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Why we bought another Nano? January 5, 2016

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What, you are buying a second Nano? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? Is it not stretching your loyalty towards the House of Tata a bit too far? Are you replacing your old Nano with a new one? Tata Nano, really?

Yes, really! We did go in for our second Tata Nano. We had one, the original top of the line which was booked and came after almost an year of waiting. it is Gold color and has been doing almost a daily duty for the family. It runs a few kilometers every day and is largely a local errand car used by both my wife and me and our drivers. It has done just 15,000 KMs and smells new. The best part which we liked about it is ease of drive and parking. Two things which lack in a car like this are power steering and automatic transmission. I always thought that if Tata’s brought in these two features this car would be a darling. And Tata’s did that.

I saw an add for a fully loaded Nano Genx, it had a boot, tiny though, it had power steering and behold an automatic transmission. Brilliant. On top of it , it also had a music system. What else do you need in a small car which has to do local errands and also be part of your garage as a back-up car? Just nothing. Genx Nano didn’t come with Alloy Wheels, Airbags and ABS, I think we can live without these for a few years, I am sure subsequent versions or newer models would come with these three optional/essentials too.

The first time my daughter sat behind the wheels, she was cautious, not too sure of how it will behave. She was thrilled as she didn’t have to get to this clutch business and all, and within minutes, she was comfortable. This vehicle is so light and needs mastering only steering control.

My daughter is tall, getting in and out of the car is a breeze and the car is super spacious from inside. I think this is the most spacious fully automatic hatchback one can buy without burning a hole in the pocket. Yes, it has come with a state of the art music system and bluetooth connectivity.

What were my other choices? We could choose between Alto AT, WagonR AT, Celerio AT all from Maruti and I10 Grand from Hyundai. These are the only small cars which come in petrol versions and have an automatic transmission. For the features, the use and the price Nano looked like a steal. At 3.35 lakh on road it was almost 2.00 lakh less than its nearest competitor with full features.

So, if this car is so good, why others are not busying it? Yes, it is not selling well at all, the reason is brand perception, those who wish to make a statement with buying a new car feel at loss if they buy a Nano. For those who have nothing to prove Nano is a great choice.

If you really want a good car, go in for Tata Nano XTA, it is real value for money and a fun to own.

Tata Nano Modifiction Agenda October 25, 2009

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As I eagerly await delivery of my Tata Nano which is still few months away, I have decided to make a to do list anyway and open it to friends and family for suggestion:

  1. It would be our first Business Idea prototype from Avval Business Ideas Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Our modified version of Nano would be named Seerat
  3. The roof would be the first thing to go off and would be replaced with toughened glass
  4. The back seats would move out and become flat platform
  5. Air Bags would come in
  6. The front seats would be moved out and replaced with power controlled seats with lumber support and would be  connected to an additional battery
  7. Rear wiper with spray would be added
  8. The rear view mirrors would get power control and indicator lights
  9. Front lights would get an internal row of LED circle – blue tint
  10. Rear/ Back light unit would be replaced with an LED panel
  11. Steering gets replaced with Audio controls
  12. A special U lights comes at the front and rear
  13. Tubeless tyres (If available in this size)
  14. Gets Alloys
  15. Gets a protective shield to cover the bottom
  16. Gets a four speaker music system
  17. Essentially a two seater, we would need to plan what we do with the rear doors, if possible we would close one and make the other remote controlled  lift up gate for shopping and such

I would love to implement more ideas, if they are practical. The idea is t make the car a small fun car for the family which does service in 5-7 KM radius for local errands, in 100% self drive mode