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Day Hundred Eight – SBMBW May 21, 2010

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Hold, don’t start counting, there are many more nerves which would breakdown and there are many unbelievable scenarios you would start believing in. Battles have this unique trait about them, the miseries never stop and the calamities never cease.

I would like to believe and move on to accept that what seemed like a battle to be won would actually be a full drawn war in which all battles must be won. Life is likely to become more complex and at the same time I may have to deploy my energies to fight simultaneously at more than couple of fronts. I am not to sure about the shape of posts from tomorrow on this subject but I am sure there would be battles, war and posts.

Few top of the mind thoughts on life which just changed.

  1. Life is never the same so never expect it to be the same.
  2. Good words are generally spoken by those who come to offer condolences.
  3. If the nights are dark and ugly the mornings can be scorching and horrible.
  4. Bonds of love don’t need contracts and contracts would never hold any love.
  5. In your battle you can never be all alone, if you are the battle is insignificant anyway.
  6. True stories and  real life examples can never be an assurance for correctness.
  7. There are always eyes which look up to you.
  8. There would be costly mistakes.
  9. Vested interests don’t carry a placard, they always arrive and operate unannounced.
  10. There are always some who continuously add problems. There being still there is  your problem.
  11. If you keep your name “Respect” – you won’t start getting it.
  12. Reciprocity operates in make believe, real time has harder commitments.

There can be more battles than one and in some wars…. All Battles Must Be Won

The Malls of Gurgaon – Shopping Destination of Asia July 5, 2008

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Every time I come tMallo Gurgaon from New Delhi I find myself asking the same question, would there be so many customers. Someone told me that on last count Gurgaon has over 125 Air-conditioned  Shopping Complexes under construction, popularly called Malls of Gurgaon, apart from over 30 which are already functioning. Quite a few for a city which had a population of just over 200,000 in 2001. The city has grown very rapidly, it is likely that the population as of now could be close to even a Million, even for a city of a Million 150 Air-conditioned Shopping Malls look too many. The spill over of Delhi is something everyone talks about, but Delhi in itself is getting a new mall at the rate of one every week, if not more. Where would the spill come from, even the catchment area of the spillover is reducing. East of Delhi would go to Ghaziabad, Fardiabad, Noida and Greater Noida; South would go to Noida, Greater Noida and Faridabad; South West would still go to Gurgaon but lot of South West would go to Dwarka; North would spill over to Wazirabad, Sonipat and Rohtak seriously damaging the catchment area left for Gurgaon, moreover Gurgaon would loose its own people to Manesar and New Gurgaon so how can the Malls of Gurgaon survive? This is literally a Billion $ question as put together the investment in Malls of Gurgaon would be in Billions of Dollars. 

In my assessment Gurgaon would become a Shopping Destination City not only only for NCR of Delhi or North India or India, but maybe for whole of Asia. There would be challenges, but then no destination is made without surmounting insurmountable challenges.

More to come…