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Twitter as a tool to instigate violence January 12, 2016

Posted by simarp in : News, Twitter , trackback

I am not sure whether ISIS is behind it or there are some disillusioned and half-baked, probably paid, social-media-agents  but # tags like #BurningBengal are made for purpose tags to destabilize India and to trigger violence. By no yardstick West Bengal is burning, yes there is a localized violence in one district and that also in a town which is famously called India’s fake currency capital – Kaliachawk. It is not the first time that there has been violence in Kaliachawk, instances of violence against Government are common, definitely there is some degree of communal color which has been added to it and that is on expected line in an election bound state. But to go all over the world and to hire instigators to push the # tag BurningBengal is unfair to West Bengal and to India. Rather it is criminal.

How do #tags work?  # tags on Twitter are considered as linking tools and those which are trending are highlighted on the left side. Now the challenge is those who trust Twitter immediately look towards trending tags to identify what is important happening world over or their zone of interest.  A tag like #BurningBengal at number one and number two position immediately raises eyebrows and questions – Is Bengal really burning? A discovery on twitter opens up negative accounts after negative accounts (those accounts where following number is far higher than followers number) and anonymous accounts after anonymous accounts. This when supported by lack of news in main stream media is a very worrisome hacking and cyber crime.  This means the accounts which are indulging in fake #tags have a purpose of instigating violence and are creating a sentiment which gets rumors being believed and circumstances created to disrupt peace.

Fooling around with # tags is fine but using them as a criminal tool is completely unacceptable. This needs to be investigated as a cyber crime, unless some people are arrested and put behind bars, Twitter and other tools are bound to be used to instigate violence and create unrest.

All social media evangelists must act against these crimes and take a zero tolerance stand to counter them.



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