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Top Indian Websites In the US September 2, 2009

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I have been updating this table regularly and keeping a watch on what is happening in this business space. I would like all of you to suggest new sites which can be included. Please do check their Quantcast rating – http://Quantcast.com before suggesting it. As always, all sites which  have a yellow strip running across are the ones where Compare Infobase Limited has significant business interest.

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 9/1
1 rediff.com 1,686
2 mapsofworld.com 1,756
3 indiatimes.com 1,797
4 bollywoodsargam.com 2,013
5 sulekha.com 5,094
6 indiamart.com 5,940
7 sify.com 7,363
8 chakpak.com 7,567
9 hindustantimes.com 7,749
10 mydearvalentine.com 8,141
11 hindu.com 8,201
12 dgreetings.com 8,215
13 tradeindia.com 8,348
14 shaadi.com 8,799
15 cricinfo.com 9,420
16 guruji.com 9,759
17 ibibo.com 10,621
18 bharatstudent.com 11,792
19 bharatmatrimony.com 12,086
20 webindia123.com 12,340
21 clickindia.com 14,543
22 in.com 14,621
23 makemytrip.com 15,811
24 tribuneindia.com 16,752
25 mapsofindia.com 17,110
26 expressindia.com 17,390
27 ndtv.com 17,661
28 raaga.com 20,270
29 bollywoodhungama.com 20,752
30 rajshri.com 23,793
31 indya.com 23,906
32 samachar.com 24,500
33 jeevansathi.com 26,243
34 timesofindia.com 30,528
35 zapak.com 30,738
36 naukri.com 34,203
37 rediffmail.com 41,225
38 beautytipshub.com 41,754
39 indiainfo.com 45,824
40 icicibank.com 46,905
41 bseindia.com 51,237
42 indiaglitz.com 53,851
43 liveindia.com 56,262
44 indiaedu.com 58,083
45 indiahousing.com 62,935
46 realbollywood.com 66,980
47 naukrihub.com 68,523
48 yatra.com 89,624
49 timesjobs.com 91,193
50 123india.com 92,603

Facebook, Friend Feed, Twitter and… August 11, 2009

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I am glad that FB has acquired FF, to me they are exactly doing things which would further mess them around.


1. I gave up on FB about few months back when Twitterization of FB started.

2. FF was never my favorite as it always looked liked inspired by Twitter.

3. Twitter to me is my home on the web

With my stand stated so early in the post here I go with why I believe what FB is doing may make them another damsel in distress:

I have been living on the internet since 1996, I have seen many pineapples trying to be become apples and many blueberries trying hard to become strawberries and I have seen them being thrown into dustbins by the “Hybrid Masters”

I always feel that if AltaVista had remained AltaVista and not tried to become Yahoo, Web search would have looked different today. But AltaVista wanted to look like Yahoo, like FB desires to look like Twitter.

I always feel that if MSN had allowed Hotmail to be Hotmail and not be carried away by Yahoo Mail and later by GMail, the email space would have looked different. But Microsoft wanted  Hotmail to be fresh like Yahoo Mail, like FB desires to be be Twitter fresh.

I always feel that if Yahoo had remained Yahoo and not tried to become like AOL, the web would have been different and let us not talk about if AOL would have remained or evolved around AOL  how the world would have looked different today.

The same pattern has been followed by many winners and torchbearers to write their path to failure, I see FB doing exactly the same, playing with the core.

AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Videos, Picasa… the list is endless and with Facebook working hard to look and feel like Twitter – the clock is ticking.

(Of course I don’t expect Twitter to blink and start looking like Facebook, but I really want TwitPic to start looking and feeling like TwitSnaps)

Top Indian Websites in The US June-2009 June 26, 2009

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The October Top 50 is at this link -


The September Top 50 is at this link -


Hi Folks -

Sorry for the delay in posting my monthly report on the Top Indian Websites in the US. It gives me pleasure to share that MapsofWorld.com continues to top the charts. The site is doing well and improving its positioning. As always all the highlighted sites are either owned or managed by Compare Infobase Limited or MapXL Inc.

