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Ajit Doval and The Art of Political Negotiations January 11, 2016

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Those who are claiming that Ajit Doval messed up Pathankot either have a vested interest or just don’t understand how political negotiations work. I can’t help about those who have vested interests but this is how political negotiations work – Doval is a keen exponent of the famed Chanakya Niti/Policy of “Saam Daam Dand Bhed”.

Saam stands for asking, suggesting and cajoling.

Daam is all about buying the other person out, you can say bribing in contemporary terms or settling it financially. It can also be defined as Carrot from Carrot & Stick approach.

Dand/Dund   means to make someone pay for it punish for the act they have done. Stick from the carrot & stick approach.

Bhed is blackmailing or exploiting weakness of the other after researching the same and using it as a currency.

If one looks at Doval’s career graph it is dotted with known and speculated instances of Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed and at times a mixture of those and seamless movement between those. He uses all the four on the basis of personal assessment of what is likely to work best. Unverified reports suggest that Doval has had a role to play in all negotiations of Indian Airlines/ Air India hijacking during his tenure, some specialization.  Ajit Doval is also often criticized for not succeeding in getting Dawood Ibrahim despite being undercover  for several years, but one can’t blame him for not trying hard enough. But then his execution of Chanakya Niti has displayed far more successes than failures.

The only other parallel of Chanakya Niti during my lifespan has been Dhirubhai Ambani, he used it to his benefit and also of benefit of his shareholders by default. Who was better is not a question at all, Ajit Doval used his skills for his country and Ambani used it for himself, so not comparison there.



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