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Whose National Anthem Is It Anyway? January 7, 2016

Posted by simarp in : India , trackback

If you are thinking whether to stand during National Anthem or whether to sing along or not while the National Anthem is being played, you have a challenge of patriotism anyway.  Definitely you are not secular in your mindset and definitely you have some lack of clarity about where your responsibilities to your religion and your nation overlap. Your religion has to be independent of your National responsibilities or duties and vice-versa.

If you don’t get pride by singing National Anthem, it is time for you to move to a country whose anthem inspires you. To me India’s National Anthem has played a key role in shaping my patriotism and love for my nation. It tells me that we are a historically connected and culturally co-joined nation. It tells me that as a nation we walk together and succeed together.  It also tells me how it is possible to write in a language which is largely made up of common words in all languages of India.  National Anthem is in  Bangla and Sanskrit and the words stitched together have the same meaning across our nation.

In my humble opinion. There is nothing in National Anthem which can offend anybody’s religious beliefs, however if someone really feels that the Anthem does, he or she must look for a country whose Anthem is in sync  with their religious priorities. Till they find a country to call their own, they  can continue respecting their host country’s Anthem and standing for it. They mustn’t oppose it, disrupt it or walk-out. That is a big no and that hurts those to the core who are one with the nation and its Anthem.


1. Bhavneet - January 7, 2016

Respected Sir,
I have few questions while reading your above post,
1. Why would anyone have to play national anthem in movie theater?
2. Isn’t it like you are forcing upon someone when they are there to relax?
3. I might love to sing along national anthem not stand(Though I like both) but isn’t it be someones choice?
Judging someone just because he/she didn’t stand is little unfair in my opinion.

2. simarp - January 7, 2016

1. It is about choice, so if the owner feels patriotic enough to play National Anthem, we must respect his choice or opt for an owner’s cinema hall who doesn’t find the need to do that. It is owner’s prerogative and needs to be respected.
2. Majority of Indians love to sing National anthem anywhere and anytime, specially when watching movies which have Nation as center stage. If majority are not for it, the hall owner won’t play it anyway, his commercial sense is sooner or later likely to overshadow his patriotism in one form or another.
3. It is about Indian culture, it is standing in respect. Moreover it is also covered under law, which has passed the test of legitimacy, Supreme Court has ruled that standing for National Anthem is needed and shows respect, however singing it along as per Supreme Court is not mandatory.