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Linkedin Unplugged June 13, 2016

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I am shocked, I didn’t see this coming. Didn’t expect this to happen.  My first reaction – LinkedIn is unplugged and all is gonna be over. Of course my second reaction was – do we see an opportunity in this. Microsoft has a tradition of buying internet properties and ruining them.  Here is a quick recall of adventures and aborted ventures of Microsoft -

Linkedin was going brilliantly, now Microsoft comes along and disrupts the party, not in a sense of market disruption but in pure play of money muscle. The same team would continue and so on, we have heard this before and it never works that way. I am not sure whether Linkedin sees an exodus or not, but I can see Facebook quickly gearing and chipping slices from Linkedin pie.

At the price paid by Microsoft, Linkedin stock is up by almost 50% and predictably Microsoft stock has taken a beating, it is down by 4% but it may slide a bit more, eroding a few billion dollars apart from paying a huge premium over prevailing price. This deal coming in light of Linkedin’s big time security disaster is even more intriguing. As on date, Linkedin is fairly small business in respect to its business potential, it was doing well in terms of growth. It had bought Lynda.com recently and it was hailed as a smart move. Linkedin was making good calls and more and more people were joining in. Future of all this is now open to speculation.

Linkedin can be a good play for Microsoft but Microsoft’s track record being what it is, it could be a big struggle. Linkedin has a lot happening at their labs, would being bought over by Microsoft still allow that to happen is a multi billion dollar question.

Linkedin.com is just a shade shy of Bing.com in terms of traffic, at its position it starts its journey as the fourth biggest property in Microsoft kitty. it is fourth after Live, MSN and Bing, unless I am missing something.

Whether Linkedin continues its growth and keeps solving the problem is something we will have to wait for, one thing is sure, Linkedin is never going to be the same again. It is an end of an era, and it is gonna be painful for many.

Simarprit Singh – yes, I am a Linkedin active user.





Google Is The New Age Wikipedia May 24, 2016

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What is Google and what is its claim to fame? Answer is bound to be “Google is a search engine with a few significant and insignificant properties tied to it as an appendage”. I am sorry, this is a wrong answer. Google has always been in awe of  huge destination site focus of Wikipedia and slowly Google has  been integrating Wikipedia with itself. While Google was at it, it also started slowly integrating destination site features on its own, albeit current and happening. For instance, weather of different cities, flight schedules, time, name of head of states and so on. Google watchers, including this blogger, correctly interpreted Google’s desire to solve many “problems on its own” and reported it as and when they sighted it.

Why is Google doing it?

Google is doing it to keep traffic to itself and be seen as smart and up-to-speed with knowledge and information needs of today. Google is also doing it for your next subsequent business query. Yes, there is business out there. If you are checking weather or time or flight schedule, there is a high degree of propensity for you to search for travel, hotels and other such “high advertising rate” travel key-phrases. Google understands that it is traffic arbitrage which several made-for-adsense websites do and has learned from them. Google now does traffic arbitrage itself. It desires to convert non-commercial queries to proper business transactions.

How is Google doing it?

Google is re-imagining SERP. Yes, the money spinner Search Engine Result Page is being elaborately re-purposed for making more money for Google. Google is moving beyond in-your-face advertising by embedding business, and it has succeeded in almost 50% plus “vaguely and seriously” travel-focused search queries.  A couple of years back I had written an article on “Top 10 things to do in Sydney”, since then it is one of my search terms to check how various Google algorithms respond to server, content, update, photographs and proximity. Base of this study is this search term which I used. My reaction was, “Google’s nailed it. Here goes millions of dollars of SEO money, traffic arbitrage ends in one more segment”.

Has SEO traffic arbitrage been given a body blow?

Yes, it has been, but it may just survive. Countless integration events and re-imagining SERP by Google have made this hugely income-oriented technical SEO a very risky proposition and is going to take it to the next level. Google has started working on killing “Top 10 segment”, which indeed was very profitable but then there is life beyond that. Hundreds of thousands of special purpose top 10 websites would slowly start folding. These websites have done lot of hard work in growing this segment. Of course, Google gets to keep a large chunk but there would still be a lot left on the table to chew.

Who would get to chew what Google leaves on the table?

Current and credible websites which consistently update themselves would get huge cuts from this pie. Google is re-purposing content, not creating it.  Hence, the creators with their magicians wand can spin a magic. Integrated multimedia content is likely to call the shots and Google is definitely going to work with them. The question is just about to change from – Are you solving a problem for Google?  to Are you the best solution for this problem?

Are you the best solution for this problem?

