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Why I buy from only Amazon India January 2, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Blogging , trackback

There are so many choices but I prefer to buy from only Amazon India and yes I have reasons for that.

1. Amazon India works beautifully on desktop/laptop and allows me to really look at what I am buying. I don’t prefer buying from an app as it becomes too busy buying.

2. My experience with Amazon has been amazing and I almost always buy through Fulfilled by Amazon feature. There is no order cancellation at all.

3. I trust Amazon product pricing and expiry date sensibilities. Have never faced a challenge on that front.

4. One account allows me to buy from both Amazon.in and Amazon.com. I use Amazon.com Prime for sending things to my daughter, it works magically.

5. Deals are deals at Amazon and they are difficult to get anywhere else.  I have bought my mobile phones and such and have actually saved money.

6. 500 and free delivery feature works for me. All gets delivered to me free.

7. Getting right instant soups is a challenge at a local grocer, but not at Amazon. Quality of prunes is always a challenge too outside Amazon. These are my two food items which are now always sourced through Amazon.

8. Amazon reflects business values like the house of Tatas, they are generous and fair in their business dealing.

9. Most of Amazon is available on CoD and for the rest I trust their debit card handling.

10. I would like Amazon to expand their order portfolio faster, that will help in increasing my share of spend with them.


1. Holly - January 3, 2016

I buy mostly from Amazon too. I use Prime, and also Amazon Smile. Smile lets me choose a charity and a tiny portion of my purchases go to the charity of my choice. I have set up the Maryland Faerie Festival to receive my donations.