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I am Simar

Left to me, one would always simmer and never boil. My Gurdwara name is Simarprit Singh, Simar stands for worship and Prit for love, Singh of-course stands for lion. These days Prit is on rest and most people know me as Simar or Simar Singh.

My family comprises of my spouse Harmeen Kaur ( http://Harmeen.com & @harmeen ) and our lovely daughter  Avvalprit Kaur (@avvalk).

We run a Foundation in memory of our late parents Mrs. G.K. Saberwal and myself keep working for Compare Infobase Limited an IT company http://www.infobase.co.in based out of Delhi, which we co-founded way back in 1998. These days I am lost more in San Jose than found in Delhi. In San Jose, Compare has established a subsidiary company MapxL Inc. MapXL is doing some pioneering work in thematic mapping - http://www.mapsofworld.com the marquee site of MapXL is becoming a destination in itself. MapXL also has a JV in San Jose Must See LLC – Must See runs http://YouMustSee.com an aspirational portal being developed by two travel enthusiasts.

I have lost the battle of bulge and seriously love eating, and reviewing what I eat and where I eat. I make a living out of search engines, I love them. I am proud of the fact that I was the visionary and the algorithm architect for a search engine, which ran but sank without a trace in this great maze of Google. My search engine was unique, very much like me and handled query very differently, probably it was too different from success perspective :(

Harmeen (Mini) continues making DGreetings the best e-greeting card site, while I can see my role changing to strategy and a bit of sales. Harmeen is also serious about reviving Glass Painting in India and Harmeen.com is an online studio. This role gives me more time to blog, and to study, and to work towards creating another search engine. Which may again sink? If it does, I am sure it would be with lot of traces :-) What I am working on is a large web directory project once completed it should become a mother reference site and default option for SEOs. Check the beta, at your cost, at http://www.SubmitYourSite.com

These days I am busy with the team as we gear up to push www.MapsofIndia.com to a very different league of websites, I still play around with TwitSnaps – yes http://twitsnaps.com is founded by me and we are all working to make it a thought leader in the Twitter Photo Sharing space.

Some of the sites/ e-businesses which Compare Infobase and its subsidiaries (investments) own are: MapsofWorld.com, MapsofIndia.com, Dgreetings.com,  YouMustSee.com, HeadlinesIndia.com,  MyDearValentine.com, BeautyTipsHub.com, DilKholKeBol.com and HolidaysHub.com


1. ashish chopra - July 6, 2008

please do post a comment

2. ashish chopra - July 6, 2008

oops wrong spelling it is

3. Ajit - December 24, 2008

Ahem..needs a bit of editing..!

4. Laddi - January 20, 2009

Hello Simar,
Holynice blog, I spent over 3 hours to check out your blog, not complete yet. I am a web developer, I would love to exchange our links. I have many sites. We can be friends, Please accept my obligation.
hit me back, laddiweb@gmail.com

5. Laddi - January 20, 2009

Check out my Jazzy B site. http://jazzyb.musicofpunjab.com

6. PARAMJOT KAUR - April 27, 2009

saw you on tv few years back & told my son about you .One day while searching on net he got you .Really glad to see you on such heights &u really deserves all this because of your JUNOON.Nice views on your blog especially LANGAR.

7. simarprit - April 27, 2009

Hi Param -
I have only known one Param, and It can be you. Great to get in touch with you. You must look at http://GoldenTempleImages.com it was a site by us last year. I have also posted some Videos and photographs of Sri Harmandir Sahib which were taken this Visakhi, they are at http;//DilKholKeBol.com/simar

How’s everything Param. Your kids are grown up now, I know you had a son and later came to know you had another child, 24 years is a long time.



8. PARAMJOT KAUR - April 29, 2009

Nice to see,that u still remember old friends.The link u gave of GOLDEN TEMPLE IMAGES is wonderful . QUOTES of gurbani r really quite appropriate.
Howz ur family.U can contact me at my email p_kaur188@yahoo.com


9. distinctlyuniform - September 1, 2009

An interesting blog undoubtedly one worth a bookmark!
A punjabi techie who is fond of food, so found a lot that I like in your blog.

10. simarprit - September 17, 2009

Thank you for kind words :)

11. Lt Gen H S Panag(Retd) - November 5, 2009

Ur profile tells me that u have excellent leadership qualities.Contnu the never ending pursuit of excellence!

12. simarprit - November 5, 2009

Panag Sir, your comment is very motivating. Thank you so much for kind words.

13. Prakash Arya - November 12, 2009

just gone through your blog. It potrays a larger than life image of yours. Although i strongly feel that you are a complete institution. The credit goes to you only for my intrest in web. While working closely with you at compare infobase, i rediscovered my self in online community/world and now i am only working for online mediums through my creative skills.
Thanks for your warm support !
Prakash Arya

14. Umesh Dhingra - November 21, 2009

Hi ,
I have been reading a bundle of blogs for quite some time now,but , the best thing which I liked about yr blog is the KISS effect ( Keep It Simple and Sweet) and a wide variety of subjects.
So keep the goody – good work happening , and , yes , I am also following yr tweets , and when @Param118 recommended twitsnaps, thats how I landed up on this site.
Almost a decade back I was partner in a B2B start up , where in I had led a team doing lot of work with IBM’s Web Sphere for buisness integration and set up a B2B web site called:steelnext.com , which is now history .
wish you all the best in yr endeavour(s),
cheers,Umesh ( @ud_iitd)
Best of luck in your endeavours

15. simarprit - November 21, 2009

I remember SteelNext :) Thank you for taking out time and posting a comment.

16. Manpreet Singh - December 2, 2009

Veerji, fateh. Please see http://www.youngsikhleaders.com Would like to brainstorm and get your advise. It not for profit venture. As in IIT Roorkee grad, having stayed in Singapore for 10 years I could see what is missing with the Sikh youth. Now in Mumbai, I am doing this with a couple of veers.

17. Daman - January 23, 2010

Hi Simar,
I tried to send you a direct message through twitter but couldn’t find a link :(
Just a small question. Is this site http://twitpic.com similar to your website twitsnaps?

18. simarprit - January 23, 2010

Yes it is. TwitPic came first TwitSnaps came later – TwitPic has first mover advantage but TwitSnaps has awhole lot of features which make life simple

19. rajan - March 8, 2010

Hi Simar,

I sincerely appreciate the suggestion for SEO by you. It will really improve my knowledge as well as my career goals.

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21. Abhijit Roy - February 11, 2013

Nice to read a comprehensive sketch about you :-)