Google just moved the bar significantly higher and, having done that, changed the question. Many summers ago it ceased to be about content, it became about solving the problem. Now with zillions of solutions around and basic solutions embedded by Google itself, being the best solution is key to surviving and thriving. To be “the best among zillions”. For the best solution, one is required to slice and dice the problem in several parts and fragments and offer solution for each of them. That is going to be the differentiation which is gonna keep cash registers running. A lot more questions need to be asked before content goes to drawing board now.

Google is the New Age Wikipedia,____ might as well learn quickly to live with it.

Top Indian Websites in the US – May 2010 May 19, 2010

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This data was compiled on May 5, 2010 – Mapsofworld.com and many other sites have improved significantly since then. No chang es are being made at this stage.

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 5/3/10
1 mapsofworld.com 1,136
2 indiatimes.com 1,781
3 rediff.com 2,491
4 ibibo.com 2,686
5 oneindia.in 2,781
6 in.com 3,118
7 sulekha.com 3,602
8 bollywoodsargam.com 3,839
9 bharatstudent.com 4,564
10 indiamart.com 5,025
11 chakpak.com 5,567
12 tradeindia.com 5,860
13 mydearvalentine.com 6,867
14 cricinfo.com 6,993
15 shaadi.com 8,067
16 guruji.com 8,222
17 sify.com 8,334
18 hindustantimes.com 8,423
19 dgreetings.com 8,478
20 indya.com 8,987
21 clickindia.com 11,606
22 ndtv.com 12,612
23 mapsofindia.com 15,902
24 expressindia.com 15,967
25 realbollywood.com 16,299
26 makemytrip.com 17,347
27 hindu.com 17,673
28 bharatmatrimony.com 17,992
29 tribuneindia.com 19,951
30 indiainfo.com 22,285
31 webindia123.com 23,415
32 raaga.com 24,169
33 icicibank.com 25,774
34 rajshri.com 28,427
35 bollywoodhungama.com 30,539
36 timesjobs.com 36,730
37 bseindia.com 37,759
38 samachar.com 38,646
39 naukri.com 39,654
40 carwale.com 39,690
41 zapak.com 49,513
42 indiaedu.com 52,738
43 beautytipshub.com 55,773
44 jeevansathi.com 56,847
45 indiaglitz.com 58,204
46 naukrihub.com 59,924
47 liveindia.com 66,372
48 indiahousing.com 74,247
49 rediffmail.com 76,138
50 craftsinindia.com 95,550

Top Indian Websites in the US – Feb 2010 February 4, 2010

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Here we go for the Top Indian Sites in the US list for the month of Feb 2010.

Lot of changes and ups and downs have happened in the list. We would be adding some more to this list as we move on. If you find any site missing please inform me.

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 2/3/10
1 mapsofworld.com 1,148
2 rediff.com 1,697
3 indiatimes.com 2,061
4 oneindia.in 2,800
5 chakpak.com 3,310
6 guruji.com 3,606
7 Flipkart.com 3,850
8 bollywoodsargam.com 3,946
9 mydearvalentine.com 4,064
10 sulekha.com 4,074
11 ibibo.com 4,163
12 shaadi.com 5,235
13 hindustantimes.com 5,366
14 in.com 6,462
15 dgreetings.com 6,736
16 indiamart.com 7,099
17 sify.com 7,281
18 cricinfo.com 7,764
19 bharatstudent.com 7,929
20 tradeindia.com 9,460
21 expressindia.com 11,630
22 ndtv.com 13,697
23 clickindia.com 14,392
24 mapsofindia.com 14,804
25 hindu.com 17,721
26 bharatmatrimony.com 17,738
27 webindia123.com 20,254
28 tribuneindia.com 20,495
29 raaga.com 20,584
30 icicibank.com 22,331
31 rajshri.com 24,016
32 makemytrip.com 26,305
33 indiaglitz.com 27,155
34 carwale.com 30,388
35 indiainfo.com 30,411
36 samachar.com 30,534
37 bollywoodhungama.com 32,491
38 naukri.com 32,538
39 jeevansathi.com 38,650
40 zapak.com 39,582
41 timesjobs.com 40,352
42 indya.com 41,776
43 rediffmail.com 44,089
44 indiaedu.com 51,215
45 beautytipshub.com 51,452
46 99acres.com 54,643
47 naukrihub.com 55,695
48 realbollywood.com 58,130
49 indiahousing.com 61,277
50 bseindia.com 70,318

How Well You Tweet? November 22, 2009

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With the growing reach of Twitter, there is also an increasing desire to know how good I am when it comes to tweeting, at least with me it is. This desire has led me to explore many new websites being launched to cater to this segment of twitterverse. I can’t cover all, but here I briefly review three of them which I visit at least once in a month.

