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Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal Ji and Aam Aadmi Party January 27, 2016

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Dear Arvind Kejriwal Ji, & functionaries of Aam Aadmi Party,

I am an “open vote” AAP voter and have been called an Aaptard and all other sundry names, hundreds of times on Twitter. Some people consider me an AAP active member, which I am not. I am definitely a 3 time AAP voter and a disillusioned citizen of Delhi who was fed up with corruption and deterioration of his city under State Government run by Congress and MCDs run by BJP. I saw a huge opportunity to make my Delhi rise and shine again. Today, here are a few observations which I would like to share. There were some tweets done  which other AAP supporters were kind enough to RT and forward to you. Here are some of those tweets and some more thought through challenges altogether in a hope that it can be professionally looked at.

I can’t say about all of Delhi, but for two constituencies of Vikaspuri & Janakpuri things are getting from bad to worse. Vikaspuri MLA is Shri Mahender Yadav and Janakpuri MLA is Shri Rajesh Rishi.

1. Unauthorized commercialization is on rise.
2. Encroachment over public land is on rise.
3. Slum clusters in Vikaspuri are becoming multistory
4. Number of hawkers on footpaths have increased considerably & most footpaths are 150% encroached – 50% of road and 100% of footpath.
5. No new infrastructure development has been rolled out or announced.
6. Congestion and unrecognized/ illegal markets are expanding, worsening traffic situation.
7. Delhi is hardly a Swach Delhi and safai karamcharis are still missing.
8. Parking contractors still harass drivers and car owners.
9. Street food hygiene remains an issue and is still unlicensed and opening a business in a minute even today. I am told, nobody comes for “hafta” anymore, now “hafta” goes to them.
10. Not even one person has been arrested for any of the above. Corruption still work?

I am confident that between the three parties, you guys are still the best bet we have, but the gap between you and Congress BJP on all fronts is narrowing. I am sure, you would say, this is with center and that is with center, but then that always was and even if it has been added now, negotiating with center and making it work for Delhi is your job too.

Get some results on ground, let our hope and vote work.

Thank you

Simarprit Singh
Resident of Vikaspuri & an entrepreneur operating from Janakpuri, Delhi

When Mind Is Caged March 22, 2015

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When you are seeking out for comfort, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t need comfort, it provides instead.

When you sit cross legged and your eyes are roving, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t have time to rove eyes or notice that legs are crossed.

When you lie down to sleep and you start searching for it, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t search for sleep, sleep searches for a free mind.

When you are not able to follow your dreams, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t look for dreams, reality keeps it busy, anyway.

When you know the truth but not the strength to live it, your mind is caged

A free mind can read beyond the truth and live despite it, effortlessly.

When your own voice sounds feeble to you, your mind is caged

A free mind is brave, it is strong enough to make others sound feeble.

Always set your mind free, yes it is your job, it is your mind.



State of Mind March 4, 2015

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Mind is very disturbed.

There is local and global turbulence.

Mind is wandering, it is moving from person to person and place to place.

What else is mind supposed to do when life becomes a constant variable.

What else is mind supposed to do when life becomes a featherlight ball and even a slightly moist wind can get it rolling in its direction.

Mind doesn’t know how to start admiring people in past-tense, especially when present is imperfect.

People leave behind memories so endearing about them that you would never attempt forgetting them, and if at all you do, you would not succeed.

Mind is a world today where thoughts are getting clouded by rituals, their own fire being doused.

One desires to converse but a hollowness takes over.

Even attempts to talk to your own self, all alone don’t work.

Is this sadness?

Is gloom taking over from where desire just died?

Is any storyteller  listening?

This story needs to be told.

This story needs to be told.

