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Open letter to Captain Amarinder Singh June 13, 2016

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Dear Captain Singh,

Please accept my congratulations for your party working hard to make you lose Punjab 2017. With Kamal Nath as your super boss, you also lose your last chance to be, once again, the CM of Punjab.  Remember Kamal Nath? Yes, the man you had accused of acting against Sikhs and was one of your reasons to leave Congress, yes he is your new super boss.

Second thoughts, you have a chance still. Go ahead and read history of the House of Patiala and follow the tradition of sailing with the wind. You have shown great acumen in the past by keeping your Royal Family values of jumping and dumping for your survival, intact. You demonstrated your agility by seamless entries and exits, Congress-to-Akalis-to-Congress, you have always had you game, set and match all perfectly curated. Congratulations again.

It is time for you to act like your “esteemed / traitor” ancestor, Maharaja Karam Singh. A quick recap for you, Maharaja Karam Singh joined hands with the British after Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s demise and fought against Sikhs and Lahore Darbar in what is popularly known as First Anglo-Sikh War. In my humble opinion, you should do a Karam Singh on Congress, create your own party and sign a treaty with BJP. BJP is anyway looking out for options to get away from SAD, you could be that option for them. Punjab BJP is not too much involved in drugs, they are only accused of corruption and enjoying drug money dolled out to them. Corruption, of course is your forte, aligning with BJP is gonna ensure no lack of funds, enough of drug money around without any stigma of earning it, the only challenge being someone who goes by the name Arun Jaitley. For Arun Jaitley, a grand party hosted in his honor, a Nazrana of sorts at one of your palaces and a public embrace can do the trick, just embarrass yourself a bit and you are home, again. Congratulations!

Your breaking away from Congress, and BJP breaking free from SAD leads to a four corner contest in all constituencies, a perfect recipe to ensure that you would be the next “Singh is King” of Punjab. You may leave 15-20 seats where you either don’t put up candidates against BJP or put up dummy candidates. This would ensure that on rest of the seats, it is your new party, AAP, SAD  and Congress contesting. With you gone, Congress may give a bigger role to Manpreet Badal, giving your party and AAP grab all the anti-Badal attention and all the anti-Badal votes.  Wow feeling, right?

Doing a bit of projection, AAP and you can get 35-40 seats each, rest 40 odd seats would get almost evenly split between SAD, BJP and Congress. You have nailed it. You know horse trading much better than AAP,  and if needed you can split whatever is left of Congress and SAD to your advantage. Fantastico, it is all totaling up right, maths is in your favor.

You are home Captain Amarinder Singh, order your ladoos now, you will need them.


Best regards


Simarprit Singh

Born in Patiala and brought up in Delhi. I always insist that I was not born with Patiala Peg in hand.



Clamping down on Udta Punjab is not a solution, it is the problem June 7, 2016

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Banning Udta Punjab is a political game plan to control damage done by SAD-BJP government. These ten years of SAD-BJP Government in Punjab have been the worst years Punjab has seen post Khalisatan demand days. Drug abuse is the biggest achievement of this Government, and second best is that each of its MLAs are “rumored” to have over Rs 1,000 crores in personal assets. Richest MLAs of almost a bankrupt state, right?
On one side the Badal Family-BJP Government has been most corrupt State Government any Indian state has ever seen and on the other side, Sikhism as a religion has been systematically diluted through free flow of drugs and patronage of Deras and Dera Sants. Sikhs are no longer a majority in the “Sikh state”. Even among those who count themselves as Sikhs, over 50% are opting to go back to caste system, nonacceptance of which is the base line of Sikhism. Yes, base line of Sikhism is not the turban and it was never the turban, turban came much later. Yes, baseline of Khalsa is the turban and has always been. Sikhism is all about simple values and it is not about Kukar-Shukar, Whisky-Shisky and Dope-Shope, which this Government has worked hard to establish. It is about doing good, through every act, all the time. This government in Punjab is the most anti-Sikh government Punjab has ever seen. I would have been happy if it was pro-Punjabi, but this Government is not even that. All its steps are against Punjabi values of being inclusive, this Government is an exclusive club of who you are, whom you know and what is your caste.
IMHO banning Udta Punjab is the best thing which has happened to Punjab. This is going to be a major rallying point and in its banning Badal Government has exposed chink in the armor. I will be glad if AAP structures its campaign around restoring Punjabi/ Sikh pride and lowering corruption considerably. Why would I say AAP and not Congress? Congress remains “it is not an option” for India. They have done enough damage.
Clamping down Udta Punjab is not a solution for SAD-BJP, solution would’ve been to come forward and say, we will change it and this is how we will do that and making sure next nine months saw qualitative and quantitative action. For starters each SAD-BJP MLA can do an Amma act, go ahead and distribute at least Rs 100 Crore worth of freebies from their pocket or by begging central government for being even more kinder to the corrupt state. At Center NDA Government must remove Harsimrat Kaur Badal and disassociate itself from its dynasty/ family agenda. For BJP to support SAD is worse than their going and tying up with Laloo Yadav and Mayawati together.  Center shouldn’t have obliged Badals by clipping wings of Udta Punjab, it should have rather started a movement with Navjot Siddhu leading Save Punjab camps in all constituencies, even if it meant withdrawing support.
People would find a way to watch Udta Punjab, even if they don’t, there would be enough written for word to spread around.