TW – Analyst – Looks like this is amongst the early movers. The site analyzes your tweets on the basis of writing and on the basis of frequency of your tweets. Simple, no-nonsense one page analysis approach is followed. The site is focused on sharing its judgement about your tweeting. For me it says – Your tweeting is already tip-top! No improvements needed – but check back here every so often to make sure your reputation is being maintained! But it was not always like this, there were suggestions and tips which lead me to incorporate them in my style of tweeting and bingo my report card starting improving.

Twitter Friends -  Based on the basic logic behind TW Analyst – Twitter Friends adds lots of bells and whistles to make you spend more time and gives you more reasons to come back. It allows you ego boosters like comparing you with followers or the ones you are following or just about with anyone else. It has interesting graphs which tell you how selfish, greedy or sharing you are when it comes to tweeting, of course they use more diplomatic words to make statements like that. Twitter Friends has also influenced my style of tweeting I realized that when it came to replying to others or doing RTs I was selfish, not anymore!

Klout – Klout is by professional in its outlook and development. It looks most focused towards founders making money by an early exit. Interesting UI, beautiful graphs and charts and a revisit value, Klout has it all. Klout doesn’t focus on tips and tricks of Tweeting it simply works on how good you are what is your overall clout when it comes to comparing it within your circle and the twitterverse in general. Klout is not yet a self-improvement tool on tweeting, it is what it says and encourages you to move towards the right extreme corner of the graph.

Christmas Rings a Bell November 12, 2009

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As Thanksgiving Day comes closer, my mind starts looking at what all is happening this year on Christmas and Holidays. I thought my Christmas “fixation”(if I may say so) would end as Compare no longer owns one of the first Christmas Sites in the world Christmas Carnivals – I don’t see it happening. My interest and my involvement remains.

I revisited ChristmasCarnivals.com yesterday and I was thrilled to see the new getup of the site, it looks different and also the integration with Twitter part of it, @ChristmasC has become the largest Christmas Brand on Twitter, started much ahead of its time the Twitter account promises to offer goodies to one and all.

I would love to hear your ideas about what all we should do in Christmas Carnivals to make it  more useful to all age groups and all geographies (Yes, we still maintain Christmas Carnivals)

Twenty Most Useful Indian Sites November 5, 2009

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Total of 30 parameters and close to about 200 hours of my personal involvement has resulted in one list:

Here is “The Authoritative List of India’s Twenty Most Useful Websites”

The list with one parameter and Useful Ranking is being made public with this post. The complete study/report can be shared with anyone at a nominal cost of  $25,000.00.  Number of sites studied for this report are over 2000.

Your comments and specific questions would be welcome.


  1. Mapsofindia.com which made to this list is owned by Compare Infobase Limited
  2. IndiaMart.com & ClickIndia.com are founded/co-founded by Dinesh Agarwal, I know Dinesh
  3. MakeMyTrip.com founder is Deep Kalra who chairs NASSCOM SIG on Internet of which I am also a member
  4. I have considered only those websites which are Indian in origin and deed
  5. We had a tie between BigAdda and Ibibo – we included Ibibo
Website Google PR Google PR Rank Useful Rank
Rediff.com 7 3 1
IRCTC.co.in 8 1 2
Indiatimes.com 7 3 3
BSNL.in 8 1 4
Naukri.com 7 3 5
Cricinfo.com 7 3 6
BharatStudent.com 7 3 7
NDTV.com 7 3 8
MapsofIndia.com 7 3 9
IndiaMart.com 6 10 10
HDFCbank.com 6 10 11
BookMyShow.com 6 10 12
Magicbricks.com 6 10 13
Sulekha.com 5 15 14
ibibo.com 5 15 15
Shaadi.com 5 15 16
Clickindia.com 5 15 17
ICICIdirect.com 5 15 18
Makemytrip.com 5 15 19
Redbus.in 6 10 20

Do post a comment, it is important to us:

November – Top Indian Sites in the US November 3, 2009

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Here is the November update of the Top Indian Sites in the US. I am seriously considering moving this post to a site, let me hope – I am able to do it before my next month report becomes due.