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 6/17
1 mapsofworld.com 1,636
2 rediff.com 1,890
3 indiatimes.com 2,317
4 bollywoodsargam.com 2,765
5 sulekha.com 4,682
6 ibibo.com 6,243
7 indiamart.com 6,407
8 sify.com 6,467
9 cricinfo.com 6,719
10 hindustantimes.com 7,031
11 mydearvalentine.com 8,510
12 hindu.com 8,603
13 chakpak.com 9,542
14 tradeindia.com 9,778
15 guruji.com 9,848
16 ndtv.com 9,874
17 bharatstudent.com 10,374
18 shaadi.com 11,032
19 webindia123.com 11,162
20 bharatmatrimony.com 12,337
21 tribuneindia.com 12,710
22 expressindia.com 13,485
23 mapsofindia.com 15,121
24 in.com 15,163
25 samachar.com 15,379
26 icicibank.com 15,476
27 dgreetings.com 17,006
28 bollywoodhungama.com 19,780
29 makemytrip.com 20,609
30 rajshri.com 23,954
31 raaga.com 25,083
32 naukri.com 29,322
33 bseindia.com 30,693
34 indiainfo.com 34,146
35 zapak.com 37,661
36 jeevansathi.com 38,619
37 timesofindia.com 40,778
38 rediffmail.com 41,031
39 carwale.com 42,004
40 indiaedu.com 51,209
41 indiahousing.com 61,654
42 naukrihub.com 62,699
43 timesjobs.com 66,054
44 yatra.com 72,826
45 indiaglitz.com 78,792
46 magicbricks.com 81,194
47 ibnlive.com 85,269
48 realbollywood.com 87,213
49 liveindia.com 94,823
50 indya.com 96,705

Website Incubation and Compare Infobase May 5, 2009

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Since quite sometime i have been thinking of penning down my thoughts on what i do for a living.  whenever I sat down to do this, I landed up asking myself hundreds of questions and the net result, nothing penned down.  Today I am sitting with the intent of making an all out effort of writing down synopsis of last 11 years of work.

In 1998, Compare Infobase Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited company with the mandate of developing and selling websites.  For a company to have developing and selling websites as its objective was as new in 1999 as it is today.  Almost all Internet companies worldwide focus on developing one or two or may be a handful of websites and then ramped them up to very large sites.  Somehow I wanted to develop an organization which worked on many websites at lower and middle range of price brackets.  The genesis of this thought probably was the conservative upbringing and lack of readiness to put all eggs in 1 basket.

Compare Infobase started with its 1st website Indiaprofile.com, which was made with an objective of projecting India to the world.  http://indiaprofile.com was sold to a tour operator after 5 years of its incorporation and is now a descent revenue generator for its new owner.

Mapsofindia.com was more a need of the time then a journey into cartography.  Plain and simple there were no Indian point of view maps of Internet way back in 1998.  The UN adopted Map of India which truncates Kashmir and certain other parts of India was the most prevalent and the known face of India on the Internet.  http://mapsofindia.com since then has grown to be a site which attracts over 100,000 people everyday and a site which has made the Map of India with India’s point of view, the recognizable face of India.

Something very funny happened in 2006, General Musharraf made a presentation to global audience on Pakistan and its investment potential and as the luck would have it the presentation had the map of Pakistan without the part of Kashmir which Pakistan claims as their own.  It was very embarrassing for Pakistan for General Musharraf and a cause of big celebration at Compare.  We could hear ourselves saying that Mapsofindia has done what it has set out to do – job done, mission accomplished.

With over 100,000 pages of mapping and generic information on India, Mapsofindia.com is one of the largest primary repositories of information on India.

Compare Infobase took a conscious call not to sell Mapsofindia but to grow it for itself and to nurture other sites on various verticals on India.