Siddhu4Punjab – BJP makes right noises February 9, 2016

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#Siddhu4Punjab has been trending since  this evening. For those watching Punjab politics, the question always was not whether but when. Making noises with Siddhu4Punjab helps BJP in almost all possible ways. It silences its own corrupt leaders. It worries Akalis as Navjot Singh Siddhu has a clean image in comparison to theirs of being totally corrupt. It worries Congress as Siddhu is more than a match to Captain Amarinder Singh, Congress’ best bet. For AAP this is quite dangerous  move by BJP, they were looking at a sulking Siddhu opting for AAP and becoming face of AAP in Punjab.

These noises are going to help BJP, however it is extremely unlikely that BJP, on its own, under watch of Siddhu can form its government. Without any doubt 11 out of 12 sitting MLAs of BJP have very limited chance of retaining their own seats. They have been totally corrupt and have hardly played any constructive role in last 4 years in their constituencies. The lone MLA who has no accusations of corruption to counter is Dr. Navjot Kaur Siddhu, Navjot Singh Siddhu’s wife. With just 12 sitting MLAs in an assembly of 117, thinking of forming a Government is nothing short of wishful thinking. Yes, it is true that without Siddhu BJP is likely to draw zero in Punjab, but even with Siddhu it is unlikely to go beyond 30 seats.

In 2014 Lok Sabha Elections BJP was able to win just 2 seats and even among these two seats, Hoshiarpur seat was won with just a margin over 13,o00 votes. BJP is right in assuming that Siddhu can win from any seat in Punjab but to assume that they can win 59 seats on the name of Navjot Singh Siddhu is unimaginable.   Anti incumbency in Punjab is very high and if BJP thinks that they can do a Bihar kind of an act to wish themselves away from anti-incumbency, they are bound to dread their decision.

Aam Aadmi Party Must Dodge A Scoial Media Disaster in Punjab? January 14, 2016

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It looks like that  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is doing a tactical blunder by giving importance to Arvind Kejriwal over the spirit of AAP. In Punjab and in all other states, what AAP needs to sell is AAP as a concept and not Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal is sold and sold well. He cannot be CM of 10 or 20 states. Overselling Arvind Kejriwal is going to damage AAP, exactly in the same way overselling Narendra Modi damaged BJP in Delhi and Bihar and also to a large extent in Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir. In J&K if BJP would’ve projected a Muslim CM candidate from day one and in Mahasrhtra Devendra Fadnavis, game would have been very different. Even in Delhi had they opted for a local BJP leader, for that matter even Vijay Goel, they would have performed better.

