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Abhinav Bindra The Shooting Star August 12, 2008

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It can happen only in India, nowhere else in the world you can get 80% of the prime time of all news channel and media after winning one gold medal in the Olympics. Then, it is only India with its well over one billion population which has never won a solo gold medal the Olympics.

I have been watching how the bloggers and the media have taken to it, it is just crazy. I love the frenzy India’s gets into. It looks as if we all have nothing to do and we suddenly find an occupation :) I got seven congratulatory SMS as a chain mail, at-least 20 people broke the news to me, and I was asked thrice whether I have posted a blog. Not bad in an otherwise action packed day, with no time to breathe.

We also have another Indian greatness, we all instantly get into “I knew that” and “I had predicted that” mode, today’s newspapers are full with these and other such reactions.

Abhinav Bindra Wins Gold August 11, 2008

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Thank you Abhinav Bindra, you’ve broken the national record of India, of not winning an Olympic Gold in individualcategory since inception of Olympics. Abhinav Bindra wins gold is a news worth its weight in gold.

Twenty eight years is more than a generation, may be one and a half generation of going gold less in Olympics, somehow as a nation we have come to terms with the fact that “our focus is somewhere else”. Hockey use to be our only hope which got us all the Gold Medals we won at the Olympics till date. It is ironical that these are the first Olympic Games when India is not participating in Hockey as we failed to qualify for the same. So as a nation Abhinav Bindra has done us a big favor of making it less humiliating and making those of us who are still hooked on to Olympics 2008 see reason for the same.

If Abhinav Bindra can do it so can many others. Last Olympics it was Major Rajyavardhan Singh  Rathore who won silver for us in Shooting in the Athens Olympics in 2004, so from Silver in shooting event to Gold medal we have moved ahead. With one Gold Medal in our kitty we are at-least sure that we would not be making the bottom of the medal tally for Beijing Olympics 2008. If we get one or two more medals we may make it to the Top 50 Sporting Nations. The second most populous nation in the world seeing it as an achievement to be in top 50 Sporting Nations of the world is a realistic statement on India’s Sporting focus. For us, as a nation,  sports begin with cricket and end with cricket, and even in that we’ve not won a world cup for last 25 years.

News read at http://www.headlinesindia.com/olympics-news/beijing/abhinav-wins-indias-first-gold-247.html

More to come…