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Ticketcounterindia.com Spam Purnima Oswal August 22, 2008

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I knew neither of the three entities, Ticketcounterindia.com, Purnima Oswal and Ashu Dutt till two hours ago.
Once I got two spam mails from them, I decided to reply back, in reply I got a third one.
I called Ticket Counter India all the way from San Jose and got this stupid reply which said they are sending me spam but they don’t have my mail ID, very smart. It is people like Purnima Oswal, Ashu Dutt and companies like ticketcounterindia.com which get India a bad name in most of International Spam related meetings, we all have to hear and bear out China and India being referred together as email spamming nations. I think it is time that few of us move together and catch hold of these companies and force them to mend their ways.
I looked at Ticketcounterindia.com and realized that it is indeed a lousy and useless site, no wonder they have to resort to things like this. If I get another mail from them, I would surely go ahead and do a detailed review about their site and forewarn everyone about their unethical business practices.
My last mail got no reply. I would be informing them about this post anyway and look at what they comment.
I am not satisfied, you are asking me to unsubscribe, when I have not subscribed to your mail at all. You are sending me a mail and then saying you don’t have it in your mail list. I have no redirections.
I have no choice but to broadcast this to the whole world through my blog, which I promise to do, if you can’t satisfy me with the source of my mail ID, before I turn in again.
The onus lies on you.
—– Original Message —–
From: Ashu Dutt
To: deleted by Simar to avoid further spam back to me
Cc: purnima.oswal@ticketcounterindia.com
Sent: 2008-08-22 03:29
Dear Simar:
Your name is with us. It is possible it was shared in a meeting/conference etc. Please note that every name and email ID is from our internal database
In any case, my aplogies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we will be glad to “Unsubscribe” you immediately. In any case, all it takes is a simple “Unsubscribe” and we remove the person’s emails address
Could you PLEASE SPECIFY the EXACT EMAIL ADDRESS you are getting the mails in since we cannot find xxxxxxx in our mailing list. Obviously, it is getting redirected through some other email address (perhaps one you used previously)
Please send me an email address on which you received the mail and we will be glad to UNSUBSCRIBE immediately
Warm Regards
Ashu Dutt
India Office
R-501, Remi Bizcourt
Shah Industrial Estate
Andheri (West)
Mumbai 400 053, India

Tel: +91-22-6675-6612
Fax: +91-22-6675-6249
Email: ashu.dutt@ticketcounterindia.com
—– Original Message —–
From: Purnima Oswal
To: ashu.dutt@ticketcounterindia.com
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 12:52 PM

From: xxxxxx 

Sent:Friday, August 22, 2008 8:35 AM
To:Purnima Oswal
Importance: High


Please explain from where you got my mail ID, any failure to do so would mean that I proceed against you and your company for spamming and move to get your site banned.



—– Original Message —–

Sent: 2008-08-22 01:11



Enclosed please find the Ticket Counter Review for BACHNA AE HASEENO


Reviews for other movies are available at www.ticketcounterindia.com





Purnima Oswal





Shah Industrial Estate

Off Veera Desai Road

Andheri (W)

Mumbai – 400053, India


Tel: +91-22-65984129

Fax: +91-22-66756249 




IRGWORLD.IN – Karishma Thapliyal E-mail Spam July 20, 2008

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DLF India has been in news for more reasons than just business recently, agents impressed with the same have now got going with wholesale spamming.

Karishma Thapliyal is the new email spammer on the Internet. She sent over to me three mails in less than one hour. She promptly picked up the phone when I called in for clarification. She denied having any role to play and said her top management is responsible for it. Ms. Thapliyal promissed to get a call back done and ensure that the spam would stop. She just didn’t care to honour her promises.

I am not exactly someone who would be dear to an email spammer.

Dear Simarprit,

Hi, Okhla is the emerging epicentre of NCR. A must work place for any business wanting to operate across the NCR. NH24 goes straight into Connaught Place, a right turn from Ashram takes you noida dnd flyway and on the left as you pass Nehru place, you go straight on to NH8 via Vasant Vihar. On way from Kalka Ji , DLF Towers are 500 mtrs ahead of the Airtel offices at okhla 1, about 400 meters left after the turn marked by the Honda and Suzuki dealerships.. It is about 3 Kilometers from Kalka Ji Depot and 5 from Nehru Place. Okhla 1 will get metro, wide roads, proximity to the internal container depot. Okhla 1 is next to the tughlakabad greens the second lung of ncr and a proposed golf course just a kilometer away.

If you missed the opportunity at launch a few months back. While we sold quite a lot last week, We can still arrange few units that are still available with DLF as a result of consolidation and we can assist you in getting them at a at good price. Do call us or send your mobile number and I will be happy to help you


Karishma Thapliyal
Research Analyst
+ 91 9871911994
Mail : research@irgworld.in
TF – 06, 3rd Floor,
JMD Regent Plaza,
Next to Global Business Park
MG – Road,Gurgaon – 122002

Post them up, that’s all I can do. It helps.

You Mint – Email Spam June 8, 2008

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Some times great ideas can be raped by quick grow strategy. Since past seven days, I’ve been getting regular spam mail which  goes like this…

Hi,Join below & get paid for receiving promotional SMS on YouMint. You can also send free SMS to any mobile in India!




- Ashish Goel”

It comes with a noreply@youmint.com address. What did Youmint.com gain by encouraging email spamming like this, and what did Mr. Ashish Goel get by becoming a hardcore spammer disturbing peace and adding to email overload. At-least they lost me as a supporter to their concept and created a bad mouth. I have seen many sites indulge in unethical practices like this and have always thought of creating a post or a blog to take care of them. I was never troubled enough to get into it seriously, but You Mint and Ashish Goel have succeeded in ensuring that. 

The promoters of You Mint should be aware that gentleman  like Ashish Goel can get them into serious trouble, Unsolicited mails are not done, and that also on all possible IDs you could be using. I am of course contemplating writing to you Mint to hand me over personal details of Mr. Ashish Goel to me, so that joint action against them and Mr. Goel can be initiated. I am sure You Mint is too busy minting money to bother about problems they are creating for others.

If there are others who are suffering from this aggressive Youmint.com supported and promoted spamming please feel free to post your views.