#HopeofPunjabKejriwal is a brain damaged #tag. Instead of this they must consider #AAPDaPunjab. Everyone knows that it is not going to be Kejriwal who is going to run Punjab, sp why project him larger than the party.  If AAP has to replicate BJP’s mistakes on social media, it will get the same result. If they project Sucha Singh Chottepur or Bhagwant Maan, it would create a very strong wave in favor of AAP, both are CM material and well respected in the state. Both have worked very hard since they got elected as MPs. They can even think of some other candidates who could be the face of AAP for Punjab. In the run up to the elections, Arvind Kejriwal must consider leaving post of Delhi CM and Getting Manish Sisodia to run Delhi. This would have a mind blowing Social Media impact and would put him at par with Narendra Modi Ji or even ahead of him in Social Media warfare. AAP must also consider pushing a CMDelhi Twitter account and FB account completely independent of Arvind Kejriwal. That account can later in the day be utilized to position new CM.

Social Media is a 100x Chessboard, if you don’t keep backups, game is over before it has started. The way AAP is currently handling its social media, it looks highly influenced by BJP’s strategy which was initially put in place, that strategy is no longer working for BJP hence has no chance to work for AAP. AAP must develop a strategy around itself, keeping its constraints in mind. AAP needs to be less vulnerable and more encompassing.Congress has tried to counter BJP but has failed misreably, AAP has had tremendous success so far, but it may run out of luck if it runs out of sensibilities.

AAP also needs to project itself as more inclusive, which is a surprise anyway and may not have been a need if SM would have been inclusive as the party claims itself to be.

Empire of The Sikhs December 22, 2008

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Empire of  The Sikhs, The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Patwant Singh and Jyoti Rai makes an exceptional read. The book, to me belongs to three distinct categories and would attract selective readers from each. Sikhs, Historians and Wisdom Seekers. The last category of readers this book is aimed at entices me the most. I had picked it up for the first reason, but half way through the book – I concluded that I am reading it because of the third. Wisdom in any English is good, but wisdom punctuated and corrected to the closest synonym makes for an interesting reading.

I am not much of a student of History, but Sikh History for obvious reasons is close to my heart. On one side I believe that Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Sikh Empire have not earned their rightful place in the World History, on the other side I believe Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s over expansionist reign reflected and sowed seeds for the collapse of The Empire he created within few years.

I have signed copies by the author available with me for free distribution. The book has been adopted by the G.K. Saberwal Foundation as the subject was close to our mother. The foundation carries the tasks, views and objectives which were close to her heart. 

The signed copies can be currently picked from New Delhi, the arrangements are being made for their availability at San Jose CA.



Maharaja Ranjit Singh is also known as the Lion of Punjab.

Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji November 14, 2008

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When you are born, and where you are born has a bearing on who you are and what you become.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born  in 1469, around that time  – invasions, terror and blood-bath were leading to a large scale unrest in the pious land of five rivers.

Guru Sahib’s inherent nature of not accepting what was told and taught at its face value led him to evolve as an original spiritual thinker. He believed in listening, understanding and having first hand knowledge before expressing or forming his own opinion.

He listened to people of all faith and cultures.

He read extensively about the religion he was born in – Hinduism, and the dominant religion of the region Islam. He also studied Buddhism in depth.

He travelled widely to famed and acclaimed seats of learning of those times. Traveling towards the east he stayed  at Haridwar, Varanasi, Kamrup in Assam and  Jagananth Puri in Orissa  and visited/ camped at many other important towns and schools of thought. His journey towards south of Punjab took him to temples and places of worship spread across the four states in the southern part of India and Sri Lanka. In his jtravels  to north,  north east and west of Punjab he covered the holy lands of Tibet, mainland China, Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and Baghdad (Iraq).

Guru Sahib desired a Sikh  to- (Sikh – origin the Sanskrit word Shishya – Student)

believe in one God

do selfless worship at all times (not only in the time of need)

do service to humanity without any self interest

share and care, especially with those who are in need

earn an honest living by ensuring that no action leads to cheating or exploitation

shed all inequalities, rich – poor, men – women, higher caste – lower caste

be compassionate

be open to the view of others on all matters

practice brotherhood and not be self-centered

be not scared of death

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is also refered to as Baba Nanak or Nanak Shah.  The currency of Empire of The Sikhs established by Maharaja Ranjit Singh was Nanakshahi

Guru Sahib passed away peacefully in 1539 at Kartarpur, his teachings are a way of life to millions of people all over the world.