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Indian Restaurants in Bay Area May 25, 2008

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Today Mini & seltf invited our fiends over for a Dinner. It was tough to choose from the seven eating places which are always talked about – Rajjot, Amber, Shagun, Dasaprakash, Tandoori Oven, Sarvana Bhawan and Udipi. My selection process worked like this:

Rajjot – Great food, but you just can’t take anyone there, it remains the most famous hole in a wall.

Amber – Continues to be the best brand for Indian food, with nothing authentic Indian about it – American Indian is the closest you can put it.

Shagun – Great ambiance, unpredictable food quality – too risky.

Sarvana Bhawan – I’ve not been there but drilling down revealed major service time issues.

Udipi – Becomes too noisy, doesn’t represent India in true light.

Tandoori Oven – No table orders, place order at the counter takes formal dinning pleasure away.

Dasaprakash – Best choice scenario. By course serving would have been a better format, but they are not staffed adequately for that so they get everything together.

Thanks Romit for introducing me to Dasaprakash and encouraging me to try them even on a weekend. Dasaprakash I conclude, is the best case scenario despite the fact that it has no drinks and no meat. 

More to come…

Dasaprakash Santa Clara, Restaurant, (South) Indian Review December 25, 2007

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Background: A dear friend & colleague’s brother, his wife & their little daughter took me out for a Dinner on a working day. I had to fly next day morning,  they were kind enough to offer me a great Dinner at tremendous personal time adjustment. Thank you brother.

Where: 2636 Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, CA 95051
Fax: 408-246-8293 Ph: 408-46-8292

 Hospitality of my Host: 10/10

Hospitality of the Restaurant Host:  The owner cum manager is a genuine guy, affectionate, practical, unassuming. Someone who can be trusted for suggestion and would not offer it on basis of how good it is for him, but would recmmendto your taste. Rating 8/10

Service: We were on a weekday, so service was fine, but if this is this is the total staff he has then Service can be issue on weekends and other holidays.  Rating 8/10 (Remember it is a weekday) if not augmented on a holiday/weekend it can be 4/10 or even 3/10.

Menu: Regular Popular South Indian stuff, no “Speciality South Indian Dishes”, No “Speciality Chettinad”, No Aapams or even Aaplams or any other region food, staple South Indian Food, no less no more.  Menu 6/10 

Food: Whatever we ordered was Very Good, Presentation was excellent, Garnishing was good and Chutneys wre also good. However they couldn’t get me gun-powder. Food 9/10

Ambiance: About 80 covers, good interiors, not as good as Amber though, but food is far more tasty and authentic. Heating was good and so was basic flavor of the place: Ambiance: 9/10

What we ordered:

Rava Masala Dosa: 8/10

Masala Dosa: 9/10

Plain Dosa: 8/10

South Indian Thali: 9/10

Vada Sambar 8/10

Idli Sambar: 9/10

Portions: Were decent 9/10

Simar’s 2 cents: Highly Recommended for a weekday dinning, Sunday can’t comment on service level.

Overall: The restaurant scores 8/10

Why Go? Good Standard South Indian Food, Good Ambiance, Good Quality, Courteous Management

Why think twice? Service time can be an issue.

BTW: Some items were taken by my trusted foodie friend independent of me and the marks are his.