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Incredible India and Aamir Khan January 7, 2016

Posted by simarp in : India , trackback

If you are endorsing a product, you can’t be belittling it.

And, if you belittle it you can’t expect your masters to keep you as a brand ambassador.

Even if you do something inadvertently which questions that brand or damages it, the least you can do it is to voluntarily offer to disassociate yourself from it. If the brand owners  believe in you still, good for you and if they don’t, feel sorry and be careful next time.  You can never betray what feeds you. Simple. Straight. Unambiguous.

Brands are difficult to create and brands are known by the attributes of its ambassadors. In case of Incredible India there were lot of brand adjustments and compromises made to link up Aamir Khan with Incredible India. Also tons of money was paid for the same, Aamir Khan was engaged for the edge he had displayed in the past. It is that edge which got him the job, so that edge becomes non-negotiable attribute and he has to protect that. In going aloud with his intolerance statement, though it was not as much of it, he compromised that edge, the edge of his credibility, the edge of his commitment and the edge of his professional ethics. These compromises are big compromises. I think he underestimated people’s intolerance level towards these statements, well meaning or not, this is where he lost his edge. He also underestimated reactions to the religion he is perceived to follow and association with statements he made.

If he was not associated with Incredible India he had no duty and obligation to protect that brand, as he was associated, it was a role he didn’t play well. So, he had to be punished.

Hope celebrities learn that endorsing a brand brings in money and responsbilities both, they just can’t keep the money and wish away the responsbilities.



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