jaat and it is their brother, father, uncle, cousin, sons who form the core group of agitation. Officers largely non Jaat are helpless. To those in know, this is not completely unexpected, when the decision was taken to appoint a Punjabi as the CM, many had expressed their reservations and doubted acceptance by Jaats. Sad that chickens have come home to roost.

it is difficult to believe that the agitation is leaderless, I very strongly believe that somewhere deep down INLD & Congress may have collaborated to get it going, otherwise this huge and unparalleled agitation is not possible.

Schools and shops being burned down and administration not able to get its act together is a bad omen. We are creating fresh wounds between non-Jaats, Jaats and maybe even Punjabis. This agitation needs to be handled with kid gloves, any more wrongs and political opportunism would take over.

Prayers for peace in Haryana and prayers for all those, hundreds of thousands, stranded on the roads.