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Chicago – Talks, Walks, Waits… July 31, 2016

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Here is one photograph, which talks and tell and talks and tells again.

I will let it do the talking.

A Man in Chicago

Who is he and what is he doing?



Twitsnaps – It is good to be cool May 17, 2009

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Twitsnaps has done decent in its soft launch/ live/ open/ beta. I am satisfied. It is very important for us that the leader and the also rans refer to us for inspiration. That has started happening. We have stolen the agenda and the wish list for new features over Twitter Applications in Photo sharing space.

The week beginning tomorrow would see us offering many more path breaking features. The idea behind the strategy is we want to be the best, if we are the best – it is just a matter of time that we would be the biggest. The word spreads, and in Twitter it spreads fairly fast. Be on the look out for some more sauce and fries on the side and the sauce would be very colorful and fries tasty and healthy – have fun and Snap it. http://twitsnaps.com