O Taliban December 17, 2014

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O Taliban,
Those who massacred children demonstrated valor, right?
Those mothers who lost their precious, deserved it, right?
This is your culture, the great Pakhtoon tradition, right?
This is business of religion, right?
Each one of those 6 who killed are now celebrating with angels, right?
This is the way to teach value of emotions to Army, right?
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.
This is the road to darkness, the opposite of enlightenment.
This is about becoming beast and not embracing beauties.
This is shockingly dreadful, hideous and disgusting, an antithesis of culture.
This is not a God’s business, this is a bloodsucking dance of perverts.
How far would you go? Would you now rip-open pregnant women and kill lives yet to see light of the day?
In your quest to do rarest of the rare, what is that next gruesome act which would quench your thirst? What is that? Tell me, tell this world.
You are heartless
You are merciless
You are murderers
O Taliban, no Taliban
May you all perish.
May your souls never be at peace, may they haunt your loved ones.
Death to you Taliban. Death to you.

The Wrong Turn? My foot August 6, 2014

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My attention was drawn to this completely insane and brazen act of gaining public attention by some so called photographer – Raj Shetye. This man just can’t be a photographer, photographers are not insensitive. He can’t be a man, he can’t be even an animal and definitely whatever he is – he is not any better than those who committed the rape.

It is all about selfishness, greed at cost of others, that is the commonality between those rapists and this photographer. This man, Raj Shetye has a cheek to say that it was not inspired by “Nirbhaye Gangrape Case” – what was it inspired by in that case please? Your fantasies? Your sick, rapist fantasies? Ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is participation of each model, fashion coordinator and everyone else involved in this. They all are soulless, lifeless individuals who would like to make money at any cost.

The least which can be done by Mr. Raj Shetye is to auction all his cameras and promise never to buy or borrow another. Sell all his collections and donate every single rupee to the cause of rape victims. Deplored.

Yellow Billed Blue Magpie – Bakrota, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh June 21, 2014

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Yellow Billed Blue Magpie

When you get a bird – you need to know the name, right?

This bird looked very interesting, getting it on my camera was difficult, but somehow I got it. Now the next challenge was to know the name, that was not very simple. I shared it on FB and asked a few people, unfortunately I didn’t ask anyone in Bakrota, that would have surely helped, sad.

Having met with no success with naming this bird in FB, I tried Twitter, in less than an hour the bird had been identified – Yellow Billed Blue Magpie. It was identified by https://twitter.com/amabirdman – Wow! Thanks friend, this bird now has a page on my blog and part of me.

I wrote in #Hindi and my friend Meenakshi Ahuja translated it in English, here are a few lines -

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon
Aaj us panchi ko dhoond liya
Kal tak usne mujhe khub jhansa diya
Ab uski boli samjhta hoon
Ab uska ghar janata hoon
Ab uske saathi ko bhi pehchanta hoon…

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Wo pura din khana khojta hai
Pura din theekana khojta hai
Use Suraj achha nahin lagta
Sadev suraj ki vipreet disha main jaata hai
Jab tak Suraj ast nahin hota vapas nahin aata hai..

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Use kaya dhup lagti hai
Ya wo andhere main shikaar dhoondta hai?
Pata nahin
Jaan-naan bhi nahin chahta.
Wo khush hai
Use khush rehne do…

Mere kaya hai…
Main aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Main aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon


Where are the birds
On the tree
Where are those days
When I was free…

Today, found the bird
Or, did he find me
Playing hide & seek
With mirth & glee..

Now I fathom
Where is his nest
Is it too late,
Times flies,doesn’t rest.
I have been away
Too far, too long
Returning at dusk
Is this my swan song…

Is his prey in the dark
Or the sun his hate?
Is it too late?
Is it destiny or fate?
Let bygones be
Now that dusk is done
Tomorrow, a new morning , a new sun!


