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Saala Khadoos – Paisa Wasool February 8, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Bollywood , add a comment

Hello! Saw Saala Khadoos today, complete paisa wasool/ money’s worth. It is a tight movie, has reality, practicality, humor, challenge, desire, love, envy, hatred, cheating, conspiracy, values and lack of values all in one single package deal. Watch it on big screen, worth every minute of enjoyment.

There is no money free flowing and that is apparent from first screen onward, what is free flowing is the story. It flows without any friction, it is not just a sports movie about a coach and a student, it is a story about India on how politics tries to run and ruin everything, sacrificing meritocracy  is the easiest option for most. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether India wins or not, it is important that someones someone was part of the Indian team.

Madhavan’s performance is top class, probably Aamir only could’ve given a better performance than him. M.K. Raina  knows how to shine and deliver even in a 4th supporting actor sort of a role, I wonder why we don’t see more of him. Mumtaz Sorcar played her moves well, she did get her screen time and made best use of it. I was not aware of Ritika Singh before watching this movie, I must say she is to Saala Khadoos what Anushka Sharma was to Band Baaja Baarat or Parineeti Chopra was to Ladies Vs. Ricky Behl. In Ritika Singh Bollywood has a new natural actor and we would see a lot more of her in coming years.

Now, go watch, I am not going to tell you the whole story here :)