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Facebook is Not My Cup of Tea. It is… September 4, 2009

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Every time I motivate myself and go to my Facebook home  – Simar, you belong here – be here!  Two minutes and two scrolls down the enthusiasm is lost. Is Facebook that bad or is it that in Twitter I have discovered something better. It looks like for me:

Twitter rocks and Facebook is a mountain faraway.

Facebook to is something which you can do at leisure. Twitter is as you move

Facebook is a task, Twitter is a break

Facebook is your $500 proper shoe where you spend time making London and Tokyo absolute equals before you bend down to tie your shoe laces, Twitter is sexy bathroom slippers you won’t mind wearing to a party

Facebook requires commitment, Twitter demands passion

Facebook is face, it doesn’t change , Twitter is a bird it is at anew place everyday

I love Twitter, but i don’t hate Facebook. I feel it would have been very good if Hewlett and Packard would have started it and been the first users. They were great visionaries and that was the age for Facebook

Facebook is a delicious triple banana shake, with extra ice-cream and whipped cream,  Twitter is a hot cup of soothing tea

Random Thoughts On Why I Tweet September 1, 2009

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  1. Why I started blogging less?  Because I started tweeting a lot.
  2. Why do I tweet a lot? Because I find it simple and casual, it is like being at home and shorts and earning your bread at the same time.
  3. It is said Twitter can change the way world works, do I agree?  Yes, I agree – it has changed mine in more ways than one. I have become focused, I need to watch less television and it doesn’t hurt me if I miss my morning newspaper.
  4. Does tweeting give me satisfaction? Yes it does, and as a bonus it also gives me instant gratification. I feel good when within minutes of my loading a photograph I know 30, 40, 50 people have seen it. Works for me.
  5. Do I miss blogging? Yes, I do and would seriously like to go back to it, but after tweeting it looks tedious

Twitter and Me March 23, 2009

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There have been some posts which state – in Twitter you don’t have friends, you have indifferent people just indulging in self praise, or talking about literally nothing. To me in Twitter, I have a friend. Yes Twitter is your friend. You can go and say anything and if you are a good friend you get a tweet back. That is Twitter to me.

I started tweeting actively about 6 months back, for past three months, one can say I am regular – I am fast approaching my one thousand tweets and I am very proud of it. My tweets are real, not even a single is machine generated in any form. I know who all I follow and who all follow me, of course I have not been in the race to gain 10,000 followers I can’t relate with. Most of the people I am following do serious tweets, couple of causal with serious is like a hint of milk in a cup of Darjeeling tea, it makes the falvor come out.

I am focused on what I tweet, I tweet on SEO, Food, India and Sikhism. Those I am following are in at least two of the four, if not all four. Twitter is allowing me to think and evolve both personally and professionally. Many of Compare sites tweet, some are number one in their segment and growing very fast. Our incubation division is now working on series of applications for Twitter, UURL.in a URL shortening site presents quite a few options and is gaining by innovation. Our microblogging site too has learnt from Twitter – though our model is very different but at heart even in Dil Khol Ke bol. you tweet.

Let me say it, in Facebook, Myspace and Orkut – I never had a friend, in Twitter I have a friend. A friend who values me as much as I value him.

Enjoy Twitter!


Short URL Big Story February 3, 2009

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Since TinyURL.com came and became a big success short URL websites have come-up from literally nowhere. In the process of completing our Microblogging Platform, the challenge came up to have a built in short URL connectivity. Easy option to go ahead and link to TinyURL.com and get going, the option we choose – do a need analysis of what we want and create exactly to our specifications. Result our approach to a Universal URL. We call it UURL.in – Universal Uniform Resource Locator seven characters of its own and we get going with a five character assigned code. We also decided to built in features and opted for building a directory in the process. Beta version of UURL.in went live yesterday, taking us one step closer to our symbolic completion of the platform.

>>> Added on feb 6, 2009

What is the biggest challenge for a Short URL website. 100% uptime at all times. Other challenges/ priorities:

  1. Functionality has to be 100% at all times
  2. Features are important, but not at the cost of UX
  3. Minimu keystrokes – maximum action
  4. TinyURL does above 400 URL shortenings in a “good”minute stretch

More to come…

Shahrukh Khan on Twitter January 31, 2009

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Billu Barber Kay Liya Saala Kuch Bhi Kareyga. In English – For Billu Barber this nut would do anything (This was my first impression when I was told Shahrukh Khan got going on Twitter.)

Shahrukh Khan, King Khan is on Twitter now, Billu Barber has to succeed, King Khan has to be seen as King Khan. Ghajini eclipsed Rab Nain Bana Di Jori so Billu Barber must do one better on Ghajini and Slumdog – so if it means Shahrukh has to be on Twitter to get that NRI and Indian geeks, he must. When I saw him on Twitter (Thanks Ajit), I tweeted him back that he he should rather be on http://DilKholKeBol.com. I am sure it would work better on DKKB for him and for Billu Barber.

Coming back to it, I think it is good for Shahrukh Khan to be on Twitter and good for Twitter to have Shahrukh on Twitter. Works well both ways. There is some excitement and Indian spice, Bollywood is happening and being on Twitter Shahrukh has window for much wider exposure to the happening and geeks generation. For Twitter I am sure Shahrukh being there may bring in many more regulars.
So good news for Twitter, Good news for Shahrukh and good news for all Indians who tweet, one more reason to tweet and tweet a lot.

For those who don’t know Mr. Khan – Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest film stars for Indians all over the world.