The Great Indian Economy Melt of 2013 August 20, 2013

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Indian Rupee continues its downward slide, all measures taken by the Government are proving to be ineffective to stem its fall. Would this fall lead to a free fall of Re? Is this the beginning of the end of the dream run Indian economy enjoyed for almost 20 years? All this while, we thought India had sound fiscal policies, we thought our policies were sound enough to insulate us from global economic collapse, what happened? What triggered this economic earthquake?  Is it now threatening to put a country of over 1 Billion to an economic mess of magnitudes not seen before?

To me, it is all very simple. As a nation we didn’t behave in a prudent manner and control our extravagant corruption and channelize our resources productively when the global economy was experiencing rough weather.

Although 7 years of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s 9 plus at the helm of the country were “economy positive” years, last 17 months have wiped away faith and trust in his and his teams abilities to steer us out of this. How can collapse of Indian Currency be controlled? Is it possible to control it? Is it possible for IMF to induct over $500 Billion which maybe required to stabilize India Rupee? Even if IMF decides would it have that kind of will and resources to pull this through? Does this precarious state of Indian economy make India vulnerable to fiscal policy mutilation/ manipulation by powers that be? Would a crumbling Indian economy lead to negative outlook for other economies in the region? Would that composite negative outlook be bad enough to trigger next wave of global economic downturn?

These all are no longer devil speak things, they are a distinct possibility. With little to stabilize economy in the offing, it is time for residents of this tumbling economy to look at their family and business stability. It is time for them to work towards putting in place their Plan B. What could be Plan B for a family or a small business enterprise?

In my humble opinion:

  1. Convert savings to multi-currency deposits from pure Indian Rupee deposits if they are that much and it is possible to do that.
  2. Convert them to gold deposits to the extent possible.
  3. Stop lifestyle spending.
  4. Reduce necessary expenditure by 10 to 15 percent.
  5. Take an additional revenue generating activity if your spare time permits.
  6. For small business, defer all expansion and focus on maintenance and sustenance of existing income. Rework strategies to the extent they lead to less cash burnout.

Situation is bad enough continued fall of Indian Rupee can lead to a sudden drastic devaluation of the currency by 100%/ 200% overnight leading to socioeconomic rioting and widespread panic.  Even if this crisis is contained, it is very likely that its repercussions would linger on for 4-5 years. This would lead to growth of economy going negative or at best dropping to zero. We have millions of students getting ready for job market, with this as the state of our economy they are unlikely to bag jobs which map with their qualifications and meet their aspirations. This would lead to increase in number of patients of depression and cases of self-immolation. The more I look at the scenario, more serious and hopeless the situation looks.

My suggestion, strap-up, this is the time to do a quick reality check and chalk out your plan for your family and business to sail through these troubled waters.

Turned 48 yesterday August 19, 2013

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I rewrote my bio and friends contributed to “strengthen” it even more. So here it goes…

Ladies & Gentleman reintroducing Simarprit Singh – 48 years; male; Punjabi; Sikh; Indian; brother to Mr. Magnanimous Soul; more than 20 friends with friendship of more than 20 years; married for 18 + years; father to a sweet 16 teenager; happily & hopelessly obese; avid traveler; 48 years of domestic traveling; 20 years + of international traveling; 24 countries; 53 international cities + 100 Indian cities; loves camera; tech entrepreneur; loves history; lives maps; documenting life since 1979.

My fiends add: Inspiration & guide to a few; amateur humorist; hard-worker; grounded; fit for marathon sessions; possesses culinary skills; balances relationships;  crazy; visionary adventurer; no regrets; never looking back.

American Airlines is not an option June 19, 2013

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Let my miles and status go to hell.

American Airlines is not an option, anymore.

This airline doesn’t value its guests. it doesn’t value commitment of even its Executive Platinum guests.

It has no regard for your priorities.

It is not about an incident, it is about an airlines attitude.

American Airlines is a big fail, and I am the one who would ensure that my voice is heard loud and clear.


Fun is in reali… June 18, 2013

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Fun is in realizing that “Life” is teaching you all the time, challenge is to ensure that you learn and absorb all those teachings.