Running Mapsofindia gave ideas for a whole bunch of websites.  Compare decided to foray Education, Economy, Travel, Jobs, Handicrafts and Celebrations.  1999 saw a host of websites launched by Compare Infobase.  Indiaedu.com took the mantle of covering the education vertical for Compare. Indiaedu.com created India’s 1st database of education Institutes and the site which started with just 20 pages is today a repository of over 20,000 educational Institutions in India and was recently sold by us and is now a flourishing independent business.  There is a smile on my face everytime I look at Indiaedu and this smile is of satisfaction.  http://indiaedu.com is a unique example of Silicon Valley reaching out to India.  Indiaedu.com is owned by two Silicon Valley professionals, both of them have never been to India and nor have had any Indian relative.  Its a pure business for them, which they are pursuing and growing.  Compare Infobase continues to maintain and manage its incubation on their behalf, the quality standards and the best practices which have been put in place ensure that the site keeps growing day after day.

If Indiaedu.com got sold to Silicon Valley professionals based in Silicon Valley then an advertising and marketing geek decided to buy http://economywatch.com for his Singapore run business.  Economywatch.com covers India and the US Economy in great detail and now under its new ownership covers economies of other countries as well.  Once again Compare remains associated with this unique project and continues to contribute to its growth.  If the clock is to put back to 1998–99, one can’t help reflecting upon the easy availability of the right domain name of the right Incubation project.  Compare was incubating projects then, Compare is incubation projects now, but the projects being incubated now struggle for good domain names – I wish we would find some way out to have relevant domain names easily available to us.  Economy Watch, a great domain name, a great site, a good owner, an idea incubated, a business created, a business sold, another smile of satisfaction.

More to come…

Top Indian Websites in the US April 20, 2009

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I have gone ahead and updated the monthly list of Top Indian Sites in the US. I would like your feedback and comments on any site which you think has got excluded from this list. As the list gets more and more referred I have a responsibility which I realize, this must be the most accurate resource. Please post your suggestions for the same.

Top Indian Websites In The US March 16, 2009

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*** For the November 2009 update – go here – November Update

*** For the October 2009 update  – go here http://uurl.in/5OvvT ***

*** For Septmeber list, please visit http://simarprit.com/2009/09/02/top-indian-websites-in-the-us-3/

Since May 2008 I have been regularly working on this post – http://simarprit.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/indian-websites-in-usa/

It has become too lengthy to manage, so I decided to start a fresh post from this month.

Please do give us your suggestions for inclusion, our database now covers over 500 popular Indian websites in the US. As always – for methodology I followed the process as defined in the first post done in May 2008.  All sites which come in a shade of Yellow are owned or managed by Compare Infobase  Limited which was founded by me in 1998.

May 14, 2009 – We complete one year of listing Top Indian Websites in the US with this list -

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 5/13
1 mapsofworld.com 1,257
2 rediff.com 1,893
3 indiatimes.com 2,042
4 bollywoodsargam.com 3,897
5 sulekha.com 5,566
6 ibibo.com 5,570
7 cricinfo.com 5,826
8 hindu.com 5,973
9 indiamart.com 6,560
10 sify.com 7,511
11 chakpak.com 7,904
12 shaadi.com 8,550
13 guruji.com 9,038
14 mydearvalentine.com 9,108
15 bharatstudent.com 9,324
16 hindustantimes.com 9,543
17 ndtv.com 10,490
18 webindia123.com 10,660
19 tradeindia.com 10,874
20 bharatmatrimony.com 12,029
21 mapsofindia.com 12,435
22 dgreetings.com 13,013
23 tribuneindia.com 14,025
24 expressindia.com 15,298
25 in.com 17,980
26 icicibank.com 18,456
27 samachar.com 19,548
28 bollywoodhungama.com 22,564
29 makemytrip.com 22,727
30 zapak.com 26,141
31 raaga.com 37,946
32 rediffmail.com 38,052
33 indya.com 39,275
34 naukri.com 39,372
35 jeevansathi.com 42,288
36 indiainfo.com 44,473
37 bseindia.com 56,877
38 naukrihub.com 57,727
39 indiaedu.com 59,195
40 indiaglitz.com 60,869
41 indiahousing.com 65,066
42 liveindia.com 68,638
43 timesofindia.com 70,161
44 realbollywood.com 80,098
45 apunkachoice.com 86,364
46 timesjobs.com 87,096
47 craftsinindia.com 92,277
48 pagalguy.com 96,021
49 ibnlive.com 1,10,310
50 123india.com 1,13,152

