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India Under Attack July 26, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : City, India, Terrorist Attacks , 2comments

What are we waiting for?

How can we allow this?

We are just becoming a testing ground for Terrorist attacks. Are we becoming complacent?

Are we reconciled that our territory and our land is open to abuse at will?

Are we sending the mesage that do whatever with us, we don’t have a spine?

Are we sending the message that “India Under Attack” so what?

or So what’s new?

 How can we allow an attack after an attack and allow those responsible to get away?

The President of India condemns! The Prime Minister of India condemns! The head of UPA – Sonia condemns! The head of the opposition – Advani condemns! The Government of India condemns! But who acts? No one. Never ever.

Isn’t our police capable. Home Ministry says we had informed Gujarat Government. So what did the Home Ministry do after that, did someone call Mr. Modi to follow-up? Did PM offer additional support, NSG and RAF in advance, was CRPF summoned to handle the threat?  

8 bomb blasts in Bangalore, 16 bomb blasts in Ahmedabad are we waiting for 32 in Bhopal? Ahmedabad becomes the third BJP ruled state capital to be under attack in recent past, so what stops say a Bhopal being the fourth one? News is, that New Delhi has been put on high alert, what is the meaning of high alert? Traffic congestion’s because of adhoc police bandobast (arrangements)?

What does an individual “non entity” like yours truly feel in these circumstances – hurt, insecure and agitated. Agitated on the government’s inapt handling, agitated on the “success of occupying the bandwidth of a nation” by a handful of terrorists.

It is high time that “India under attack” should mean now “India would retaliate”, or now “India would attack”.

I just came across another blog by my colleague Usha who runs http://www.mapsofindia.com- Usha’s blog is official blog of Maps of India, hence states a fact, to me who knows Usha – http://blogs.mapsofindia.com/2008/07/27/another-bomb-blast-series-in-india-%e2%80%93-it-is-now-gujarats-business-hub-ahmedabad/ the blog hides what Usha must have been going through while writing it. Usha would have been like me - hurt, insecure and agitated.

My another colleague Anu who runs http://www.headlinesindia.com has better luck of expressing herself, http://www.headlinesindia.com/main.jsp?news_code=79742 her bureaus news says tht the Minister has no comments to make after being told that some group called “Indian Mujhaideens” have claimed responsibility. Usha/ Anu/ Simar are just three of millions of individuals who would have lost there bandwidth to these terrorist attacks.

Honorable Prime Minister of India, please listen to our prayers and act. We’ve enough problems on hand, every Indian is troubled with this inflation and economic issues, our bandwidths are occupied, and peace, security and prosperity challenged. Sir, please act.