Microblogging and Specification Document January 22, 2009

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Look, look who’s talking now – Ha! Ha! After all the talk about agile development (AD/ ASD) platform and microblogging, I have finally got down to preparing specifications document. Our Cycle Zero is over, we have made whatever we desired in http://www.DilKholKeBol.com under ASD platform now it is our turn to set our house in order. At this stage we are zeroing down on the right SDLC school/ methodology to be followed to make our microblogging platform a robust multipurpose, easily deploy-able, inherently agile core.

So here we go on what all we have  and what all we desire in the Version 3.0 of our microblogging platform.

  1. We wish to cover 20% of all mobile instruments available in the market. We hope these 20% would be the top 20% in usage thus allowing us to cover 80% market.
  2. You can do picture upload from mobile through GPRS
  3. You would be able to video upload through GPRS
  4. You can do text through GPRS, you would be able to do text through SMS
  5. Person Search
  6. Blog Search
  7. Groups
  9. Delete
  10. Edit
  11. Archive
  12. Dictionary
  13. Poll
  14. Refresh Indicator
  15. Uploading from indication
  16. Seamless integration with blogging site
  17. Trending topics
  18. Twitter RSS feed integration
  19. APIs
  20. Picture archiving and Personal/ Public
  21. Video archiving and Personal/ Pulblic
  22. Registration features
  23. Audio integration
  24. Podcast integration
  25. Short URL interface

Most of the above is already there, we are going to go ahead and make it to order form made on the fly – what we have done so far.

Please suggest more features…

Twitter and Brand Building January 15, 2009

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Just attended a session on Twitter and Brand Building. Some quick takeaways:

  1. Define and document who do you want to be seen as
  2. Define and document “who all” (you desire) see you around
  3. Be simple and upfront
  4. Let your tweets add value
  5. Never Spam
  6. Never pile on
  7. Remember you are in a cloud – be proactive, but don’t be pushy
  8. No bursts of tweets –  regular, routine, habit forming approach is better. You’ve belong to the community and not be a guest.
  9. Communication is important. If you are communicating, you are listening and talking, you are reacting and agreeing, reacting and disagreeing. In short participation is important
  10. Have a precise profile

More to come…

Microblogging and Mobile Interface January 7, 2009

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As I learn, I share -

What is it in reference to: Dil Khol Ke Bol – An India centric microblogging platform – http://DilKholKeBol.com

What was the challenge: To get the mobile interface for the microblogging site going quickly under Agile Software Development Methodology.

The team: Chavi and Nandita with Hitesh holding the integration fort.

Cycle Zero: In cycle zero, we had the interface going. As a UI it looked good, but was brain damaged. UX was a complete disaster. It took me 8 minutes to get a post of 140 characters going. We made the Cycle Zero live, very clear that we will tweak it and get it going.

  1. Cycle One: We compromised on the look and feel of UI, and also on some features, for instance from Mobile you can post only 120 characters currently. We implemented predictive typing and made downloading and going live very simple. It now takes just two minutes to get a 120 character message going.
    UX has improved from 2/10 to 8/10. It runs. We would work out and make it 10/10.

Cycle Two: To get the SMS interface going and to give an option of integrating SMS to Blogging interoperability

Microblogging and Traction Points January 6, 2009

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As we move ahead with first level challenges in establishing a microblogging platform largely tackled, the focus shifts to increasing interaction and building a community.

It looks like the most important aspect from Traction point is the flavor of your first page messages. If your first page messages are good as per the “üser” he may choose to become your member and contribute. To get a million people onboard you need at-least 50,000 traction points. It looks like, name and concept would attract, traction points would convert and technology would retain.

To get all the traction points right, you need to define or classify differnt groups and get mesages from diverse sections collated to your homepage. Maybe it is the group messages which do the trick for the homepage and not the individual messages.

Cars, Mobile Phones, Camera, Date, Fashion, Hair Style, Restaurant, Travel are just a handful of the 50,000 odd traction points which are required to create and grow a community.

More to come…

SEO Unique Sources January 4, 2009

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Over last 10 years on the Internet, I would have personally worked on over 300 sites. In some I had a bit role and in others I worked on the project since birth of the idea. In 1998 we made the site for the Internet environment, in 1999 we started making site for Yahoo and the Internet , from 2002 we have been making it for largely Google environment. and others. A change is in the air, I see myself working for the Internet again. Google is important, very important, but it looks like there are certain set of projects which need Google for growth not for their survival. What would be the relationship of these projects with Google. It looks like Google would need them more than they would need Google. Facebook and Twitter are two of the many examples which come up when you think of changing environment.

While working for Dil Khol ke Bol, our microblogging platform deployment – Google was not the central character of my To Market Strategy. My central character was Engagement. How do we engage even one person who lands on our site. If we can engage him he will engage others. If one website uses Dil Khol Ke Bol to promote their website, slowly hundred would and over a period of time 100,000 and maybe a million in couple of years. Google is like a honeybee, it is in act of enriching user experience of its own users. Where there is so much of action, Google would surely be proactive, it goes well with its character.

So what do I see as a checklist from an SEO purposes:

  1. Google/ Yahoo/ Live
  2. WordPress
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Quantcast
  6. Quarkbase
  7. Vertical Specific Blogs
  8. Geography Specific Blogs
  9. Vertical Specific News Websites
  10. Geography Specific News Websites
  11. Student Interaction Websites
  12. Other blogging sites
  13. Other microblogging sites
  14. Homepage of your site
  15. Each landingpage of your site
  16. Google Analytics
  17. Google Insights
  18. Your competitors homepage
  19. Your complimentary sites homepages
  20. Your Graphic Images

More to come…