April 20, 2009

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 4/19
1 mapsofworld.com 1,444
2 rediff.com 1,795
3 bollywoodsargam.com 2,618
4 indiatimes.com 2,834
5 sulekha.com 4,645
6 ibibo.com 5,091
7 indiamart.com 5,673
8 sify.com 6,028
9 hindu.com 6,839
10 chakpak.com 7,043
11 cricinfo.com 7,535
12 ndtv.com 7,661
13 tradeindia.com 7,719
14 bharatstudent.com 8,191
15 shaadi.com 8,818
16 webindia123.com 11,048
17 mydearvalentine.com 11,188
18 dgreetings.com 11,592
19 bharatmatrimony.com 11,870
20 guruji.com 12,721
21 hindustantimes.com 13,274
22 mapsofindia.com 13,584
23 tribuneindia.com 14,691
24 in.com 16,418
25 bollywoodhungama.com 17,826
26 icicibank.com 18,797
27 expressindia.com 18,994
28 rajshri.com 19,150
29 apunkachoice.com 19,714
30 makemytrip.com 19,963
31 samachar.com 20,459
32 jeevansathi.com 23,987
33 zapak.com 25,676
34 raaga.com 27,868
35 naukri.com 29,689
36 rediffmail.com 32,450
37 timesofindia.com 43,380
38 indya.com 59,159
39 indiaglitz.com 61,766
40 liveindia.com 62,103
41 naukrihub.com 63,580
42 indiaedu.com 64,801
43 99acres.com 66,653
44 indiahousing.com 68,810
45 123india.com 74,971
46 craftsinindia.com 81,626
47 indiainfo.com 81,717
48 yatra.com 82,875
49 bseindia.com 84,187
50 pagalguy.com 92,575

March 16, 2009

Rank Top 50 Indian websites in US Quantcast Rank 3/16
1 mapsofworld.com 1,491
2 rediff.com 1,574
3 bollywoodsargam.com 1,871
4 indiatimes.com 2,407
5 hindu.com 4,986
6 sify.com 5,131
7 sulekha.com 5,181
8 ibibo.com 5,249
9 indiamart.com 5,808
10 chakpak.com 6,151
11 mydearvalentine.com 6,673
12 cricinfo.com 6,866
13 apunkachoice.com 7,840
14 tradeindia.com 8,520
15 dgreetings.com 9,416
16 bharatstudent.com 9,512
17 hindustantimes.com 9,904
18 ndtv.com 9,920
19 guruji.com 10,123
20 shaadi.com 10,794
21 bharatmatrimony.com 11,063
22 tribuneindia.com 12,711
23 webindia123.com 13,627
24 mapsofindia.com 14,295
25 raaga.com 17,105
26 rajshri.com 18,550
27 samachar.com 18,683
28 expressindia.com 19,614
29 in.com 20,002
30 bollywoodhungama.com 23,309
31 rediffmail.com 23,534
32 icicibank.com 24,408
33 makemytrip.com 25,657
34 naukri.com 26,417
35 jeevansathi.com 31,707
36 indya.com 34,577
37 liveindia.com 36,188
38 zapak.com 40,437
39 indiaglitz.com 42,965
40 timesjobs.com 48,351
41 bseindia.com 58,248
42 pagalguy.com 65,945
43 indiainfo.com 66,022
44 naukrihub.com 68,238
45 123india.com 68,777
46 indiahousing.com 71,715
47 craftsinindia.com 72,374
48 yatra.com 75,705
49 realbollywood.com 77,066
50 99acres.com 78,620

MapsofIndia Surges Ahead March 14, 2009

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Growth happens during tough times too, we all know this – for those who require a substantive case to place the exception – look at http://mapsofindia.com
No downturn for this site, one of the underdogs on the Indian internet industry – the site has worked hard to reach where it has. Mapsofindia.com is now a top 200 site in India, and the way it is growing should be top 100 in next six to nine months. It is interesting to see what makes Mapsofindia.com happen – Focus. Millions of dollars have not gone in there, no massive advertsing has been done no press releases have happened and no major TV coverage – still this site grows and grows. It is not into the most happening vertical, it is not redefining the way we live our lives even not on internet, it is not a site wich is quoted for being on the cutting edge of technology – but it is happening, again it is focus.
There is a strong community which loves what Mapsofindia stands for quality maps and quality information, this community is becoming stronger and larger by every passing day. Being a niche site Mapsofindia.com is, the question I am asked often – does it have a scope of reaching to the very top – can it be one of the top 5 Indian sites? I am not sure, but the site can surely make it to top 10.
Mapsofindia.com is today a repository of maps, travel and business information.

