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Jinnah of Jaswant Singh October 11, 2009

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Question: Do I like Jinnah?

Answer: I didn’t like him before reading the book, I haven’t changed my mind after reading the book

Question: Why pay Rs 695/- for a subject you don’t like?

Answer: One should be open to reviewing stands long taken, which may or may nat have had a strong basis. Having said that I found all the reviews shallow and wanted to form my own opinion about Jaswant Singh and Jinnah through this book.

Question: Do you like the book?

Answer: No.

Question: Why don’t you like much acclaimed, and much talked about – Jinnah India-Partition-Independence

Answer: For one, Mr. Jaswant Singh had no patience to read the copy of his book before it finally went for printing. The book has typos and other mistakes which Mr. Singh could have easily spotted had he read “his life’s work” even once after compiling.  The book has been poorly researched. The author and publisher didn’t feel a need to have an editor as a result the book is loose collation of random articles which may or may not talk to each other. A good book is like a river without dams, it just flows its course, Jaswant’s Jinnah doesn’t flow – you need to turn pages to read on and do pick-and-drop till your wrist starts aching.

Question: What was that you were looking in the book and you didn’t find?

Answer: For starters, I was not looking for trash which is in abundance in this book.  What I was looking was for an insight of a scholar and a balanced book which was as detached as required to connect millions of people to an opinion other than the one they have been forced to believe. I was looking for statements, judgments and an insight which are just missing.  Loss of life & property in both Bengal and Punjab have been given at best passing references. The emphasis has been on what is written and re-written hundreds of time. I was looking for a new drink, which could have been hot or cold, any color, any density – what Mr Singh has served is a glass of polluted water from the beds of Yamuna pulled out from ITO bridge Delhi side.  Armchair rewriting at its best.


1. Tera Baap - October 18, 2009

Question: Is the author an idiot?

Answer: I did not think so before I read this blog. I see no reason to change my mind.

2. Tera Baap - October 18, 2009

by author I mean the author of this blog ofcourse

3. simarprit - October 18, 2009

What are you trying to say my friend?

4. simarprit - October 18, 2009

The name of the person who has choosen his alias or avatar as Tera Baap is – Raza Rumi – he is editor/founder Pak Tea House blog-zine – You can visit his blog here – http://PakTeaHouse.WordPress.com

Tera Baap in Hindi/ Urdu means “Your Father” – Interesting alias/ avatar to have

5. Ajit - October 21, 2009

LoL. Good research. :)

6. Prakashpratim - February 9, 2012

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