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 11/2
1 mapsofworld.com 1,149
2 rediff.com 1,712
3 bollywoodsargam.com 1,975
4 indiatimes.com 3,002
5 sulekha.com 4,402
6 ibibo.com 4,956
7 bharatstudent.com 5,350
8 dgreetings.com 6,099
9 tradeindia.com 6,202
10 indiamart.com 6,556
11 mydearvalentine.com 6,581
12 sify.com 6,954
13 guruji.com 6,955
14 chakpak.com 8,035
15 hindustantimes.com 8,775
16 in.com 9,685
17 shaadi.com 10,127
18 cricinfo.com 10,281
19 hindu.com 11,526
20 mapsofindia.com 12,759
21 bharatmatrimony.com 13,160
22 webindia123.com 13,758
23 expressindia.com 13,784
24 clickindia.com 14,561
25 makemytrip.com 19,043
26 ndtv.com 19,561
27 bollywoodhungama.com 20,347
28 rajshri.com 22,713
29 tribuneindia.com 22,785
30 samachar.com 26,231
31 raaga.com 28,706
32 jeevansathi.com 37,616
33 timesjobs.com 37,874
34 indiainfo.com 41,456
35 carwale.com 42,265
36 beautytipshub.com 45,356
37 rediffmail.com 46,526
38 zapak.com 47,537
39 indiaedu.com 50,567
40 indya.com 54,549
41 icicibank.com 55,305
42 naukrihub.com 55,476
43 indiahousing.com 58,842
44 bseindia.com 59,974
45 ibnlive.com 60,887
46 magicbricks.com 65,739
47 indiaglitz.com 67,054
48 craftsinindia.com 71,579
49 naukri.com 74,577
50 liveindia.com 89,051

Top Indian Sites in India October 2, 2009

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I married my perception to data and drew the following conclusions.

Simar’s Top 20  Indian Sites in India – Most Popular Site in Each Category

  1. All in One – Rediff.com
  2. Travel – IRCTC.co.in
  3. Jobs – Naukri.com
  4. Sports – Cricinfo.com
  5. Classifieds – Sulekha.com
  6. Maps – MapsofIndia.com
  7. Banks – HDFCbank.com
  8. Social Networking – Ibibo.com
  9. Matrimonial – Shaadi.com
  10. News – NDTV.com
  11. Education – BharatStudent.com
  12. Adult – Debonairblog.com
  13. General Entertainment – SantaBanta.com
  14. Telecom – BSNL.in
  15. Stocks – ICICIdirect.com
  16. Business Directory – IndiaMart.com
  17. Shopping – Shopping.Indiatimes.com
  18. Movies – BookMyShow.com
  19. Automobiles – Carwale.com
  20. Real Estate – Magicbricks.com

I am planning to work more on this post and would love to make it a benchmark of Best Indian Sites in India. I would love to take the number of categories to 50. Please suggest.

Top Indian Websites in the US Oct-09 October 2, 2009

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Here we go again. Our own site http://Mapsofworld.com again tops the charts of Top Indian Websites in the US for the Month of October 2009. We capture this data on 1st f every month and we use Quantcast as our source.

October 1, 2009
Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 10/1
1 mapsofworld.com 1,128
2 rediff.com 1,932
3 bollywoodsargam.com 1,935
4 indiatimes.com 3,035
5 sulekha.com 4,944
6 indiamart.com 5,692
7 dgreetings.com 6,545
8 guruji.com 6,996
9 ibibo.com 7,221
10 mydearvalentine.com 7,257
11 chakpak.com 7,354
12 tradeindia.com 8,225
13 bharatstudent.com 8,720
14 hindustantimes.com 8,906
15 cricinfo.com 8,942
16 sify.com 9,862
17 shaadi.com 10,115
18 hindu.com 10,216
19 clickindia.com 11,526
20 webindia123.com 12,581
21 mapsofindia.com 13,626
22 bharatmatrimony.com 13,890
23 in.com 13,938
24 ndtv.com 14,510
25 tribuneindia.com 16,855
26 expressindia.com 17,723
27 makemytrip.com 21,237
28 bollywoodhungama.com 22,171
29 rajshri.com 23,552
30 zapak.com 26,392
31 samachar.com 28,655
32 timesjobs.com 33,951
33 icicibank.com 36,177
34 rediffmail.com 37,757
35 beautytipshub.com 39,938
36 naukri.com 40,804
37 raaga.com 43,795
38 jeevansathi.com 45,115
39 carwale.com 46,581
40 indiainfo.com 50,420
41 indiaedu.com 50,859
42 indiaglitz.com 58,392
43 indya.com 58,401
44 naukrihub.com 58,876
45 indiahousing.com 59,407
46 liveindia.com 64,813
47 ibnlive.com 72,290
48 craftsinindia.com 83,186
49 realbollywood.com 86,120
50 timesofindia.com 88,436