More to come…

The Framework for a Casual Networking Site February 18, 2009

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Enough of social, how about casual networking. Am I just inventing something to look different? Am I just using the word so as I can answer if someone says “you too brutus!” No, not at all.

We as citizens of the internet constantly need a new environment, an environment which provides “I belong here’ feel to an increasing number of people. Here we are talking about the feel which say first 100,000 users of Facebook got, the feel which first 100,000 users fo Twitter got – the feel of freshness, the feel that it is my extension, the feel that it is me. Somehow as the projects evolve that feel goes missing, we need a platform where new is happening always, but is non intrusive, it is casual. We need an environment where to belong is a pleasure – but not demanding. Many of us may feel that exactly these environments exist – and many of us may not feel so. Let us look for those who feel something missing when they log in to the community they belong to.

As we set out to evolve, we need to define the core of the community – the core which would bond everyone together, which would make this community the casual happening extension of life. The core would be “Power to every community member” – Power to own, power to belong, power to change, power to evolve and power to devolve. A democratic community which is as thick as it is casual.

While creating http://DilKholKeBol.com a site which has set out to occupy the space between Twitter and Facebook in Indian space – a lot of learning has happened. I say it is learning because it is not accidental. We will try to bring that learning together and move ahead and create this platform – a Causal Networking Platform.

This is an introductory note and all ideas are welcome.

SitaGita.com – A New Chapter January 31, 2009

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It has always been tough to provide an answer to the question – What does Compare Infobase do? Congratulations to everyone associated with Compare Infobase, it just became tougher. With the first cut strategy laid out for SitaGita.com Compare Infobase gets into re-engineering external projects for incubation gains. Complex. Yes.
Problem Statement: SitaGita.com is a great site visualized and nurtured by one of the finest women entrepreneurs in the country and developed with lots of personal interest and passion needs to keep pace with the changing face of Internet. Solution: Just re-engineer it. If Compare Infobase could re-engineer its own sites and keep them growing and competing against the “deep pocket”, “mint fresh idea” ones, it could as well do it for external projects. That is what we thought and we have got going on.

Inspiration for the SitaGita.com re-engineering would be Mapsofindia.com. The task ahead is defined – document what we did right with Mapsofindia.com and see how the core of it can be deployed in SitaGita.com.

Our re-engineering would include – asset management, asset renewal, asset enhancement and asset additions. In next one month we have ten defined initiatives which we want to initiate and complete. The most exciting of these initiatives is a SitaGita.com for the age group of 17- 35 years, Sigi.in – Yes Sigi is in, and Sigi is going to move the young Indian Women like nothing has ever done before. Sigi is a breath of fresh air and Sigi would be all over India and the world. Sigi would begin her journey from Chennai and would land up in San Jose and every-time she will take a different route for the same. If Sigi excites me no-end, news.SitaGita.com promises to become a benchmark for women centric news.

Update: November 9, 2010 – Compare Infobase Limited and self have disassociated ourselves from Management of SitaGita.com and other sites within the umbrella. We still own 1/3 of the company but it is now a pure investment without any management participation and responsibility.

Twitter and Brand Building January 15, 2009

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Just attended a session on Twitter and Brand Building. Some quick takeaways:

  1. Define and document who do you want to be seen as
  2. Define and document “who all” (you desire) see you around
  3. Be simple and upfront
  4. Let your tweets add value
  5. Never Spam
  6. Never pile on
  7. Remember you are in a cloud – be proactive, but don’t be pushy
  8. No bursts of tweets –  regular, routine, habit forming approach is better. You’ve belong to the community and not be a guest.
  9. Communication is important. If you are communicating, you are listening and talking, you are reacting and agreeing, reacting and disagreeing. In short participation is important
  10. Have a precise profile

More to come…